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Get Ready For A More Chinese Canada

But let me correct myself. It will be more Chinese. Already there is ample evidence of this influence, including language creep.

China accuses Canadian-Chinese tycoon of major role in pyramid scheme

A Chinese-Canadian businessman who attended one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's controversial cash-for-access fundraising dinners last year is now fighting accusations by prosecutors in...

An Ever Evolving Chinese-Canadian Community Has Become More Canadian

In just two short months, they have received almost 100,000 petitions urging the Ontario Liberal government to pass Bill 79.

Immigration of Chinese to Canada in the 21st Century

According to statistics compiled by the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong, from 1991 to 1996, "about 30,000 Hong Kongers emigrated annually to Canada

Researchers examining why heart attacks on rise among Chinese Canadians

Heart disease rates are rising rapidly for Chinese Canadians. Our current guidelines for heart health are largely based on studies in white people of...
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