Breaking: the CCP leadership is counting its last days and at least 3 PSC members will die by April


At least 3 members of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, or the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC), will die of coronavirus by April, CCP killer Guo Wengui said in his live-broadcast today.

In two and a half hours, Guo told about the real situation of the virus crisis in China, saying that the worst time is yet to come for people in infected areas both in China and overseas, and the world economy will enter a disastrous period in the coming month.

Guo said, “COVID-19 is actually not the most terrifying thing in the world. What’s most terrifying is madness and ignorance. The CCP’s madness and ignorance as well as those of our grass root compatriots who have been brainwashed and raised by the CCP…They are the most terrifying. People thought they were safe when they fled the CCP and Wuhan and went to places like New Zealand. There are some words I really cannot say here today. But I will tell you something very important….something that is about to happen. By April 1st, you will see, we are not too far from that date, about 30 days – We have been through decades of our lives. On the first of April, you will see the World economy pay dearly for the last 10 years of madness and for this coronavirus. It will pay for all those deals it has made with the CCP over the last few decades. It will pay for being in collusion with the CCP to harm the ordinary people, the grass root people, by committing all kinds of evil deeds. Our whole humanity will repay the debt. Just like Uyghurs in Xinjiang were sent to concentration camps, now the rest of China are locked up in their homes. Muslims in Xinjiang were forced to eat pork; now the rest of China have no pork to eat. Just like how masks were banned in Hong Kong, now the whole world has to wear masks. For the indifference and greed, the world will have a great price to pay. All those noted politicians in the world, no matter how powerful they are, like Shinzo Abe, Emamanuel Macron, and so on, as well as the most powerful “NewLonKong”, New York, London and Hong Kong, then Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Milan, Rome, Munich, Berlin – all these cities will become epicenters of coronavirus outbreak. Wall Street will be the epicenter of epicenters.”

Guo stressed that today (February 29) is the watershed that we shall witness the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party by the days. And the CCP has entered into a time of self-immolation with the coronavirus spread.

Although Guo did not mention Wang Qishan’s name in particular, we shall just easily predict that Vice-President Wang must be among the 3 CCP leaders to die in the coming month.

Guo said he has full confidence that a new democratic China shall be established by June 4th, born with another name rather than “China”. He said his secret warrior friends are actually taking actions and preparing for the coming of the new government without the CCP.

Guo said he will rewrite his Seven Principles as the situations have changed.

Tactically in the past three years, Guo has kept the seventh principle “not acting against President Xi Jinping”. Now this principle must be changed.

Guo urged his warrior friends to keep calm and be safe while awaiting more good news in the coming days.

By Cloudy Seagail


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