Both Winston Sterzel and Nathan Rich are welcome in China, and that is good


Winston Sterzel and Nathan Rich are two popular and controversial foreigners living in China. Both have won tens of thousands of fans in China respectively, as well as followers on Youtube.

Sterzel is famous for his videos about motorcycle trips through China. One on a journey to Guilin amassed almost a million views.

Nathan is well-known for his challenging the New York Time’s piece on cancer treatment in Chinese hospitals. It is said that video has over 10 million views in China.

China is truly a great country and the Chinese people really great people. And we must cut a clear line between the Chinese Communist Party and China (or the Chinese people). The Communist Party cannot represent the wonderful culture and traditions of Great China with a long history.

Whether negative or positive, criticisms or appraisals, China should have a widened-mind to embrace both of them, and more.

About Winston Sterzel

Sterzel (SerpentZA on Youtube) is of German-British heritage;he was born and grew up in South Africa. He moved to China in his mid-twenties to work as an English teacher after first visiting on business in 2005. He now lives with his Chinese wife in Shenzhen.

Sterzel started uploading videos in China in 2007 and became a full-time vlogger in 2016. His videos primarily focus on introducing Westerners to China and helping them with visiting and living there; sometimes he interviews people on controversial topics by Chinese standards.

With Matthew Tye (C-Milk, Laowhy86) and other friends, he has taken extended journeys and produced documentary series titled Conquering Southern China and Conquering Northern China, for which he and Tye raised money on Kickstarter so that the trip and the episodes could be longer. He operates the YouTube channel ADVChina with Tye.

About Nathan Rich

Nathan came from a single parent family and lived in an abusive environment in California as a teenager. He currently lives in China.

Nathan is a technical executive and content creator. He served in several companies, and was the Chief Technology Officer at a visual effects company in China called Base FX, until 2018.

In 2018, he resigned and started a content company called Team Hotpot. The same year, Team Hotpot released a video parodying Dolce & Gabbana’s Shanghai event promotion video to Chinese social media. The video got over 20 million views in a single day, eventually growing to over 100 million views.

Rich’s brand Team Hotpot has produced several videos. One of the videos was re-posted by the Chinese central government via the Communist Youth League of China and The People’s Daily.

In January 2019, Team Hotpot released a video critical of a The New York Times-produced video called “Inside China’s Predatory Healthcare System.” Rich alleged their video was biased against China and had lies and intentional mistranslations. The video was widely circulated within China.

Rich gave an interview to Global Times in 2019 about Xinjiang, in which he said “The use of the word ‘camp’ or ‘concentration camp’ has a negative connotation in English, which directly invokes imagery of Nazis and Nazism,” and that “comparing Nazism and the Chinese government is “totally insane.”

Why Winston likes China?

In one of his videos entitled “What I love most about China”, Winston said, “I absolutely love China. And one of the main reasons I love China is the amount of people, the feeling of togetherness, community that you find in China. Family and togetherness and the whole social well-being, and the way things are netted together in China is actually something which have always impressed me feel very welcomed and happy in China.”

Why Nathan likes China?

Nathan said in an interview with Tencent, “I do always love America and America has amazing qualities, a lot of good stuff about it.  But I also love China. For me, this is where I want to live, and I can’t see that changing.”

“Life in America for me is similar; there is more opportunities, because there are a lot more vision effects companies. But also a bit more dangerous, a lot more driving. There are amazing people in both countries, so I enjoy both. But for me, this is such a more rich culture. If you take the time to appreciate it, then you will have a wonderful time.”

What some of the viewers think about Winston (SerpentZA) and Nathans views about China?

After searching for their main videos and comments that follow, I might largely agree to this statement, “SerpentZA and Laowhy86 used to be pretty fair and objective, but not anymore, at least Nathan is honest about his past and he has changed a lot since.”

The following are some more comments from viewers, but may not reflect a true picture of what is more accurate or objective:

“I have always loved your videos and really liked how you have been critical of the China, but still kept a balanced and objective perspectives for and against China and Chinese people. But I find your videos are becoming very one sided these days. I just hope you’re not being sensationalist to pandering to a anti China bias to get clicks.”  — fred smith

“I sided with Nathan Rich. He is on the money regarding the New York Time hit piece. SerpentZA used to be good years ago when he doesn’t have an agenda and just documented his every day life in China, the good, the bad and the ugly. But since then he is just spewing sensational nonsense to gain viewership. He lives off of the support of his YouTube subscribers and that is the reason.” – PomegranateChocolate

“I’m 100% on Nathan Rich’s side. His previous criminal record is irrelevant. He is honest, clearly displays facts to support his statements, and subtitles his videos in Chinese, so the locals are free to read it. Those other two morons are pretty much the exact opposite, please watch the “one Belt” episode on ADV to see just how absurd, uninformed and incorrect they are, spewing out their ridiculous opinions as if they are actually facts. It is cringeworthy at best.” – luke breust

“I followed Winston and Laowhy86 for some years and noticed the change that you mentioned. Not only did they turn to more anti china videos, but having lived in China for a few years now, I know that they are also factually inaccurate or just plain ignorant or selective of what they see and hear.” – Jari Lahdenpera

“The best time for foreigners in China was 1978- 2008, and everything will be the past, forever. SerpentZA was disrespected not because he exposed some negative Chinese messages, but because he cheated his fans of his true identity.” – Milo Zhang

“I have watched Winston videos for many years, in his early videos, to be honest, it is relatively objective. I also glad he can point out few deficits of Chinese society. But since two years ago, don’t know why, he changed a lot.” – Ke Hu

”I dont trust Nathan either, he was actually using Serpentza to get viral in the first place. Granted, winston used video titles that intentionally makes china look bad, but I think thats mostly for business reasons. He might be wrong every here and there but thats far from what Nathan has depicted.” – TheTaijunian

“My grandpa was tortured to death and my grandma was starved to death, there is no way I will ever take side with China. And that is why I will always side with serpentZa because I know the true face of current Chinese government, nothing of the government is ever changed (btw nice video quality, clearly higher standard compare with others) – Yeqing Hua

“There is no need to ask the question “which side you will be on”. These days, answers to that question are no longer dependent on facts. When our world is full of prejudice, arrogance and brain washed minds, people have already taken side way before any dust could settle.” – G11-pete.garmud

By Winnie Troppie


  1. I’m a foreigner in China. I always find the products I want and get fair business deals, thru Chinese friends’ recommendations and help.

    I have friends in the neighbourhood, work place and thru other friends, some are just hello friends but I know when I need help they’ld grab their tools to fix my pipe or something.

    I understand Serpentza had setbacks in China, and sadly go around finding problems to magnify or target notorious places(which I don’t even feel so), things are always changing and improving gradually it’s all hard work. Winston is too smart to want to show that, so what this tells u ? He’s revenging and making hundreds of vids trashing China. With a smile on his face, he’ll say I gonna be honest with u…(a lot of bad stuff said)… but, the good thing is…. (Just some random stupid insignificant stuff). He is one smart ass, manipulative, not using harsh words, but know how to magnify and twist his angle, make the issue look really really bad, get his targeted audience and hate comments.
    China are gradually improving by the Nation’s tedious hard work, but by making it looks bad only take 1 SECOND, or Ok 10 MINs to be fair. And he makes a lot of money out of it. Some Chinese text me say how could this be? China gave him a new life ,wife, affordable housing, long term pass and a safe place. But he really hurt a lot of peoples’ feelings. He never mentioned how much chinese did him good but only how much he feel exploited and unaccepted. Says he love China, wants to show the good plus bad so people can have awareness of it, but the way he plays it seems very very off, had I not lived in China before, seeing all this vids, I’ll spit on China !

    Btw, as what I know many people are angry now and they call this Patriotism, not stupid Nationalism.They are not reporting him as a spy that’ll be stupid too but reporting him to be a hateful spoilt brat that betrayed China, cause many people accept him as one of their own speaking the same language and look up to him. But this smart ass became a moron wanting to make fast money. U know thru China connections cause he knows the place he could have all sorts of means to buy products and SELL ONLINE or be a middlemen for profits and really make it big. But now he blew it. He fled to US. And he makes a new vids: Animals in China, Oh boy,Just Great, still not forgiving China huh! Maybe he really needs more subscribers, more hate more $$$.

  2. As a Chinese expat in the West, I would like to thank Norton Edwards for being honest and telling the truth about china.
    Winston is apparently an uneducated loser in South Africa who seek for money in China. Just like most (not so well educated) foreigners he started to “teach” english in China. But later on, this smart guy started to post anti-chinese videos to satisfy the massive china haters due to biased Western media.
    He’s not alone. There’s a cluster of white loser just like him doing the same thing for money, they include laowhy86, fu lin fang, and many more…

  3. But they (Winston and Laowhy) now live in the U.S. but still put out Chinese videos from when they did live there, which makes it seem like they are there, but they are not. That’s what bothers me. It would be better if they introduced the videos as those they had done earlier, and now that they are both fathers, they have relocated to the U.S.

    It just makes it seem weird to know they live in America but are still trying to promote Chinese videos.

    My suggestion is to get into some nitty-gritty in the US and film that. There are lots of juxtapositions in the US and they could focus on those. Even Americans don’t know how to figure it all out with all the lifestyles, beliefs, ethnicities, languages and people. That might make it a better transition than the videos that make it seem they are still in China, but actually they are not.

    They both are fathers now, so it would be logical to focus on their own areas and countries closer by. I don’t think either of them speak Spanish, but if they went in for some hardcore language learning for it, they’d have all of Mexico, Central America and South America to explore. Many people still don’t know what those areas are like.

    Just my opinion.

  4. Their views about China are changing because China is changing. Just like America is changing for the worse in the era of dumbed down Trumpism.

  5. I’m not a big fan of Winston but he’s said for years that he’s always been holding back on trashing China. Now that he’s moved to America, you can see he was at least telling the truth about that. His videos have gotten far more critical since he’s left China. The few videos of his I watched were because he was filming things he had seen with his own eyes not rumors or hearsay. You can have a harsh opinion if you can back it up with video footage. Now that he’s left China what’s the point of watching him at all?

    By the way, if Norton Edwards is an actual foreigner then I’m the Queen of England.

  6. Agree with Some Actual Saffer. Winston was definitely holding back on a ton of negative stuff. I think maybe he was forced out of China due to some immigration nonsense and now this is his revenge/ one of his only means of income. I kind of feel bad for him because if he was not forced out of China he probably wouldn’t be doing this, and his skill set is to understand things that are Chinese and translate them to a western audience, and he has separated his ties to a huge market, and his immediate family is Chinese. How will he make a living now, if not through sensationalism? How will he be able to reconcile his sensationalism to his wife and children?

  7. It’s really… *REALLY* obvious that you chose a whole bunch of fake quotes for this video. I’ve never seen such a blatantly obvious disinformation campaign. And it’s aimed at *TWO* individuals. *TWO* people are causing the literal Chinese Government to s**t in it’s pants.

    My name is Tyler and I am not a bot. And there is now not many youtube channels that are more important than ADVChina. All these fake comments written by people who clearly don’t speak English as a first language show you why. That must be what it’s like for critically minded Chinese people.

    Thank my lucky stars that I live in the good ol’ USA!

  8. I have had massive respect for Winston at the beginning. I found his videos educational and interesting. About a year ago, things changed. Winston has probably realized, mainstream media consumers in the USA have a negative attitude towards China. All Winston had to do, to increase revenue from his Youtube channels, was to adjust the content to serve a wider audience.

    I have stopped watching his channels, and I don’t find any value nor entertainment watching two guys talking crap while some random video footage is playing in the wall behind them.

    As for Winston’s “motherland,” South Africa is not a paradise on earth, but some of Winston’s claims are just not true. Winston said he ran a successful IT business, and all he could afford was secondhand goods like TV, etc. That’s utter nonsense; maybe his company was not as sucessfull as he believes.

    I would not be surprised if we soon see negative Youtube videos about the USA, shortly after his green card petition is declined.


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