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Canada’s jobless rate soars to 13 per cent in April

Job losses in April were spread across all provinces, with Quebec particularly hard-hit. The unemployment rate in the province climbed to 17 per cent, the highest rate among all provinces and the highest rate for Quebec itself in over more than four decades of comparable data.

One million respirators acquired from China unfit for coronavirus fight

Canada's public health authority says around one million KN95 respirators acquired from China have failed to meet federal Covid-19 standards for use by frontline health professionals.

Coronavirus: What Canada can expect to happen in the next two...

We may blunt our curve because it sounds like Canadians are taking this seriously and practicing these social distancing endeavours. We will be much better for it.

Sophie Gregoire, wife of Justin Trudeau, tests positive for coronavirus

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire, has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Canadians being told to prepare for a possible novel coronavirus pandemic

As novel coronavirus outbreaks spread across a growing list of countries, Canadians are being warned to prepare for a possible pandemic.

Chinese man argues against deportation from Canada, citing coronavirus

A Chinese man has argued -- unsuccessfully -- that he should not be deported from Canada because he faced serious risk of harm from...

Canadian public health veteran leading WHO coronavirus team to Beijing to...

A World Health Organization (WHO) team of international experts led by a Canadian epidemiologist is on its way to Beijing to investigate China’s coronavirus it was announced Sunday, the same day China raised the death toll from its outbreak to 811, surpassing the number killed globally by the SARS epidemic.
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