Besides the election, what the Biden family has to lose?


Joe Biden in final campaign sprint before election day

“This week, you’ll be swamped by data, projections, feelpinions and every other type of US election-related information under the sun, and it can be overwhelming,” said an ABC report.

Only two days away from the election, presidential candidate Joe Biden is in his final campaign sprint at his battlegrounds.

In Pennsylvania, Biden has urged Black supporters to vote in-person during a pandemic that has disproportionally affected their communities.

There, Biden is campaigning with Lady Gaga, a proud member of “Artists Against Fracking.”

A campaign bus for Joe Biden traveling on Friday from San Antonio to Austin, Texas, was surrounded by multiple vehicles with Trump signs that attempted to slow down the bus and run it off the road.

Yesterday, Joe Biden was asked about the incident in Texas where a cavalcade of Trump supporters attempted to force the Biden-Harris bus to drive off the highway.

Biden said the US had never had a president who encourages such actions.

Biden is spending Sunday campaigning in Philadelphia. He’ll speak early in the afternoon at a “Souls to the Polls” event aimed at getting Black church attendees to vote, and then hold a drive-in rally in the evening.

It comes after he spent Saturday in Michigan campaigning with former President Barack Obama, and Friday in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

Analysts told that Biden’s decision to focus his final days of campaigning on northern battlegrounds showed that – while polls show him with narrow leads in other battleground states across the Sun Belt – his campaign believes winning back enough White, working-class voters to rebuild the “blue wall” of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin represents his clearest path to 270 electoral votes.

More than 91 million people have already cast their votes for the US election, out of more than 200 million eligible voters.

Although Joe Biden has maintained a commanding national lead over President Donald Trump in the final US election polls, Biden has more reasons to lose the election.

“Even if Biden wins, we have little to celebrate,” Cole Brown, a student in Washington D.C, remarked.

Emails exposed that the Biden family is a criminal family

Three days ago, Fox News asked Jim Biden whether the former Vice President had knowledge about the family’s overseas business ventures. He refused to answer the question. Jim Biden is the younger brother of the former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I don’t want to comment on anything”, Jim Biden said.

Prior to Fox News reporter, Tucker Carlson’s exclusive interview with Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, Mr Bobulinski said he had already raised concern in 2017 to Jim Biden about Joe Biden’s alleged ties to a possible joint venture with a Chinese energy firm [1].

Although Jim Biden didn’t respond anything, in an email written by him in 2015 exposed by GTV recently, we can find an answer easily. The email reveals that Jim Biden knew what his nephew Hunter Biden was doing, and even encouraged him to conspire.

This email’s topic named Oil Deal was written by Jim Biden on May 7, 2015, he wrote:

Have a very real deal with Pemex (Carlos Slim) need financing literally for a few days to a week… Have the seller (refinery/slims ) and buyer major being delivered from pipeline in ( h/ USA )

Nothing is simple but this comes very close, As always the devil is in the detail! Any interest on the long skirts part? Need to know if there is any interest asap, Love you, u Jim.. I know you are buried and if this is just too much I completely understand. A really do, Hang in there hunt! You can and will hold it together. I’m very proud of you and have the greatest respect, you are a great, sweet and incredibly strong man. I know you pal!

Inside the email, Jim mentioned Pemex and Carlos Slim.

Who is Pemex and who is Carlos Slim?

Pemex is the Mexican state-owned petroleum company, created in 1938 and had total assets worth $101.800 billion in December 2019. It is Latin America’s second-largest enterprise by annual revenue as of 2009, surpassed only by Petrobras (the Brazilian National Oil Company).[ 2]

Carlos Slim is a Mexican business magnate, investor and philanthropist. From 2010 to 2013,Slim was ranked as the richest person in the world by the Forbes business magazine. He derived his fortune from his extensive holdings in a considerable number of Mexican companies through his conglomerate, Grupo Carso. As of February 2020, he is the fifth-richest person in the world according to Forbes’ listing of the world’s Billionaires. with he and his family having a net worth estimated at $68.9 billion. He is the richest person in Latin America [ 3]

In 2014 Mexico opened its oil and gas sectors to domestic and foreign private capital for the first time in nearly eight decades last year.

Jim Biden wrote this email on May 7, 2015, he said it had a real deal with Pemex (Carlos Slim ).

According to Wikipedia, on April 15, 2015, Slim formed his own oil company called Carso Oil & Gas.

On Aug 25, 2015, Forbes posted an article called Billionaire Tycoon Carlos Slim actively Bidding in Mexico’s Histrionic Oil auction [ 4],

On June 26, 2017, Forbes posted another an article “Mexico Tycoons Carlos Slim and Alberto  Bailleres compete in new round of billion- Dollar gas auctions”, Carso Oil $ Gas failed to win a government contract for oil exploration two years ago . [ 5]

Now we knew Silm didn’t get a contract with the government in 2015, but if we linked the news to Jim Biden’s email in 2015, Jim was talking about Carso Silm’s new company Carso oil $ gas and bidding in Mexico’s Oil auction, since the email was written 22 days after Silm’s new company was formed.

In the letter, Jim Biden did not feel shame about the disgraceful deal they were making, but just focus on getting the deal done “hang in there hunt”, “I proud of you”.

What a wicked family. Normally parents will lead and encourage their children to do the right things But Hunter Biden has a wicked father and uncle who push him to do crooked things.

That is why the American Mayor, Mr. Guiliani condemned Joe Biden emotionally by saying: “Joe Biden, you have destroyed your son and his life..”

Joe Biden, your family is a criminal family…

By Shangjinge; HimalayaFarm New Zealand/G-news



Bidengate: How the Media Party Scandalously Failed to Report the Biden Scandal

We have reached the dystopian point in America where the media party decides when a scandal is a scandal. They no longer serve the public interest but only their financial interests with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controlled China and their narrow Marxist-Globalist agenda. They are shameless in their censorship of any story that might distract from their goal of getting Joe Biden elected. They no longer serve the public interest as the trusted Fourth Estate.

As Thomas Jefferson famously declared:

No experiment can be more interesting than that we are now trying, and which we trust will end in establishing the fact, that man may be governed by reason and truth. Our first object should therefore be, to leave open to him all the avenues to truth. The most effectual hitherto found, is the freedom of the press.

Last month it was the release of declassified handwritten notes by former CIA Director John Brennan which showed that he briefed then-President Barack Obama on July 28, 2016, about intelligence evidence that Hillary Clinton had approved a plan to manufacture false accusations against Donald Trump. This was the genesis of the Russia collusion hoax. Clinton did this, the intel concluded, to distract from her email scandal.

For months she had prepared the stage for this plan by including accusations that Trump was a Kremlin asset and a “puppet of Putin” in her campaign speeches. Of course, there was no actual evidence of this. A shameless lie it was, an audacious plan that could have been drawn from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” or the CCP’s “Document No. 9”.

What used to be the biggest story since Watergate – The Russia collusion scandal headlining Donald Trump – suddenly turned out to be not worth covering, according to the media party, when Hillary Clinton was revealed to have implemented the entire affair as cover. Pull the plug, censor, public interest be damned.

In October, the story “that must be spiked” is the incontrovertible story that Joe Biden lied when he claimed not to have any knowledge of his son Hunter’s (and associates) business dealings in China and Ukraine. The New York Post, which now will go down in history as one of the only legacy media organizations to stand up for journalistic integrity and independence, broke the story, but the social media giants, particularly Twitter, blocked the Post and any account that attempted to share the story while the media party spun the story (if they mentioned it at all) to suit their pro-Biden narrative.

The Washington Post, rather than offering their readers an analysis of the emails implicating the Bidens, declared: “Three weeks before Election Day, Trump allies go after Hunter – and Joe – Biden”. The spin in that headline is unmistakable. Trump allies “go after” Biden. The implication is that the story emanates from Trump allies, not the laptop emails, or ultimately Hunter Biden and his business associates who wrote the emails. Further, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times dismissed this credible confirmation of Joe Biden’s corruption (known in Washington circles for years) as unverified disinformation. They praised social media platforms for adopting policies to stem the spread of disinformation, and claimed that now finally, these efforts were “paying off”.

The blatant double standard screams out for notice. The Biden laptop scandal is not worthy of notice, but any fabricated hint of a scandal against Trump is constantly proclaimed from the front pages of the media party. How do they look themselves in the mirror? The media party gets to decide what is a scandal and what is not. Fake news is real and real news is fake.

Benjamin Franklin was prescient in his comments about the potential for abuse of the freedom of the press:

So much has been written and published on the federal Constitution, and the necessity of checks in all other parts of good government has been so clearly and learnedly explained, I find myself so far enlightened as to suspect some check may be proper in this part also; but I have been at a loss to imagine any that may not be construed an infringement of the sacred liberty of the press.

Alexis do Tocqueville wisely noted:

When a large number of organs of the press come to advance along the same track, their influence becomes almost irresistible in the long term, and public opinion struck always from the same side, ends by yielding under their blows.

The check on the media party used to be the media party itself, the professionalism of the journalistic creed of integrity and independence. Now they all are colluding for narrow financial and ideological objectives – like a gangster syndicate.

  1. “The media party” refers to partisan, censoring media organizations that now uniformly support the Democratic party and shun the Republicans and particularly Donald Trump. They are shameless in their censorship of any story that might distract from their goal of getting Joe Biden elected. They no longer serve the public interest but only their financial interests with CCP-controlled China and their narrow Marxist-Globalist agenda.

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Proof reader: Dawn

Joe Biden, You’re done

Rudy Giuliani opened fire on 30/10/2020 EP 82 “here are the Crimes, they are hiding from you” in his own YouTube channel. He said Joe Biden repeat lying to the public for 30 years; keep claiming he did not know financial arrangement and foreign deals by his son. “He forgot the CCP is good at recording, we find out his name just cost a while search in the hard drive.

He mentions 3 parts of the corruption in which Hunter Biden involved, which relate to 3 foreign countries 1) Ukraine 2) Iraq 3) China. In the third part, Rudy showed an agreement between Hunter Biden and CEFC (China Energy Company). There are 2 references to the “big guy” in the paper who took 10% of the equity —  it is a hidden piece of the paper, showing “Hunter Biden’s father as the big guy-his father Joe Biden-trying to become president of the United State.” Hunter’s three business Partners are all CCP intelligent agents or a boss in charge of CCP intelligent agents.

Rudy pointed out the reason why Joe Biden loses all negotiations with China — he lost in purpose (militarisation in South China sea, terrorist). When his son’s equity fund got billions of dollar commitment from China, Joe only cares about getting his family wealthy.

“Do you think Obama knows it?” ”Obama won’t guess who the big guy is?” “CCP prefers to make deals with Kerry, with Hillary Clinton”. “You are all stupid citizen; you do not deserve the truth. ”Because it is Joe Biden, it is ok to get money from CCP”. Giuliani harshly pointed out, the Democracy party and Media don’t want the people to know the corruption, so they covered it. He vows the patriots to stop it by voting the democracy party out of the force.

Lude media revealed an email sent in 2015 by Hunter Biden: he provided all key Democracy politician’s private phone numbers to CCP. The leaking of their private phone numbers these politicians as an easy target to implement BGY plan on them. Let us wait and see which big names will be revealed by the hard drive.

By Sherryok
HimalayaFarm New Zealand

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