Breaking News! CCP is collapsing, Spread the news!


Dear warrior friends! Today is September 28 in New York. I am having a live broadcast here at sea. Today’s broadcast is very important. Please listen carefully, especially Hong Kong friends, and spread the message as quickly as possible across the world.

What I am telling today, every single piece of message or information, will become reality in the following 7 days.

Friends, what is really hot in China at the moment are preparations for the 70 years anniversary of the Chinese Communist Regime. When coupled with the continuing protests in Hong Kong and the impeachment of President Donald Trump in the United States, this event is going to be historic and the consequences will shock the world!

After over three months of unrest, Hong Kong people are very clear, with so many protesters either arrested, murdered, tortured or injured, Hong Kong has paid a huge price to win the attention of the world community.

At this very moment, the fate of Hong Kong is closely linked to the 70 years anniversary. What will happen in the following week will determine the fate of Hong Kongers, whether they will end in a disaster or a complete rebirth of freedom and democracy.

At this very moment, there appeared a heated political fight between the two parties of the United States when President Trump is impeached. This impeachment is also an important historic event that has drawn the attention of all Americans.

When these three things meet together next week, a great explosion will occur. What does this mean?

Before President Trump was impeached, the protests in Hong Kong and the 70 years anniversary in Beijing were never put on top of his agenda. Trump has not taken the toughest actions against CCP over the crisis in Hong Kong. Only after the House and Congress have began to discuss the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and brought the case to public hearing, President Trump is reluctantly considering cancellation of Hong Kong’s status as a Free Trade Zone and toughest financial sanctions on Hong Kong.

The president is now truly taking decisive and deadly, not symbolic, actions of sanctioning the individuals.

At this very moment, CCP’s 70 years anniversary is drawing near, confronting the protests in Hong Kong and making all the important events link closely with each other. This combination of events amplifies the impact and effects of the pro-democracy movement on politics in the mainland and ignites the most fierce political wrestling among the different interest groups of the CCP leadership.

This has made the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong more influential and powerful in the whole world. During the protests, the world community has been impressed and moved by Hong Kong people’s demonstration of courage, bravery and wisdom. The result is: the whole world has learned that Hong Kong people are just; Hong Kong people have won the international support; the whole world is now taking the side of Hong Kong protesters.

Many Hong Kong people have died, or lost their freedom. Carrie Lam and the “gang of four” in her puppet administration have performed badly. Evil PLA troops joined the Hong Kong police force in disguise  to control Hong Kong and threaten the people. The CCP governs Hong Kong with means of corruption, evil police and lies. The whole world has open eyes to all the above.

This is a perfect opportunity when everyone on the globe with conscience have stood by the side of great and courageous Hong Kong protesters. At this very moment, we have the “sword from the Heavens” : the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to be passed by the powerful United States who stands for freedom, justice and democracy. But this is slow with the hesitation of President Trump and the U.S. system with separation of powers.

The impeachment of President Trump with his so-called “telephone scandal” with the Ukrainian president is an unexpected opportunity for us, gifted by God.

We have seen that the impeachment inquiry is under process historically in a quickest pace and there seems to have two presidents in the U.S.: Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi.

In this fight between the two parties, Hillary Clinton made her appearance. She has never been submissive.

Nancy Pelosi has now become the most powerful politician in the U.S. Do you understand the significance, warrior friends? She has come out at the right time. Things could be completely different if Pelosi had stood up one month earlier or just one week later.

Days ago, I have said that this is the greatest news for Hong Kongers. At a time when they needed the most support and attention from the world, the forces from the spheres of international community looked weak. But this impeachment has added enough strength to the support.

With this impeachment, Hillary, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi have all come out for the power. On the issue of Hong Kong, the tougher they become, the most chances they would win the fight against Donald Trump! Of course, Trump is not a slow actor. He must also become the quickest to fight!

Next week, Nancy Pelosi must stood out and say, “Trump is only talking; he has taken no actions. I will immediately sign my name into the bill and take immediate actions against Hong Kong! Let’s do it tomorrow!”

Hillary Clinton would say, I guess, “If I was president, I must sanction the CCP leadership within six months and decouple the Chinese economy. I will have the toughest actions ever in history! I shall advocate the independence of Hong Kong!”

Nancy Pelosi would say, “Not enough! I will allow Hong Kongers to come to the U.S. and become American citizens immediately! ”

Joe Biden would come out and say, “We need to protect the Hong Kong people. We must have our military there to protect Hong Kong!”

Friends! What do you think President Trump would react to these words of challenges? In his whole life, President Trump has never admitted defeat or given up. He must be a more aggressive and faster fighter. He must have the toughest actions!

President Trump would say next week, “I will have it all over now. The Hong Kong status as a Free Trade Zone is over now! Decoupling is effective immediately! Sanctions are effective immediately! Our military is standing by from this moment! If you CCP dares to take over Hong Kong, I will recognise the independence and autonomy of Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, and Taiwan! I will immediately freeze the assets of all CCP leaders and their families in the U.S.! I will publicise all the sex scandals of CCP leaders. ”

Dear warrior friends! Do you believe this? This is great news and huge opportunity for us! Hong Kong people have no reason to fail with their fate.

Do you know the hot debates in Washington last night? People are talking: whether the roots of all problems in the U.S. relate with the CCP; whether Xi Jinping is a dictator; whether the CCP regime is legitimate? Whether it is President Trump, or Hilarry, or Pelosi, or Biden, they all blame the CCP!

In the past, the mainstream media have kept quiet on the scandals of the CCP, now they all started to speak out. They will send a clear message to the CCP leadership: with absolute powers, you need to take absolute responsibilities!

The doom of the CCP is really coming.

Let’s wait and see and spread the message!

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by Cloudy Seagail


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