Breaking! CCP has the latest plan for Hong Kong: agree to the five demands.


Dear friends! The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a new plan to resolve the Hong Kong crisis.

Yesterday afternoon New York time or early morning in mainland China, I received confirmed intelligence telling that the CCP is having a meeting to discuss the Hong Kong issue.

Minutes after the meeting, I received information about the decision made: Zhang Xiaoming, director of Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, will be dismissed.

I know Zhang Xiaoming fully well. He is a thug-like person living on mercy of women. He came to my Pangu Plaza very often and behaved in a stupid way: he picked the best food and would take some home after meal. When businessmen from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan came to him with bribery of millions, he was happy to offer them membership of the CPPCC. He is such a greedy person and highly corrupt official. At this moment, he is dismissed and he will face investigation.

And Wang Zhimin, Director of the Liaison Office of the Central Government in Hong Kong, is also dismissed from his post.

Dear friends! CCP’s lobbyists are working hard in Washington right now, trying to influence the speech of Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday. They have begged down to possible actions taken against Hong Kong.

The CCP has agreed to the Five Demands of Hong Kong protesters!

Within the CCP leadership, they have agreed to lower their heads to admit their wrongdoings, say YES to the Five Demands, but will hold some Hong Kong protesters accountable after the crisis is resolved. They have hidden a knife at the back!

With this new plan, the CCP leadership has asked the US Government to keep a low-key on the crisis of Hong Kong. As to the decoupling of the Hong Kong dollar, Hong Kong financial system, status of the Free Trade Zone, the CCP has begged the US not to impose actions of cancellation.

Now at this very moment, they have knelt down! They have admitted their faults!

With the CCP’s plan, the Chief Executive Carrie Lam will leave; Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng may stay for a few more days; Stephen Lo will be dismissed; head of police John Lee may stay for a few more days.

The CCP has agreed to set up an independent inquiry body headed by the US and give the Hong Kongers a universal suffrage. They have agreed to punish some police officers of their violations, saying that it was a few Hong Kong officials who have caused the problems in Hong Kong, not the CCP leadership in Beijing.

This is the exact and accurate information I have received from within the CCP leadership.

Everything is just the beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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