Bannon recommends Trump to dismantle CCP’s artificial islands in 72 hours

China's artificial islands on the South China Sea.

I believe the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP, is a terrorist organization. I think it terrorizes the Chinese people. I think the only reason that it is in power is because it has the ability to have basically a complete …it is a surveillance state.

This is a totalitarian surveillance state that gets worse everyday. It controls the Chinese people because of that.

One thing they have for the legitimacy is the economy. If its economy was to start to collapse, because of their actions, not anybody else’s actions, I think they will lose any legitimacy they have.

And I think the only people that, I said this for a long time, the only people that can get rid of this CCP are the Chinese people.

This is a matter for the Chinese people to deal with. And I think that’s why Hong Kong is so important, because you’ve seen for the first time really a consistent resistance since Tiananmen to their more totalitarian rule.

I think that’s why it’s inspired the world. It has inspired the world to pay attention to this.

I believe everything it does with their counter-actions … to have a robust economy… will ultimately hurt them.

My recommendation, as I think, the President of the United States Donald J. Trump who to me has been very even-handy with China, is really trying to build a relationship.

I think, you are to give the Chinese 72 hours to take every radar, every offensive thing on military, all the jets, everything on the runways, everything off the islands, give them 72 hours to take it all off.

And in the 72 hours and one minute, the United States’ navy is going to go in there and take it off for them. And then I think they are to take those reefs, and dismantle them, and turn them back into international waters.

They say the United States is provocative, by putting United States’ navy back in the South China Sea to keep the sea lanes open.

I happen to believe where this relationship is going: In the lack of real response the Chinese is going to have, they are trying to do something provocative in the South China Sea.

I think the President should be provocative on this, “I shall give you 72 hours. If you don’t take it off, we’re going to take it off for you.”

And then dare them to stop the United States’ navy going to do it?!

By Steve Bannon
Notes taken by staff


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