CCP auctions seven-star Pangu Plaza, act of robbery denounced by Guo Wengui


This week, the Communist government in Beijing listed the city’s highest rated Pangu Seven Star Hotel complex for auction on Alibaba’s Taobao for only 30% of the market price.

After Guo Wengui had an interview live-broadcast with Mr. Liang Songheng demonstrating in Hong Kong streets, the Communist Party has labeled Guo as the black-hand in the United States in their propaganda.

With this as an evidence to topple the Party, according to Guo, Jiang Mianheng submitted a report to the CCP leadership for retaliation actions against the so-called overseas anti-China forces, and seizing Guo’s properties in the mainland became one of the actions.

Guo said former President Jiang Zemin’s family has long been fond of the Pangu Buidling and hoped to take it into their own portfolio. His son Jiang Mianheng and grandson Jiang Zhicheng also eye the stocks of Founders Securities and Zenith Holdings related to the property. The corrupt CCP leadership represented by Wang Qishan has tried all means to help the Jiang family to achieve their goal.

According to Guo, his most luxurious and sophisticated Pangu Plaza next to the Olympic venues was valued at about 5.3 billion U.S dollars in 2013 and now should be higher. The “public” auction was tailored for the Jiang family as no other investor in the country dares to offer a price. In the past these traitors stole secretly in the dark, but now they rob in day light.

Guo said in his whistle blow yesterday, “The Jiang family has never forgotten their greed for Pangu Plaza. This property is valued at 7 billion U.S. dollars, and they wanted to take it for one billion. Now with the public notice for the auction, they only want to pay five to six hundred million. What is the reason? Guo Wengui is now the black-hand to advocate Hong Kong independence and overthrow the CCP. For the sake of the Communist Party and safety of the Chinese people, this property must be in good hands. Ridiculously, these traitors are once again deceiving the people.”

Earlier this year, the CCP justice department in Dalian imposed a fine of 60 billion yuan on Guo Wengui’s company. This was the biggest fine in human history. And it was also the biggest joke in human history, telling that CCP has ruled the country by evil means and its government is an illegitimate one.

The property of the Pangu Plaza may soon runs into the hands of looters, but it must return to the hands of its owners when CCP is eliminated.

“Before my broadcast today, at 3:05 in the morning, a veteran CCP leader gave me a phone call. I was almost sleepless last night. But I am feeling just fine. This leader told me many things happening these days within the leadership. One of the things he told me was: your building is going to be listed for auction. Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu and the Jiang family don’t want you to play the video about the murder of Wang Jian (HNA chairman); if you insist in doing so, within 24 hours, they would arrest more of your employees. Do you think I will follow what he has suggested?”

“This veteran leader is a good man, but he is still loyal to the Communist Party. I treat him with respect as I need him to pass my messages,” Guo said.

Guo pledged he shall never submit to the traitors. He has the mission to wipe out the CCP and those traitors. In the meantime, he has the responsibility not to sell off China. Jiang Zemin, his son Jiang Mianheng and grandson Jiang Zhicheng are the biggest traitors; Hong Kong is part of their plan to steal the country. It is time to take them to justice.

Everything is just beginning.

By Winnie Troppie


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