China’s Confucius Institutes have spy agencies and governments increasingly alarmed

On the evening of July 24, 2014 as academics arrived in the Portuguese city of Braga for a Chinese studies conference, staff from the...

Faded Venezuela in alliance: broken dreams of Chinese in the totalitarian land

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has returned to Caracas Monday after a four-day visit to China pocketing a new US $5 billion loan and a...

Chinese Australians: up where we belong

This year marks 200 years since the first recorded Chinese settlers arrived in Australia. And today Sydney is honoring the little known William Ah Ket, first...

Custody battle after Briton Michael Simpson murdered in China

Two young children are living in a rural town in China, completely unaware that their British father is dead after being murdered by their...

US warns staff in China: Beware of unusual sounds

The US state department has urged its staff in China to alert them to any abnormal hearing or vision issues after one employee reported...

‘Fear among Chinese students’ after alleged attack in Canberra

Chinese students have spoken out after an alleged attack at a Canberra bus interchange. The fallout over the alleged attack on international students has also reached the...

Why Chinese Education Companies Are Chasing U.S. Teachers

If there is one thing Jing Jing thinks her four-year-old daughter Jenny should start learning early on, it would be English. The 31-year-old college...

Chinese government is ‘spreading communist propaganda in Britain’s universities and schools’

  The Chinese government has been accused of spreading propaganda in the UK Confucius Institute, which operates in universities, is said to be a...

Chinese is Australia’s second most-spoken language, census shows

AUSTRALIA is becoming more Asian than European, with Census 2016 data revealing little more than half of its residents — 50.7 per cent —...

Chinese students are losing interest in working at international firms

The desire to work for international companies is waning amongst China's best and brightest. Scoring a job at a big Western firm used to carry...

Chinese migration agents scout Townsville

A GROUP of Chinese migration agents are scouting Townsville as a potential place for their clients to live and invest. The delegation of 22 agents...

China’s Communist Party seeks news influence through Australian media deals

As concerns mount over Beijing's grip on Australia's Chinese-language media, the Communist Party is working to shape the narrative of mainstream outlets too. China's state-controlled...

Malcolm Turnbull orders inquiry following revelations ASIO warned parties about Chinese donations

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ordered a major inquiry into the nation's espionage and foreign interference laws, amid concerns about Chinese influence in Australian...

Chinese government hits back at student spying claims in Australia

The Chinese government has hit back at a Fairfax/Four Corners investigation into its influence in Australia. A Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman said the claims of spying...

Australian sovereignty under threat from influence of China’s Communist Party

The defence and intelligence community believes that attempts by the Chinese Communist Party to exert its influence in Australia pose a direct threat to...

Constitutional amendment and Wang Qishan scandal could sink Xi’s political ambitions

It’s being increasingly difficult for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is also known as the Emperor for his enormous power, to achieve his ambitions...

Why rich Chinese are more eager to invest after Kushner family visas-for-sale controversy

The controversy surrounding a real estate project the Kushner family is touting to wealthy Chinese as a path to an American green card has...

China tech billionaire: We welcome immigrants

Baidu CEO Robin Li wants more foreign workers to come to China. "This is a good time for China to stand up and say, 'Hey,...

457 visas scrapped: new visa rules explained: What it means, who will be affected

Malcolm Turnbull is abolishing the 457 visa program for skilled migrants. Here is a look at how the new replacement scheme will work and...

Chinese comedian Zhou Libo up against weapon, drug charges in New York

A popular Chinese comedian and former judge on the “China’s Got Talent” television programme is facing weapon and drug charges on Long Island. Zhou Libo...




大卫萨索利 David Sassoli,欧洲议会主席,疫苗护照的发起人,他死了!





1月8日 - 中国中央纪委国家监委周六通报,中国人寿保险(集团)党委书记、董事长王滨涉嫌严重违纪违法,目前正接受中央纪委国家监委纪律审查和监察调查。


兄弟姐妹,你看到这个王滨就刚才一问,我说到这这个王滨,你可以查查当时给当时给盘古授权授了200亿啊,200亿啊,200亿。我要是要这个孙子200亿我估计我得我得什么罪你想想我200亿,我拿回来七八十亿花是吧? 20年,而且我跟王滨见过三人,王岐山的女朋友高燕燕,姚庆是吧?



文贵:疫苗就是病毒 疫苗是肆虐你的那颗彩蛋

奥米抗的传播力极强!新冠疫苗含有mRNA会促生刺突蛋白,疫苗就是病毒,所以这是为什么有人接种了疫苗却检测出了阳性,并且 80%-90%的阳性是已经完全接种了疫苗的人。重要的是,从他们身上脱落的刺突蛋白,加剧了病毒的传播!










前国务卿迈克·蓬佩奥(Mike Pompeo)日前在接受《华盛顿邮报》的独家采访时透露,他已经通过锻炼身体,设法在六个月内减掉了90磅。



瑞士银行完成移交客户资料 中共藏钱天堂不再

郭文贵在1月5日的大直播中说,瑞士UBS银行不敢公开的1.2万亿美元,极有可能就是中共盗取的中国人的钱。UBS几十年来帮助中共洗钱藏钱,它几任高层和江家都有很良好紧密的关系。包括中共和卖台贼 之间勾兑的资金,主要结算银行就是UBS和德意志银行。


哈萨克斯坦周二和周三的抗议活动导致八名警察和国民警卫队人员丧生。哈萨克斯坦面积为法国的五倍,人口近1,900万。 由俄罗斯率领的前苏联加盟共和国维和人员将被派遣至哈萨克斯坦,协助该国在爆发大规模抗议活动后稳定局势。

爆料革命力量大 中国五大银行以“7”字开启2022年金融之旅

中国五大银行全部以“7”字开启了2022年新的金融之旅,而且是数字人民银行“7”字之旅。 美好生活,如7而至!不负7待!工商、建行、招商银行、邮储银行…… 大家想这是什么概念?这叫天意!