Breaking! Expose Revolution has entered a critical time of eliminating the CCP by internal fights within the party


Today is August 10. Have you done your morning exercises? Have you poured water onto your body?

Dear warrior friends, it’s been such an exciting day, very exciting!

After two months of protests in Hong Kong, explicit changes have taken place, explicit changes! You may have seen yesterday’s protests; people’s attitudes towards the protests have taken a clear turn, completely different now.

In western countries, we have seen the different tones in expressing their attitudes in supporting the protests. I am sure you have seen that.

Therefore, warrior friends, the CCP, the CCP, oh, my God! The CCP is coming to its doom! The CCP is coming to its end! This is real.

Take a look! Is the CCP still like a political party? Do you know what has been happening in Beidaihe? Do you know what has happened within the communist party?

From the things happening within the communist party, we can foresee the future. You know, there has been violent wrestling within the party because of what’s happening in Hong Kong.

What is the cause and effect of this wrestling? None of the interest groups within the communist party wants to take responsibility for the crazy actions in Hong Kong.

Carrie Lam has claimed the destruction of Hong Kong like “the burning of jade and stone together”. There will never be the burning of jade and stone together. There will be the destruction of Carrie Lam herself; there will never be the destruction of the Hong Kong people!

Carrie Lam will soon come to her end. No one will be “burnt together with her”. Carrie Lam, who is willing to go to hell with you?

Warrior friends, I have something to share with you today. I have received some messages from our warrior friend in Beidaihe.

He said these bastards from Zhongnanhai- these bastards who have dyed hairs and hard fingers (not hard penis) are fighting each other fiercely. They have taken things to the point, very clearly, “Who is to take the responsibility for the mess?!” “Who is responsible for what’s happening right now?!”

He charged, “The scene of the police beating the students and the children on the streets of Hong Kong have been recorded into videos. Can you do the same as the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 to kill all the Hong Kong protesters? Any foreign country can now declare Hong Kong police and the Hong Kong government a terrorist organization. If PLA troops are sent into Hong Kong streets, all Hong Kong government officials can be listed as terrorists, besides those soldiers. They will be sanctioned as individuals that are not welcomed in the west as they have become part of the terrorist organization, the threats of humanity. Will it be the doom of the Chinese Communist Party?”

This veteran comrade is right with these words. This time, he has finally caught the opportunity to fight back with a violent blow!

Funny to tell that there is another veteran comrade from the CCP leadership who wrote half a page of his opinions and spread it to other CCP members. His words bear this title: “Could we gather again next year in Beidaihe?”

What does that mean, warrior friends? Think of this! He has raised several questions in his words:

“First, how can you solve the problems in Hong Kong? Second, if the Chinese economy continues to slow down, do we have a future next year? Third, the Chinese society has been under intense pressure for a long time, can we survive next year?”

“More importantly, with the Sino-American relationship going so badly, can the CCP government survive next year? “

“Chinese society has many problems, especially the irresistible and unchangeable contradictions in ethnic Tibet and Xinjiang. If all those people come onto the streets for protests, will you also have a military crackdown? How can you solve these problems? Are you going to arrest the whole population?”

“Within the Communist Party, every CCP member is in panic. This has brought about their resistance and silent collaboration with overseas forces. There is high possibility for domestic revolts or riots. How can you solve these problems?”

I think there is another point at which this veteran comrade was absolutely correct in his words, “Can the Communist Party take full control of the internet and social media at this internet age?”

He was very smart to highlight the importance of the media? Is the CCP really able to control the social media?

Lastly, he said, “China’s fiscal deficit and foreign debt is facing a crisis. If the crisis breaks out at the same time in these two areas, what will be the outcome?”

Another thing, “If the west led by the U.S. work to freeze CCP officials’ overseas assets and list them as illegal, what shall we do?”

I think this veteran comrade has some brains. Although he did not say those assets are assets by corruption, he has admitted some facts. Can you guess who he is?

Lastly, he said, “Presently, with the governance by the Central National Security Council to replace the authority of the Politburo and the Standing Committee of the Politburo, can this system of practice continue?”

He has taken things to the point! This veteran comrade was courageous to stand out and speak out such words at this moment; he is truly a brave man!

Who is his target? Do you have an idea? (Body language signifying Wang Qishan). Do you see my body movement, warrior friends? Do you know who he is targeting?

So, at this critical time, please remember, we have come to the moment to eliminate the CCP by our strength with the United States, by opening the battlefield outside China in foreign countries, and by adding fire to the wrestling within the Communist Party. Finally we will wipe out the CCP by taking advantage of their internal fights!

I have felt the nerves. This is the first time since I started my whistle blows two years ago that we have received the most effective, most positive, most useful, most direct, and best message within the CCP leadership.

This veteran comrade may rewrite history one more time. At the 18th Congress, he changed history once. He is quite a good friend of ours. That’s why I have held up on his corruption scandals. If he continued to keep silent, I must take on him as well by revealing his corruption.

Of course, he has not taken our side. He is on the side of the Communist Party. But his message from Beidaihe is very important to us. This is breaking news! Breaking News!

Warrior friends, please wait and see! After these words were spread across Beidaihe, everyone was shocked. This has opened up a new chapter of wiping out the CCP by internal fights within the CCP leadership!

This is our third battlefield: internal fights within the CCP leadership!

Our Expose Revolution of wiping out the CCP has entered a new third stage: internal fights have started with the Chinese Communist Party.

Who can change this? Please tell me, who can change this? WHO CAN CHANGE THIS? I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR A LONG TIME!

God is watching!

Everything is just beginning!

By Guo Wengui
Translation by Cloudy Seagail


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