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Trump offers ‘anything’ to help Canada in rift with China

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has left Washington DC with assurances from President Donald Trump that he will assist Canada in its rift with China.

Trudeau and Trump Denounce China’s ‘Arbitrary Detention’ of Canadians

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and United States (US) President Donald Trump denounced China's "arbitrary detention" of two Canadians during a telephone call Monday, officials said. "The...

Canada is caught between China and U.S., and feeling alone

Canada is caught between two super powers and taking the punishment — and its ally to the south has been conspicuously absent in coming to its aid.

The Trump effect is changing Canadian views on China

Thank you President Donald Trump. Your hard talk and the consequent uncertainty in our trading relationships is motivating Canadians to reconsider how we view...
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