Beijing cheats to gain from Trump-Kim summit but will lift up the stones to have its own toes squashed


Beijing soon feels the pain as President Donald Trump asked China to immediately remove all tariffs on U.S. agriculture, including beef and pork, after his disgrace at the Hanoi Summit.

Trump tweeted back in Washington, “I have asked China to immediately remove all Tariffs on our agricultural products (including beef, pork, etc.) based on the fact that we are moving along nicely with Trade discussions.”

In making the demand, Trump noted in a tweet Friday that he refrained from increasing U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods to 25 percent from 10 percent on March 1, as he said he would in the absence of progress toward an agreement.

CNN was quick to squeak at Trump’s embarrassment in Vietnam, saying, “President Donald Trump’s Hanoi summit with Kim Jong Un, meant to demonstrate his diplomatic gamble with North Korea is working, instead ended with no joint agreement after Kim insisted all US sanctions be lifted on his country.”

The president had truly over-talked about his optimism before the summit. But that was a bridge too far for the US President, as CNN has reported, who said Kim offered to take some steps toward dismantling his nuclear arsenal but not enough to warrant ending the debilitating sanctions regime on the country.

It said North Korea’s refusal to make concessions at the summit was especially disappointing for Trump since he had done so much to build it up, and with deepening political and legal crises back home he badly needed a win.

Donald Trump seemed to be the only one to expect a deal with Kim even hours after the discussion between Kim and himself. His thinking was straightforward, with reasonable trust in his opponent. But Kim, same as all communist dictators, should never be trusted.

In the days before he met Kim, Trump predicted that the talks would be “very productive” and said on Twitter that his tyrannical friend should take advantage of the “AWESOME” economic incentives for denuclearizing. Trump and his team were wrong with their predictions.

But it did not work out as they had wished. While Trump sought a complete denuclearization, North Korea only wanted to “de-nuke certain areas,” the president explained, adding that he was reluctant to ease sanctions.

Maybe the North Korean people know their leader better. Dissident Kang Chol-Hwan shares threes measures the U.S. should take after the failed Vietnam Summit nuclear negotiations.

Kang said of the first, “Dialogue is necessary, but lifting economic sanctions would have been a mistake. The U.S. should maintain maximum pressure until a comprehensive and specific roadmap of denuclearization is achieved. The leader of the free world meeting with a tiny country’s 36-year-old dictator in of itself legitimizes its dictatorship by achieving objectives that Kim Jong-un’s father and grandfather could not accomplish. ”

“Isolationism, fear politics, and brainwashing are the three pillars that sustain the Kim dynasty. North Korea developed nuclear weapons to protect the regime from the free world. If the U.S. tried to touch any of these pillars, it would be considered an insult. ”

Secondly, “North Korea will keep its nuclear weapons as a means of securing the regime and will try to lift sanctions imposed by the United Nations to strengthen its economy. What the regime was looking for from the summit was to make people think Kim Jong-un had won and made the U.S. surrender. ”

“Understanding the nature and desires of the regime is critical, and we must face the reality that there is no way to achieve denuclearization without toppling down the Kim dynasty. Using economic securement as a carrot or incentive for the regime will only help the regime continue its human rights abuses and justify its fear politics.”

Thirdly, “Issues on the Korean Peninsula are complex. Kim Jong-un will not give up nuclear weapons to prevent the collapse of his regime. Ultimately, the Kim dynasty will [have to be gone] to resolve the nuclear problem.  ”

“The U.S. should continue sending outside information into North Korea, pressing North Korea on its human rights issues, and pressuring China to follow through on economic sanctions. ”

A shadowy group believed to be protecting the son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s assassinated brother declared the formation of a government-in-exile Friday, dedicating itself to the abolition of the “great evil”, AFP reports.

“We dedicate ourselves completely to the abolition of this great evil, a stain on the very soul of humanity,” the group, who announced itself as a provisional government for the North called “Free Joseon”, said in a statement, saying it will continue its campaign until “the day that light is truly restored to Pyongyang”.

To push Kim to the dead end, Trump and his team need the opposition forces within North Korea, same as the tactics in dealing with communist China.

Just hours after the Hanoi meeting, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met North Korean deputy foreign minister Ri Kil-song in Beijing and promised that China would continue to play a “constructive role” in promoting a deal between the US and North Korea.

Both Beijing and Pyongyang feels the tense air after Donald Trump implicated his anger at the press conference. They need to come together for more collusion and exchange views on steps to be taken next for better survival.

BBC reports on Ri Yong-ho’s remarks after talks between Trump and Kim ended without agreement. He said they asked only for partial sanctions relief in exchange for disabling its main nuclear complex. The US insists this is not the case.

It was wise for Trump to walk away from the empty talk; but Trump was truly wrong in rushing to Vietnam for a summit before making sure that both sides are ready for a deal. It was totally a waste of time, in that sense. But after a fall in a pit, he wins his wit.

Leszek Buszynski, visiting fellow at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University, has a different interesting view. He told the ABC that ensuring North Korea’s survival and keeping them as an ally was “crucial”.

Buszynski relates the problem to China. He said stopping all exports to North Korea could lead to the collapse of the regime, which would have a disastrous impact on China in many ways. This could include a humanitarian crisis with an influx of North Korean refugees crossing the border into China.

“China has supported North Korea, no matter how exasperated the Chinese leadership has become,” Buszynski said, “If the North Korean regime collapsed there would be fears that the leadership wouldn’t survive, and reunification of the Korean Peninsula would be on the terms of the US-allied South.”

US Senator Marco Rubio is one of the few Americans with a clear mind about the brutality and crafty acts of the communist regimes. He tweeted after the summit, “Kim Jong-Un is ruthless killer & brutal tyrant. But when he needs to be, he is good at acting charming & reasonable. Thankfully we didn’t fall for a deal involving meaningless North Korea measures in exchange for meaningful U.S. concessions. No deal is better than a bad deal.”

The same applies to China, “No deal is better than a bad deal.” Donald Trump does not have to rush for deal with Beijing even though he has been under severe pressure from his opponents.

Rubio said, “I would love to have a deal with North Korea that eliminates their nuclear weapons & missiles in exchange for lifting many sanctions. But agreeing to sanctions relief while allowing them to hide warheads & keep missiles would not just be a bad deal,it would be a dangerous one.”

Rubio gives a warning, “Any deal with China is meaningless unless US has the right rules & has strong enforcement to back them up. But we may be headed for a deal where violations by China will trigger meetings. And if meetings fail to resolve problem, more meetings.”

Donald Trump said he is going to meet President Xi again in his Mar-a-Lago resort. But this is only a delaying tactic of President Xi. When it comes to cheating with tactics, President Xi is much more clever. If Trump is not ready yet, he should just walk away or simply cancel the meeting.

The world will see again how the communist regime in Beijing will lift up the stones but have their own toes squashed.

By Winnie Troppie


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