Breaking News! U.S. Senate passes Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

US senate under process of the Hong Kong bill.

U.S. Senate has just passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in an unanimous vote.

Twenty-two minutes ago, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio tweeted, “ we hear you. We continue to stand with you. Tonight, the Senatepassed my

Just an hour ago, Senator Ted Cruz had the following tweet:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in his speech today at the Senate:

“We have sent a message to President Xi. Your suppression of freedom, whether in Hong Kong, in Northwest China, or anywhere else will not stand. You cannot be a great leader, and you cannot be a great country when you oppose freedom, when you are so brutal to the people of Hong Kong, young and old who are protesting.”

“When you are so brutal to the Uighurs in Northwest China, and when China is censored so the Chinese people can’t get the truth, history has shown that that always fails, President Xi.”

“To the people of China, we stand with you in freedom. To the kids in Hong Kong, the students and the adults, we stand with you. To the Uighurs who simply want to practice their religion, we stand with you.”

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