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Martha: Joining us now from Paris former White House Strategist Steve Bannon. Steve, thank you for being here tonight! I guess the first question for you: why do you want to see the end of the EU? And what difference would that make to Americans?

Bannon: It’s not the end of the EU at all. In fact, the rise of the populist nationalists – they call the Sovereignty Movement over here – is actually to make the EU stronger, to make Europe stronger. But it’s going to be the collection of nations, individual nation states guided by their citizens. And I think what you saw this weekend was quite historical, so this is not to make Europe weaker, this is not to make the EU weaker. What it is – is to make these nations stronger, and have the EU really a collection of nations instead of one united states of Europe.

That project was actually ended this week. It was Macron’s vision: he called the Renaissance Project. None of the leading governments in Europe signed up for it. And then you saw the French people rejected it on Sunday. And you saw in Italy, in the UK and other places, in Poland and Hungary of overwhelming support for the Populist Nationalist Movement. So this is not to destroy Europe; it actually makes Europe stronger. That’s part of the project fear. That the established order is trying to put in the people but it’s not that wrong.

Martha: We have read Macron, the president of France, is sort of scrambling to hold on to the center that what happened in the election on Sunday was an erosion of those centered parties, and increase obviously in the seats on the left and on the right. So you know if you put some of those in the middle together, scrambled together for support, how tenuous are the victory that you saw on Sunday evening in the end?

Bannon: I don’t think it’s tenuous at all. The fact that things in Brussels tonight, you see Marine Le Pen , you see Matteo Salvini, Nigel Farage, others trying to put together what is called the Super Group of this Populist Nationalist Party, which is kind of distribute – the way they do it in the European Parliament. They are trying to combine that so that they have a critical mass. Remember, the center here: you have those socialists; then you have kind of center-left and center-right. Those center-left or center-right parties imploded: Tories Party, the Degull Party here in France – these things just absolutely imploded over this weekend.

So you see the rise of Populism, you see the rise of Nationalism. Now these leaders are trying to put these together so that they have a critical mass in the European Parliament, knowing that the people voted against any further integration. They are not going to have this powerful blocking minority, to make sure the bureaucrats in Brussels can force anything else on them.

Martha: What is it for people who haven’t been filed with this at all? Salvini said there’s going to be a new Europe. What does that mean? What’s going to change?

Bannon: It’s a Europe of nation states. Remember! Go back to 2016 – Brexit and the Trump election are in-strategically linked. I think if Brexit has not happened, you wouldn’t have empowered the deplorable. You wouldn’t have encountered the working class people to come out to support Donald Trump. That’s what Trump’s (election speech), the beginning was very prothetic. He can see it right in the beginning it’s very important. People want to take their country back, take their borders back. Basically, citizens want to get more control of their country, more control of the politicians that direct reports to bureaucrats in Washington D.C., not bureaucrats in Brussels. He saw Brexit as what it was. And now you are seeing the next wave of it. Macron in 2017 stopped it. Now we see another wave of it with these charismatic leaders like Le Pen, Salvini and Farage.

Martha: You call them charismatic and some people call them anti-immigrant- they call them anti-semitics. They said they see a throw-back to Europe of World War Two. There is Angela Merkel of Germany in an interview with CNN talking about her concerns about this movement.

(Merkel: We have all this number of anti-semitism. Unfortunately to this day, there is not a single synagogue or not a single day-care center for Jewish children that does not need to be guarded by German policemen.)

Martha: Even Theresa May said even the nurseries, every Jewish institution, you know, under this new order – if this comes to be passed, will need to be guarded by security.

Bannon: Look, this is the funny part of Angela Merkel. Today she announced she was supposed to leave but she saw the rise of this Populist Nationalist Party. She thinks her leadership she has had in the Christian democrats is not strong enough. She basically said “I am staying; I am not going anywhere”. Here is her hypocrisy. I was in Berlin two weeks ago, spent five days there. I sat down with some of the senior Jewish leaders and they told me that they lived under fear and it’s not from the right. I was meeting with the alternative AFD party leaders. They said they live under fear because of radical Muslim and for this unlimited immigration from the Middle East that Angela Merkel let in. In fact they can’t even wear the yarmulke the day the German authorities said the Jewish in Berlin shouldn’t wear the yarmulke. This shows Angela Merkel is a total and incomplete phony. That’s why this whole globalist movement this weekend took her beaten. And for her to sit there and try to smear theses parties by saying that, when in Germany, the Jewish leaders say “we fear what she has allowed to happen”- This unlimited immigration, particularly from the radical jihads that are in the country. That’s why they fear. In Germany, they just go after the Jewish leaders in Berlin.

Martha: Pope Francis said, “They are often looked down upon and considered the source of all society’s ills. That attitude is an alarm bell warning of the moral decline we will face if we continue to give ground to the throw-away culture.” What do you react to that?

Bannon: Well, the Pope is obviously infallible with talking in church doctrines but when talking in politics, he is just dead wrong. And this is once again- he puts all the owe-ness on the Populist Nationalist Movement. These people are good decent people; they are not racist. (They are not from Africa.) The terrific problem, something here in Africa, and in North Africa, cannot be solved by working class people in Italy. That has been the problem. The Pope and the rest of the globalists, the party of the Davos- they want all these problems to be solved by working class people. That’s what Salvini and others are speaking for. They said, “Hey, we understand the problem. We have to work together to solve this problem.” In the north or south of Africa, in the Middle East, working class people are hungry. France and Italy can’t solve the problem. The Pope continued in acting to exacerbate this problem. But the people voted and Salvini and others now will soon be presidents of their countries. Salvini could be prime minister of Italy. Same with the green party in the UK; the green party’s got a lot of energy.

Martha: You are talking about that and recognizing that. What about your role in all of these? And all the stories saying Steve Bannon pushed out of the White House, now he’s trying to sell his whole Populist Nationalist Movement overseas. And Marine Le Pen was quoted as saying that you have nothing to do with her campaign.

Bannon: By the way, this is a European victory by Europeans. These leaders over here do not need Americans to come over and tell them how to run campaigns, their strategy, their get-out-to vote. This is a European victory by the individual parties in those countries and they should be very proud of that.

Look, the reason President Trump in the campaign we estimated in 2016 – we have worked on this Populist Nationalist Movement for about ten years in the United States. And so I am a colleague of these people, a friend of these people, but I am not an advisor. I am just here to help spread the message of populism and nationalism. And I am glad that Merkel and Macron’s heads were blown up when I come over here to have my presence kind of loot on – I have a looting interest in this great political movement that is really taking charge in Europe now.

Martha: You said, when you left the White House, that the whole “America First”, the “drain the swamp of Washington” of everything in the Trump campaign, the Trump presidency is over. Do you still believe that?

Bannon: I think it turned around. I think you saw all the globalists at that time – you have a huge emphasis- remember that we didn’t get the chances to build the wall, that we did not get the trade, and that we did not take on China.

If you look at the summer of 2017, it’s kind of dull –by the way, you should read the book by Woodward – I actually presented my resignation to General Kelly on August 7th, and then left 10 days later. But then was dull. President Trump is now full on: building the wall, he’s down there fighting the courts; he’s done a fantastic job in engaging on this economic war that China’s been running on the United States. He’s engaging the radical, the Communist Party in China, President Xi and Wang Qishan – these radicals that are taking control of China. You saw these days he’s heading to Japan over the last couple of days. The mainstream media is focusing on his twitter’s tweets. People in Asia are focusing on how he has bound together the Japanese and American military and navy, and sent a very strong signal to the countries around the South China Sea that the Americans and Japanese are going to work together to make sure the sea links are free. This is very powerful couple of days for the President. I think the President is on fight right now, with these programs that back his promises he made to the American people. That’s why the American economy is doing well, and I think for the “America First” national security policy, the people now understand.

Martha: But you know, he’s got to win the next election. He wants to be president for another four years. Take a look at this monthly poll: most Americans, 62%, think US consumers will bear the costs of paying for new tariffs on Chinese goods. That could hurt him. Some of the national polls are too early, but the national polls show him losing to Joe Biden and others.

Bannon: This is another projected fear on these tariffs. First, the 3.2% economic growth are big part of this, it’s shrinking the deficit with China. He’s moving the supply chain back. That’s one of the reasons our unemployment rate is so low. Also import prices are dropping. There are a number of articles out there today about how this economic war we are engaging in may actually be deflationary. This is the fear project of Wall Street. Three or four weeks ago they said the stock market is going to explode to take the economy down. It’s a stone cold lie. They shifted these jobs to Asia and President Trump’s brought them back. And everything the fear project said is absolutely wrong. You have seen the supply chain come back, with the high value added jobs.

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