Can President Xi take full control of the Public Security Ministry after Wang Xiaohong heads its Secret Service?


According to the People’s Gongan Daily on November 4, Wang Xiaohong has taken the post of director and Party Secretary of the Bureau of Secret Service under the Ministry of Public Security.

The report said Wang Xiaohong made his appearance for the first time in the name of this new title when he presided over an enlarged meeting of the party committee and delivered a speech on the study of President Xi Jinping’s important remarks and spirit of the CCP’s Fourth Plenum.

In his speech, Wang stressed that the Public Security Ministry carries the surname of the Party and has the absolute loyalty to the leadership of President Xi.

Before grasping the power of secret service, Wang Xiaohong is already Vice-minister of the Public Security Ministry in charge of the “day-to-day” work as a Minister-level official.

He is also Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry and chief of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Wang Xiaohong was born in Fuzhou and worked under Xi Jinping in the 90s. In 2002, he became deputy director of Department of Public Security of Fujian Province.

Political commentator Ms. An Hong, whose family lived near the courtyard of the Public Security Ministry in Beijing, said with Ludepress, “The Public Security Ministry is a very complicated place. All kinds of forces have planted their confidants in various departments. Most of the key positions are still under the control of former president Jiang Zemin, Vice-president Wang Qishan, and Meng Jianzhu, former Secretary of the Political and Legal Commission. It is not easy for President Xi to take full control of the Public Security Ministry although he has Wang Xiaohong taking up greater power there.”

The fact that President Xi has placed Wang Xiaohong into the position of Head of Secret Service tells that President Xi has never been able to take full control of the ministry. But at a time of wrestling with Wang Qishan, this is an important step in Xi’s strategy.

Lude said, “Meng Jianzhu and others have looked down upon Wang Xiaohong as he was promoted by way of personal relationship with President Xi rather than his own abilities in criminal investigations as a policeman. In Fujian province, he was a thug and mafia-like gangster. When President Xi is in power, Wang Xiaohong lives a good life there. If President Xi is gone, it will be hard for Wang to secure his post.”

“Wang Xiaohong will end in disasters with his new post”, said An Hong, “He needs the support of others in the Ministry. But when few people help him from under, it is very difficult for him to do the job well.”

“It is a tragedy and sorrow for the Chinese people that the policemen with the Ministry of Public Security have actually become family servants of a few CCP leaders”, An Hong added, “In any civilized society, they are there to serve the people and protect their safety.”

The Bureau of Secret Service was formerly the eighth department of the Public Security Ministry, responsible for the security of key objects, targets and major state events. These key objects include Vice-chairman of the PRC, Vice-chairperson of the National People’s Congress, Vice Premier and state councilors, Vice-chairperson of CPPCC, directors of the Supreme Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate. Key targets include visiting heads of state from foreign countries.

According to publicized document by the CCP’s Central Secretariat, two thousands policemen form the special force with the Bureau of Secret Service with the readiness for revolution and military combats.

The Chinese people need a system of clean politics. As the CCP regime is highly corrupt and anti-human, we want a new administration where these special forces of policemen are truly policing for the great honor.

By Winnie Troppie

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