Breaking: 600 journalists and media professionals request Donald Trump for interference in Hong Kong


Yesterday, two officials from the UK, representing other friends from European governments, gave me phone calls, saying that they have requested the U.S. government to comprehensively intervene in the disputes in Hong Kong, adding that the United Kingdom will follow with actions.

These UK officials, targeted by CCP’s BGY scheme, used to have negative views on the situations in Hong Kong. But now they have come to their sense and would stand up against the CCP. One of them might become the next UK prime minister.

I have told them to make their appeals as soon as possible as Hong Kong is going to experience a critical crackdown. The CCP government has plans to kill people in Hong Kong. They fully agree to my assessment of the situation in Hong Kong and would do their best to mobilize their resources to save the former colony from disasters.

Last night, an American friend told me that six hundred journalists and professionals from the world’s mainstream media will submit a joint statement in a letter to president Donald Trump and his administration, I think it is happening right now, requesting the President to express openly a clear position of the U.S. government on the issue of Hong Kong.

They have appealed to Donald Trump that as long as the PLA troops enter Hong Kong territory, in army uniforms or police uniforms or plain clothes, ready to cause bloodshed on the streets of Hong Kong, the U.S. government must immediately intervene, canceling the territory’s status as a Free Trade Zone, and stopping all sorts of economic and trade relations with the city.

They have requested the U.S. government to send troops to surrounding waters in Asia, to safeguard the safety of Hong Kongers while asking foreign consulates in Hong Kong to provide refuge for those coming for asylum.

Besides, in case of such emergencies, they have requested the U.S. government to break off the relationship with the Communist government in terms of WTO cooperation and cooperation in other major areas.

Our warrior friends are so great. They are risking their lives to send us the information from within the PLA troops garrison.

Without our warrior friends, we can come to nothing.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff

Police and military gathering in bordering Shenzhen Monday for emergencies in Hong Kong:


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