Cao Changqing: Miles Kwok and Steven Bannon are telling the truth


Mr. Steven Bannon remarks:

For what we are here today is, Miles Kwok is going to walk you through something that is quite frankly stunning.

Literally hundreds if not thousands of the best and brightest of the Chinese people are either missing, have been in prison, have committed suicide, have died under mysterious circumstances, or have their assets taken from them.

And it’s… they have called Miles Kwok a liar. And then they went to court to sue him for defamation. They will find out that it was a critical, and for them, a fatal mistake. Because in the United States, we have the rule of law.

As Miles Kwok is going to walk you through today, he is prepared to take action in a number of areas, including a very aggressive counter-clear-suit, an aggressive fight on this defamation. Because you will see today everything that Miles Kwok has said about HNA and everything he has said about the Chinese Communist Party, and everything he has said about the Chinese Communist Party leaders in relation to the aiding and backing of the reckless role of HNA, is truth.

He is setting up… he is going to establish a 100 million dollar fund called the Rule of Law Fund, and his principal focus is to assist the families, the victims, the friends of the missing, the imprisoned, those who died under mysterious circumstances or are going into suicide or just happened to fall off 14-story buildings.

Please remember this is the beginning of a process. And this is going to take many years, as it’s taking decades to get into the situation.

Remarks of political commentator Mr. Cao Changqing:

This press conference has its important significance.

Steven Bannon is not an ordinary person. He was the top strategist of US President Donald Trump; he acted as the main adviser to Donald Trump during his presidential campaign; and at the most difficulty times of Donald Trump, when many people had thought of no hope for Donald Trump to be elected as president, it was Steven Bannon who had given the greatest support to him. So, Bannon has been one of Trump’s best friends with similar viewpoints of the world.

Recently Bannon has been working to unite the conservative forces in Europe to counter the leftists. Bannon, in particular, has deep understanding of the nature of Communist Party of China. His remarks as we have seen above show his insights about the nature of communism in China since Mao’s time. His appearance to host Miles Kwok’s press conference is very much meaningful. Because of his participation, more international media have come to attend this press conference, which has been very successful.

This is also a very important turning point in the process of Miles Kwok’s whistle-blows. Because during this press conference, Bannon remarks what Miles Kwok has revealed in his whistle-blows proves to be true on corruption of Chinese government officials, the relationships among important officials of the Chinese government, and the financial operations of HNA Group in the world.

As Steven Bannon also has a deep understanding of what is happening in China, especially when he was top strategist of Donald Trump in the White House, he has the opportunity to learn about intelligence provided by the US Intelligence Agency, the FBI. He has good knowledge about the CCP and the HNA Group. In my opinion, with Bannon to host this press conference and to confirm the truth of Miles Kwok’s revelations, the event is historical and important.

At the press conference, Miles Kwok spent most of his time to tell about the truth behind the death of former HNA Chairman Wang Jian. Before this, Miles has sent out his legal teams six times for investigations into the case at the scene of Wang Jian’s death in France, his team members including former New York City policemen. His conclusion is that Wang Jian has been murdered.

At this press conference, he showed us many photos about the progress of his investigations. So many details as you can see from his disclosed materials that can be found now on the internet. And I am not going into detail here.

At the same time, Miles Kwok has documented these files into CDs or USBs and distributed them to the attendees and journalists at the press conference. In my past video shows, I have expressed my view that Wang Jian would not have died accidentally. That was a short wall; he would not have climbed up there to take photos. And he knew it was deep under.

At this press conference, Miles has provided new evidence: the owner of a local restaurant run to the scene of the incident and found that Wang Jian was still alive. As a needle was found next to where he was lying, this tells that he had an injection.

Strangely enough, who can prove that Wang Jian had died of fall? No hospital in France has provided such a conclusion with evidence. And strangely, Wang Jian was transported to a morgue two hours drive from the church.

Anyone with common sense would think that Wang Jian should be taken to hospital for emergency treatment, and a death certificate should be issued by a medical specialist of that hospital, to prove its authenticity.

But Wang Jian was not taken to any hospital, only that his followers has claimed he had died of fall. Was that convincing? Chen Feng, co-founder of HNA Group, said during an interview days ago told lightly of Wang Jian’s death. His words showed no signs of goodness. Was that normal according to common sense?

Chen Feng said, “Wang Jian likes to take risks; he likes taking photos. Thus he fell of the wall and died there.” That simple! To a business partner who has been working together with him for over twenty years, he showed no sign of sadness. His tone was out of common sense.

And the Interpol president Meng Hongwei, also vice-minister of China’s Ministry of Public Security, just went missing. If his wife had not reported this to the French police, no one would learn about his where-about. One day, there might be an announcement by the CCP that Meng Hongwei had died of heart attack or other diseases, or died of fall from a prison wall. That is possible, as the reckless CCP could do anything that is evil.

If Wang Jian had truly died accidentally of fall at the church, his followers could hold a press conference right at the scene, telling the 1.4 billion Chinese and the international community what had happened, how they had witnessed the accident, and how they had discovered his death. Why? Why there was not such a press conference?

The “great” People’s Republic of China has complete disregard for human life, am I right? Wang Jian was the chairman of HNA Group, a business giant with an asset of nearly 200 billion US dollars. Was his life worth nothing?

In my opinion, the logic within Miles’ revelation at the press conference is very convincing, and trust-worthy. Of course, Miles Kwok is not a prosecutor. He has not given any DNA evidence; he does not have the authority to do so. But his logic, his reasoning, was convincing.

In my opinion too, Wang Jian must have been murdered by the CCP. I agree to Mile’s conclusion. If Miles’ revelations prove to be wrong, or if Steven Bannon’s remarks prove to be wrong, why the CCP is so terrified?

One day before this press conference on November 20th, a Hong Kong court announced to freeze Mile’s HK$8.7 billion there, according to Hong Kong media. Why? Because Miles Kwok has told about Wang Qishan as the “white glove” behind HNA Group, the key controller of HNA ownership.

Before Miles’s interview with VOA last year, the former Interpol president Meng Hongwei, with order from the CCP or Wang Qishan, issued a “red notice” for his arrest. Was that the same reasoning behind this?

And one day before this press conference, the Hong Kong court confiscated Miles’ assets. The connection and similarity in reasoning of issuing the “red notice” for his arrest is nothing but to tell the world that the CCP is very frightened.

If what Miles Kwok has said is not the truth, if Steven Bannon’s endorsement is not powerful, why the so-called great People’s Republic of China, the second biggest economy in the world and one of the five permanent members of the United Nations, such a powerful government, is so scared of Miles Kwok’s whistle blows? Why this government has taken so many measures against him?

If his revelations lack the truth of facts, you have nothing to be afraid of. In this information age of the internet, no one is a fool. Every person can use his common sense to judge what is right or wrong.

CCP, you are scared! You have fears! Why? Because what Miles Kwok has said is true, is powerful, is shocking! He tells the ordinary Chinese people the truth.

On the internet, the Chinese government has built a wall for censorship, to cover up the truth. On the day of this press conference, this wall was partly opened, showing the whole world countless comments by the Fifty Cents hired by the Chinese government to attack and defame Miles Kwok. The Chinese government also wrote lots of articles to counter Miles Kwok in a siege. Why they are so scared of Miles Kwok?

I have always supported Miles Kwok, thinking that his revelations help us to fight the CCP, protect democratic Taiwan and the US. He has told the Taiwanese and Americans about the dissemination of CCP in the west and in Taiwan by way of Blue-Gold-Yellow (BGY).

These days, countless Fifty Cents, like bunches of grapes, have come to my Twitter account to scold, attack and defame me. CCP! If you think truth and justice are in your hands, why are you so scared of Miles Kwok? Why are you so scared of my Twitter account? This only adds to the fact that everything Miles Kwok has said is true. This only tells what Steven Bannon has said is logical.

Bannon has said, “Miles’ revelations of the corruption of CCP officials and of HNA Group prove to be true.”

Translation by staff editor


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