Breaking News: Hong Kong government requested martial law by PLA troops


The CCP will announce on August 4, based upon the laws governing the PLA in Hong Kong and state security, the Hong Kong government has requested the PLA garrison in Hong Kong to enforce martial law.

An emergency declaration of martial law in Hong Kong is expected on August 4th:

1.The Communist Party: will announce on August 4th that based upon the PLA Garrison Law and National security Laws, the Hong Kong government has requested martial law be enforced by the PLA army stationed in Hong Kong.

2. The safety of Hong Kong, public order and the entry and exit of personnel shall all be under the unified direction of the martial law command.

3. The martial law command will impose massive restrictions on the movement of people in and out of Hong Kong, essentially barring them from entering but allowing them to leave the territory freely. They will also clean up U.S. and European institutions based in Hong Kong and foreigners with U.S. and British passports.

4. The Hong Kong police will make many arrests associated with the peaceful protests which have occurred since June 9, as troops stationed in HongKong impose martial law.

By Guo Wengui

The CCP government has released a PLA Propaganda Video yesterday threatening to crackdown the protests in Hong Kong.


  1. Why China don’t listen to their own peoples? You wanna kill your own kid when they’re crying to make attention because you don’t listen them?

    • As parents you should not “listen” to your kids especially in the certain age period; the kids should listen to
      you instead. That is part of parenting. Outside people would teach your kids to do drug, gambling and other bad things that hurt your family. Once your kids do that, they are spoiled; they grow up as spoiled kids. These are the people with no respect for others and no responsibility; they can end up one way going to jail if they are lucky. I have seen many cases like that in Hong Kong and in Canada where Chinese families were ruined, and the kids lose their future.

      • Gambling and doing drugs is sinful. But wanting to have democracy and freedom is everyones’ dream. Don’t get confused by communism ideas

      • The communist govt is illegitimate and unlawful. It is also evil and has no place in China. They came into power through violence.

        Hkg & Taiwan must stand up against this evil regime. Hkg & Taiwan prospered without communist interference and is the model for what China can be. The world respect Chinese from these areas but not the communist mainlanders.

  2. China is socialist country at this moment…. they can complain and request…but
    no to ask China to go back…deny himself not a chinese (shameful)…deny actual
    fact HK is part of China….ridicule China as CINA…deny the sacrific of Ancestors…
    …So naive to ask US and UK to intervene…Even asking UN to sack China. This bunch
    has totally got what is democratic wrong. And, from many angle..this kids are being
    abused by people.
    Imagine..if Somebody request US government to change to Socialist and Do you think
    US government will sit down so quietly….
    Just open eyes wide…Japan, India, Taiwan, SIngapore, etc are regarded as
    democratic failed country.. what make them to convince that they can rule HK well
    in democratic at this moment…In future, may be. But definitely not now.

  3. Mr Stanley Ooi.
    State of Singapore was a role model to China start up as a modern nation.Premier Teng Hsiao Peng came over and learned .At the present time, China is still learning from SINGAPORE. Check your fact! It is totally nonsence to say SINGAPORE is a failed state.

  4. This is stupid fake news fabricated by fugitive Guo Wengui 郭文贵, currently on the run in the US, with an Interpol Red Notice on his head.

    Why people believe in fake news: “Laziness to think”, according to an American psychiatrist.


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