Bannon in France: ‘History Is On Our Side’




PARIS (AP) — Former White House strategist Steve Bannon re-energised France’s Front National on Saturday by speaking at a party congress and telling Marine Le Pen’s nationalist supporters: “History is on our side.”
巴黎(美联社) – 前白宫战略家史蒂夫·班农周六在法国国民阵线代表大会又一次鼓舞人心,他告诉玛琳·勒庞的支持者:历史站在我们这边。
Bannon’s appearance in France was part of a European tour as he seeks an international platform for his message that helped Donald Trump win the U.S. presidency.
The former Breitbart News chairman was an early admirer of the National Front, whose long-standing “French First” motto rallied French voters for years before Trump’s “America First” campaign.
前布Breitbart News主席(班农)是法国国民阵线的骨灰粉,早在特朗普使用美国优先的竞选口号之前,国民阵线就以法国优先来团结选民。
“Let them call you racist. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor,” he told the crowd at the party congress.
The National Front has never won the French presidency, and the congress in Lille is aimed at remaking its image after Le Pen’s defeat to pro-globalisation Emmanuel Macron in last year’s presidential election.
But Bannon might have threatened Le Pen’s makeover with his lavish praise for Le Pen’s more hardline niece and rival, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.
“You’re part of a worldwide movement bigger than France, bigger than Italy,” Bannon told Front National supporters, denouncing central banks, central governments and “crony capitalists.”
His European tour centred on last weekend’s Italian election, which Bannon called “an earthquake” after populist and anti-immigration parties outperformed traditional parties. The outcome has boosted populist movements across Europe and was seen as a victory for the forces that elected Trump and voter approval for Britain to leave the European Union.
“History is on our side,” Bannon said to hearty cheers.
He praised Le Pen’s vision of a political spectrum that no longer spans left-right but puts nationalists versus globalists. Bannon gave his first European speech in Zurich earlier in the week and said Saturday that he was travelling the world to learn.
班农赞扬了勒庞对政治格局变革的眼光,未来的政治格局将不再是左右之分,而是民族主义与全球主义的对立。 本周早些时候,他在苏黎世发表了此次欧洲行的第一个演讲,并在周六表示要到世界各地的看看他们的反应。
Le Pen defended inviting Bannon to the meeting, saying it was important to listen to the man who was “the architect of Donald Trump’s victory” and has written about globalisation, protectionism and giving to regular people the power that “has been practically illegally captured by the elite.”
Bannon also used his visit to call Le Pen’s niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen one of most important people in the world, according to French media.
Bannon has publicly praised Maréchal-Le Pen in the past, and she galvanised the crowd at a recent convention of U.S. conservatives. She bowed out of politics after her aunt’s presidential defeat, but is expected to come back in a new role.
Marine Le Pen wants to revive her own fortunes by changing the name of the Front National, the party co-founded by her father in 1972.
A new name, a new leadership structure and new bylaws are being unveiled at the two-day congress with the hope of making the party relevant again.
Le Pen, running as the only candidate for Front National president, said the changes amount to a “cultural revolution” so the reshaped party can “implant itself, create alliances and govern.”
“We’re at a turning point … don’t bury us,” she said in an interview with France’s Le Figaro newspaper published Friday.
The changes pave the way for a younger leadership circle to emerge, even if the party’s ideological foundation remains unchanged: nationalist, identity-driven, anti-European Union, according to Jean-Yves Camus.
根据加缪(Jean-Yves Camus)的观点,即便该党坚持的民族主义、身份驱动和反欧盟的意识形态基础不变,现在的变化也足以为年轻的领导层的出现铺平道路。
The new moniker, if approved by members during a mail-in vote, will mark the ultimate break with Le Pen’s father, who has called the idea a betrayal. Jean-Marie Le Pen also is to be scratched from the party’s books along with his title of honorary president-for-life.
如果投票获得通过,新的名字将标志着该组织与勒庞父亲的最终分道扬镳,因为他觉得改名辜负了他的意志。但无论如何,老勒庞(Jean-Marie Le Pen)将和他的终身荣誉主席的称号一起翻篇。
Since taking over the National Front’s presidency in 2011, Marine Le Pen has worked to broaden the party’s appeal by erasing the footprint of her father, who has multiple convictions for racism and anti-Semitism.
An election next year for members of the European Union’s lawmaking arm will be the National Front’s first chance to test its rebranding strategy. It won more seats in the European Parliament than any other French party in 2014.

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