Bombshell ??? The Chinese Communist Party has the cure/antidote for COVID-19!

The front two lines are top CCP officials who have antidotes.

Mr. Miles Guo, initiator and leader of the Whistleblowers’ Movement, has just dropped a bombshell on 22 April 2021 by revealing there is a cure for COVID-19! This information was sourced and confirmed through internal intelligence whistleblowers and scientists.

This is a game-changer. The CCP has ANTIVIRAL for COVID-19! They not only unleashed the unrestricted bioweapon but also controls antiviral.

From the very beginning of the virus outbreak more than a year ago, Dr. Limeng Yan warned the world that it’s not a natural virus. In her three scientific reports, she has demonstrated with the scientific evidence and analysis as an expert who in fact had been working in the associated HK P3 lab, where Perrier Malik was the boss, who could be regarded as the father of Coronavirus. Truth and only truth will save the world! now the truth is in the air, and it’s only a matter of days that CCP will be brought to justice!

Think about this, how come even the president of the U.S. was infected with COVID-19, while none was infected within the CCP’s senior government officials.

As COVID-19 is a bioweapon, vaccines won’t be effective. The logic is quite simple: no vaccine has ever been made in such a short period in human history and how the vaccine can be produced without confirming whether it was originated naturally or from a lab.

The vaccines from the CCP are all fake and harmful to people’s health. On the contrary, the CCP holds the fate of mankind in their hands by controlling antiviral.

This is another example of committing crimes against humanity by the CCP.

We must hold the CCP accountable for this pandemic! We must ask them for truth and antiviral!

Miles Guo: Antidotes Are Possessed and Controlled by the CCP, and There Is No Vaccine Because It’s the CCP’s Bioweapon!

Dear brothers and sisters, I am revealing a piece of real bombshell information today.

It’s well known that the CCP Virus is the Chinese Communist Party’s bioweapon, right? Therefore, I have been always saying that there will not be any vaccine ever. All those so-called vaccines are fake because people have not figured out whether this virus is a bioweapon or naturally originated. Then how could you have any vaccine for the virus? In all human history, no vaccine has ever been produced within just sixty days or six months. So, since there is no vaccine, are there any antidotes (for this virus)?

Now we got the answer – the scientists, and the intelligence from China, and our friend, a scientist who is staying in Europe, told us that the Chinese Communist Party has the antidotes!

The vaccines are all fake and harmful to humans. Whoever asks or coerces other people to take vaccine shots are criminals, murderers! But we can say that the CCP has the ANTIDOTES, the cure, the cure, the cure! What does the antidote mean? It means the CCP is controlling the fate of all human beings.

So, I’ve told certain people officially. I said to them, “if you believe me, I am making the following representation and warranty with my life: If you want to survive without dying, go ask the CCP for the antidotes.” When the CCP created this bioweapon, it also made the antidotes. Don’t ever ask for a vaccine from the CCP!

Those people finally realized and understood as if wakening up from their dreams and saying, “OMG!  Oh, Miles, now we understand!”

There is no vaccine, never ever. Because [the CCP virus] is a bioweapon. But this virus has antidotes, go ask the CCP for them! This is the TRUTH!

This is the real bombshell information for today, i.e., if you want to survive, ask the CCP for the antidotes! Antidotes! Antidotes!

I’m not here trying to stir up trouble or talking nonsense. I’m willing to take full responsibility for what I have said – the CCP has the antidotes! The CCP has the antidotes! If you want to survive, go ask the CCP for the cure, the cure, the cure! There won’t be any vaccine for this virus, never ever!

Remember what I said today – the CCP has the antidotes, and I received 100% accurate intelligence. Those wearing face masks are the people the CCP doesn’t believe or trust; the CCP would have provided you with the antidotes if it trusted you. For those people that the CCP doesn’t trust, they won’t be given the antidotes so they have to wear face masks since the CCP is worried that they may speak out the truth, i.e., the CCP has the antidotes, which would also prove the CCP has created the bioweapon from another perspective.

This is what the CCP is. Only a handful of persons sitting on the stage have access to the antidotes.  The CCP doesn’t care about the remaining 99.9% of the CCP members, who are in danger of being infected. The CCP won’t provide you with the antidotes, but it will only ask you to wear face masks. Whoever wearing the masks is not trusted. When Xi Jinping was wearing a mask in public, it was just a show playing to the public. But Xi and those key figures do not wear face masks in their personal lives. Those who are not wearing face masks have the antidotes. Those who are wearing the masks are those not being trusted [by the CCP], because they have no antidotes.

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Written by: 8 Mile

Editor :Jenny

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