Beijing sky turns black when CCP’s biggest conference begins


The sky over Beijing turned pitch black during a large thunderstorm, as the Chinese Communist Party began its largest annual political conference. Many netizens posted photos and videos of the phenomena, noting it was unusual, and many took it as a “bad omen” for the Chinese leadership.

When the conference began, Xi Jinping and top officials around him entered the hall without facemasks. There has been ongoing debate on whether the event should be held in person, or as a teleconference, given the risks of infection from the new coronavirus.

Among the proposed policies the regime unveiled is a national security law in Hong Kong that would extend the mainland’s laws into Hong Kong—a move that would go against the “one country, two systems” agreement. U.S. Senators are working to introduce a bipartisan bill, however, that would sanction Chinese officials if they go through with it.



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