Can a trade deal save the doom of the CCP regime?


Last night at 1:00 am New York time, Beijing time 1:00 pm, at Badachu in Beijing, some PLA officials were detained, three of whom attended the National Day military parade. They belong to the PLA Rocket Force, formerly the Second Artillery Corps.

At Changping, several other PLA officials were also arrested. In the local mobilization of troops, there was a sudden electric cut at a large scale and some facilities were destroyed as a result. I have not yet received intelligence about the reasons, but it seems to be a serious incident within the military.

Another un-confirmed source in Shanghai also told me that two army officials were detained. I have lost contacts with their family members too. If the arrest of these two officials could be confirmed, that means a strong force of resistance within the army is taking actions.

From my intelligence within the military, it can be sure that there is intense instability within the PLA.

And look at the domestic economy. We have seen that CCP’s economic data are all fabricated. They directly make changes in the computers and no longer use corruption money to control these figures. This tell that the CCP’s economy is collapsing.

Many people within the Party have spread out negative news about its economy, blaming the United States of starting the trade war. But they still insist that the national economy is going towards improvement. They just make up the numbers, whether 6.6% or 5.6%. They never tell the truth.

The instability within the military is unprecedented. You may have underestimated the seriousness of the situation. I can call that a military coup, or a revolution. The CCP holds its two guns: the military and the money. Safety of their administration comes from the control of military power and money. Now when these two bases have problems, the administration is in deep trouble.

Dear warrior friends, it is the CCP that has created all the problems for itself. Look at the NBA event that has caused the greatest controversy in the United States. People now focus on the question whether they should continue to allow US companies to invest in China, and whether the US should withdraw all its investments from Chinese companies. People start to question why these US companies have kowtowed to the CCP.

The day before yesterday, an American lawyer who is my business partner sat down with me to talk about the NBA event. He supports my efforts to eliminate the CCP, but he has no confidence in NBA winning the battle against the CCP. He said if the NBA players were to leave China, 25%-30% of NBA’s income shall be lost and each of them may suffer a loss of 10%.

This American lawyer is also an NBA fan; he used to be a legal adviser for NBA. He was very angry with the incident. He feels that the CCP has really given the Americans a hard blow using its market as a weapon. Many Americans are now kneeling on the floor and even worse these Americans have no idea as to what is happening behind the deals.

With the NBA incident, Americans were insulted and humiliated. The market used by the CCP as a weapon is definitely too powerful.

Two years ago in September 2017, at my press conference in Washington, I said that the CCP has aimed to weaken America, drag America into chaos, and finally take down America. Their powerful weapon is nothing but the China market.

If we go back to what I disclosed at the press conference with those secret documents, the CCP has clearly stated that they will make good use of its own market to counter the Americans. Other documents related to Taiwan or Hong Kong also tells about the importance of this weapon in their fight against Taiwan and Hong Kong.

As we look back today, we can see that the CCP has used this weapon everywhere across the world.

Now Europe has knelt down, saying “I love CCP”. Japan has shut its mouth with fears. Africa has fully been submissive. The whole of Asia has kept quiet and is forced to cooperate with the CCP.

The Americans now feel ashamed to admit that they have been raped by the CCP using its own market as the weapon.

NBA fans stand with Hong Kong.

Whether the Americans admit the humiliation or not, NBA has knelt down, Nike has knelt down, top designer Gabbana from Italy and other most arrogant designers in Europe have also knelt down, admitting their faults one after another.

Now China Central Television is out to humiliate the Americans further. Dear warrior friends, you may not have imagined how ordinary American citizens feel about this strike. It was a total shame!

To speak the true, the crisis in Hong Kong is top news, but this NBA event has made all the headlines. The past two days when I talked about Hong Kong with some American friends, they took the deaths of Hong Kongers as the deaths of just a few chickens or ducks. But they feel extremely sad about the NBA incident.

I asked one of my lawyers yesterday, “You are staying with me everyday. When you hear about people talking two million Xinjiang uighurs in detention centers; when you hear about those Chinese kids crying, do you really feel sad? When you see or hear of so many dead bodies collected from Hong Kong waters, do you really feel sad? ” I asked him further, “Why you are so moved with the NBA event today? Selfish.”

Surely this NBA event is a huge gift to us by God. When our warrior friends see that the CCP is playing games with its own market, they have figured out the best answer: the CCP has going to the end of its tricks.

The China market is the secret weapon of the CCP that has been kept in the very bottom of its drawers. When they have no other weapons, they have to take advantage of this last option: it will suffer a loss of 2000 when it kill 1000.

Today, the two sides are having the trade talks in Washington. We will soon see who is more sophisticated in their deceptions. Many Americans have not seen through the nature of the CCP which is the greatest threat to the Americans; and thus they still take trade as the main purpose.

If the CCP was not to be dismantled, the Americans would only face a historic disaster no matter what kind of deals they have signed with the CCP.

Please take my words today. The 150-page agreement will be the worse agreement in American history. Still we hope for a deal. Many warrior friends have asked me why we also want a deal. My reply is: with a deal, if they dares to deceive the Americans again, there will be a big fight; the CCP will die in the fight. Without a deal, the Americans will escalate the trade war; and the CCP will face similar consequences.

So with a deal, the CCP chooses a suicide as there will be an internal fight in the CCP regime. Without a deal, the Americans will send them to hell with a gun shot. Isn’t that simple?

Dear warrior friends, if there is a deal, we can all go to sleep and wait for the CCP’s suicide. Hungry Chinese will tear the CCP apart.

If there is no deal, the Americans will help send the CCP to hell. Any partial agreement will not be good for either side. It is no longer possible to go back to their past relationship.

Whatever the results, a military confrontation is inevitable.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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