Can the Chinese Communist Regime start a new World War?

U.S. aircraft carriers sails through Taiwan Strait.

Today Vice President Mike Pence, on behalf of President Donald Trump, is delivering a speech in Warsaw, Poland, at the Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War II, paying tribute to the past and looking to a future without war.

In his live-broadcast yesterday with former White House Strategist Mr. Steve Bannon, CCP killer Guo Wengui said  that, according to his intelligence, the Chinese Communist Party leadership is planning a new world war with sudden attacks on the island country of Taiwan  in case the situation in Hong Kong is out of control.

Is the Communist Regime run by the CCP really able to wage a war against the world? Or if a war is possible, is it only going to be a regional military conflict that will last a short period of time?

Mr. Bannon has reiterated that the U.S. and China are not in a trade war; it is an economic war or unrestricted war that extends far beyond economics and politics.

I have also said a couple of times that this is not a war between China and the United States; it is actually a war between the radical CCP regime and the hard-working Chinese people. The U.S. and its allies are only pushing the waves forward from the sides.

For 70 years of communist rule, the majority of Chinese people have witnessed the cruelty and brutality of the Communist government and its evil officials. There’s long been a resentment among the populace against the vicious dictatorship only that the Chinese population has not found a right opportunity to stand up for revolt.

Over the past ten to twenty years, 1.4 billion Chinese people especially most of the 90 million CCP members within the system have seen through the nature of the Communist Party and known fully well that the dictatorship does not have a future.

Now every year, tens of millions of Chinese have travelled to the world and seen with their own eyes whether people are living a better life in the western world or in Communist China. The hard-working Chinese people are at the same time mostly selfish and more realistic when it comes to defending their own interests. The majority has voted with their feet whether to choose a democracy or dictatorship for their future.

Now living outside mainland China and Taiwan, there are about 60 million overseas Chinese and at least 50 million of them hate the Chinese Communist Party. Say, each of them has averagely three family members, relatives or close friends in mainland China that they can easily influence in terms of ideological views; that’s about 150 million in total. If there is a proper propaganda campaign to help these people to spread the truth, it is not difficult at all to double the size of population who would also stand up to say NO to the Communist regime. Therefore, 300 million would easily gather in revolt.

The United States and its allies do not have to meet the CCP regime with a military war. They only need to do two things to bring down the CCP government.

First, the U.S. and its allies announce that the Chinese Communist Party is a terrorist organization and its top leaders are terrorists. They need to list the names of these leaders together with those of their families (The number could be less than one thousand in total.) and start economic and other sanctions against them.

Second, the U.S. and its allies start a propaganda campaign against the CCP’s propaganda machine, helping Chinese activists to spread the truth and tell about the crimes of those CCP criminals. In less than a week, all these people will become rats running across the streets.

This will also help bring down the notorious Great Fire wall.

If the CCP leadership dares to start a war, it can only be a regional war on a small scale and it can only last for a short time because when the message is spread, no Chinese is actually willing to go to war and die for these criminals.

When the CCP individuals are listed as criminals, the whole nation in China will find their targets. In this 21st century, China is no longer a country on bicycles. Most people have cars or trucks. When CCP’s tanks come along, millions of huge trucks will confront them; when CCP’s evil police dare to crackdown the people in revolt, millions more will drive their cars out to confront, on the condition that the U.S. has branded them terrorists and gives major groups of activists enough financial and political support.

The U.S. and its allies do not have to sacrifice a single soldier or spent trillions of dollars in a new world war against the Communist regime of China.

We have confidence that within a week after the CCP leadership orders to fire the first shot, all other gun shots would turn around and shoot at Zhongnanhai in Beijing.

The CCP regime is only a paper tiger. We shall never have fear in front of its fake government or its highly corrupt PLA army. In the end, victory will belong to the Chinese people and to the forces of justice in the international communities.

Everything is just beginning.

By Cloudy Seagail



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