Call for recognition of the CCP as a terrorist organization


Tens of thousands of people, especially overseas Chinese, have appealed to the U.S. government to officially designate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a terrorist organization and the CCP government a terrorist regime.

As a petition to the White House, the call was created by P.L. on August 11 that “WE THE PEOPLE ASK THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO CALL ON CONGRESS TO ACT ON AN ISSUE”:

Call for Official Recognition of the Chinese Communist Party as a Terrorist Organization

Stating: “In the over 70 years of ruling over China, the Chinese Communist Party has done many horrible things humans can think of. These malicious and evil deeds include but are not limited to: falsifying national history, suppression of freedom of speech and press, money laundering in the scale of trillions, live organ harvesting, sexual harassment and assault to underaged females, slaughtering innocent citizens with counter-revolutionary excuses, etc.”

“In light of the recent violent actions to Hong Kongers by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) disguised as Hong Kong Police Force, we the people petition to officially recognize the Chinese Communist Party as a terrorist organization.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned China’s government that a violent crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong would be “completely unacceptable” as pro-democracy demonstrations in the Chinese-ruled territory widened anew Monday.

Mr. McConnell entered the fray via Twitter to assert that the “people of Hong Kong are bravely standing up to the Chinese Communist Party as Beijing tries to encroach on their autonomy and freedom.”

Senator Marco Rubio said in his latest tweet, “In Hong Kong the government of China is showing the world exactly who they are. They are not the benign & responsible actors they like to portray themselves as. They are vicious authoritarians.”

Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, chair of the Australian Parliamentary Joint Committee for Intelligence and Security, wrote on the need for the Australian public to see and understand the risk posed by China’s increasingly aggressive behaviour.

The Liberal MP has compared China’s growing global ambition to the rise of Nazi Germany.

Saying that Andrew Hastie has the right for free speech, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected China’s claim that mass protests in Hong Kong are showing “sprouts of terrorism” and called for a peaceful resolution to the 10-week stand-off.

“That’s certainly not the rhetoric that I would certainly use to describe those events,” Morrison said in Sydney on Monday, “Of course we’re concerned, particularly because of the number of Australians, residents and citizens in Hong Kong both on a long-term basis and on a short-term basis.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday said he was very worried about events in Hong Kong, which has a large  population of 300,000 Canadian citizens, and urged Chinese authorities to handle the protests there with tact.

“We are calling for peace, for order, for dialogue … we certainly call on China to be very careful and very respectful in how it deals with people who have legitimate concerns in Hong Kong,” Trudeau told a televised news conference in Toronto.

UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab spoke to Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, and stressed the need for “meaningful political dialogue and a fully independent investigation into recent events as a way to build trust” in the territory, the UK Foreign Office said earlier last week.

What the CCP leadership fears most is that with the condemnation, their assets by corruption will be frozen by the U.S. Justice Department and their illegitimate children will have their U.S. citizenships cancelled and themselves expelled out of the United States.

CCP killer Guo Wengui said today that President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will soon speak out on this matter.

By Winnie Troppie


  1. Hong Kong citizens still don’t have enough courage to fight back,
    They are like the Japanese, too obedient and not willing to make real changes.
    Before 1997, they were too content, too few of them expected that these will eventually come.

    Under The Chinese Terrorist Party’s oppression, being murdered and slaughtered one by one, every evidence of crime did by the terrorists are being destroyed one by one, the “ideal” citizens will only continue to be converted or slaughtered because they have a “humane barrier” of their own, not willing to fight back like Ukraine.

    China and Russia have so many similarities, they have supreme “leaders” on top and grab the power AT ALL COST, ambitious at expanding their territories and influences instead of improving the lives of the people.

    However so many “stupid” or just the people who are too tired of thinking on their own, decided to listen to the government to make themselves feel more “content”, or just feared of the consequences of not doing what the governments tell them to do.

    Think about what will Kim Jong-Un think if these two big powerhouses continue to thrive with this oppressive strategy – killing the people who ask the questions that governments don’t like, killing the whole towns just to eliminate other religions, lying to the public even if most people don’t trust them (eventually some stupid people will trust the lies of the government and create conflicts in the society)

    These countries love seeing the people fighting against each others because in these scenarios, the governments can control them much easier. Why? Because those governments never treat “their” people as human, they treat them like animal or enemies.

    China Russia North Korea aren’t terrorists? That’s a lie that many pathetic people trust.


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