Breaking! Chinese military vehicles entering Hong Kong


Breaking news! Spread the message!

Today afternoon at 3:00 pm local time, at Front Sea border in Shenzhen, Chinese PLA troops in countless military vehicles are going into the territory of Hong Kong.

Martial law enforcement is underway in Hong Kong!

CCP is to crackdown Hong Kong protests right now!

Let’s pray for Hong Kong!

by Guo Wengui and followcn staff


  1. The same scale of this conflict including its political consequences happened already in the Peoples’ Revolution in the Philippines last February of 1986….”World Famous People Power”. There is the trend which made the people succesful. That the Military had supported them and refused to received illegal order from the President. Let us pray and watch how Hongkong People Power will end. Tianamen Square or EDSA Philippines.

    In Tianamen Square, the Military protected the government. In the Philippines, the Military protected her people.


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