Biden and Trump: one of the worst debates in history


With a month until the election, Donald Trump faced off with Joe Biden in their first presidential debate on September 29, which I describe as one of the worst debates in human history.

Some journalists or commentators have given such words as “chaos”, “anarchic”, “mess” or “fiery clash” to say about the debate, but I am going to say that their debate was “not informative, not constructive, not educative, not relative, and not to-the-point”; and both candidates are not gentleman-like, have no tactics or wisdom, and have performed like angry cocks.

First, Donald Trump did not have to be so aggressive. He had many cards to play and many bullets to fire, but he did not play that well or just totally failed to use those bullets.

Both as an old man of 70-80 years old, none of them showed the light of calmness, carefulness, and maturity. We saw nothing about wisdom or intelligence in their speeches or performances.

When Chris Wallace asked his first question, “where do you think a Justice Barrett would take the court? “, Donald Trump could just answer in simple terms, “First as president, I have the right by the Constitution to make the nomination. Second, Amy Barrett is a qualified candidate welcomed by many. Third, her nomination has to go through the legal procedures.” Around these three points, Trump could then provide some details and that’s enough.

On the same issue, Joe Biden went without much reasoning when he said, “The American people have a right to have a say in who the Supreme Court nominee is and that say occurs when they vote for United States Senators and when they vote for the President of United States. They’re not going to get that chance now because we’re in the middle of an election already.” He has totally missed the point.

During the debate, Donald Trump had too many interruptions and that made him very rude. He even argued with the host who had to say “Mr. President, I’m the moderator of this debate and I would like you to let me ask my question and then you can answer.” That was totally not a wise performance by the President.

On the question of how they handled (would handle) Covid-19, none of the nominees gave a persuasive and satisfactory explanation. “To hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable” should be Trump’s most powerful weapon or bullet, but he did not use that; he had not made his points here clearly enough. So the Americans have to blame him for the deaths and disasters.

Biden said “Trump has no plan”. Joe was right that Trump has no plan because Trump truly failed to hit the target with his arrows.

And then each of them attacked the other’s family. None of them showed the moral qualities of humanity.

Trump can say that Joe’s son Hunter took 3.5 million dollars from Russia and had contract interests of 1.5 billion dollars with China when he was vice-president. The Biden family took money from the Chinese Communist Party and that was corruption. This is enough.

This is a very good bullet but Trump did not make it clear to the audience. Instead, Trump’s verbal attacks at Biden have made people feel “very uncomfortable”. It is Biden who is going to the election, not his sons. Joe is Joe; Hunter is Hunter. But people turn to have mercy on Joe when Joe referred to his other son – Beau who fought in Iraq and later died of brain tumor.

While Trump said to Bien “nothing smart about you”, Biden was not a gentleman either when he plainly called Trump “a liar” or “clown”. Instead, he should just give an example, some facts or tell a simple story, and let the audience make the judgment.

Obamacare was truly bad and Trump has made some improvements for the good of the American people. But he should not have blamed Biden too much for the faults. He was the vice president and it was Obama who had made the final decision.

We know that in terms of managing the economy, Donald Trump is far above Joe Biden in everything. There was no need for Trump to defend himself in this respect. Just directly tell the public the simple fact about this and Biden shall be speechless.

In most of the 90 minutes, Joe Biden turned himself away from Donald Trump and refused to face his opponent eye to eye. Trump, instead, always looked into Biden’s way in a challenging manner.

Finally, Donald Trump will lose points when he is not going to respect the outcome of the votes. This is a democracy and people expect their leader to respect the rule of law.

At this point, Trump had better educate the people about the possibility of fraudulent mailing ballots and how to avoid them. Give people the choices but warn the bad guys to follow the rules.

From this presidential debate, as a whole, we see democracy is winning, but the United States is in decay or decline by socialist infiltration.

The United States must have younger, stronger, and smarter candidates to come out for President after 2024, people like Secretary of State Michael Pompeo or Senator Marco Rubio.

When it comes to relations with China, whether Trump or Biden wins, it won’t change the main course of US policies on the Chinese dictatorship. The Americans have their eyes open. I surely hope Trump will win this election.

But we shall not have high hopes that Donald Trump will act to take down the Chinese Communist Party. He is no match to Xi Jinping or other CCP leaders in terms of strategies or craftiness. Trump is too kind a human compared to those demons of the Communist Party.

The evils prevail most of the time in this world of no justice.

To take down the CCP, Chinese people must rely on themselves and must be prepared to work harder and sacrifice more in this battle of life and death.

Let’s pray for world peace and the light of hope to descend on the east land of China so that the Chinese population will also see a presidential debate of their own.

By Cloudy Seagail


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