What Australians need to learn about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)


How the CCP took over China

After the chief allied forces from the West assisted China in defeating the invasion of the Imperial Japan and brought the WW2 to an end in 1945, the world was excited to see the budding of a democratic China. However, China did not seize this opportunity due to the short-sightedness of the then Chinese politicians and failed brokerages from the West.

The CCP [Chinese Communist Party] benefited from this historical vacuum phase and took over the mainland China after defeating the Nationalist government in the Chinese Civil War, and in 1949, Mao Zedong claimed the legitimacy of ruling of China by declaring the founding of the PRC [People’s Republic of China}, which was commonly not recognized by the West. The CCP has started exploiting its own people since then.

The CCP’s crime against its own people

The list of the crimes the CCP against the innocent and diligent Chinese people goes from the Chinese Land Reform where around 3 million land owners in China were killed, to the Great Chinese Famine that caused the death of more than 30 million people, just to name a few.

The most hideous tragedies that came into the sight of the world would be the Tiananmen Square Massacre which happened on June 4th, 1989. It was a brave democratic tryout led by progressive Chinese students, and more than 10,000 people were killed in this movement.

Australia supported democratic movement in China

Australia was within the very first echelon that showed support for this democratic movement in China. Because of this, more than 40,000 Chinese who were living in Australia at that time were graciously allowed to remain in Australia to start a new life. And this shall not and will never be forgotten by any Chinese Australian who is now breathing the air of democracy and freedom in Australia.

The West kowtowed to the CCP

Meanwhile within mainland China, the CCP systematically enslave and brainwash the Chinese people, with the help of its notorious Cyber Firewall which was developed by the American technology companies to enable the CCP to better control its people.

As globalization of the world occurs, China became the most lucrative market to western capitals. The CCP has a comparative advantage over other countries through its breathless control of 1.4 billion Chinese people who make up the single biggest market with unimaginable potentials.

Over the past decades, in exchange for a share of this market, Western countries welcomed Communist China to be part of the current world order and successively implemented appeasement policy to the Communist China.

The CCP flexes its tentacles of corruption and greed and penetrated into the core of most, if not all, Western countries. Unfortunately, Australia is among those who were corroded to the deepest. Our rule of law, democracy and freedom has been compromised again and again, to sustain our trade relationship with China, our largest trading partner, despite the clear ideological differences.

The Aussie is oozy towards the CCP

It is now fairly easy to understand why Australian politics nowadays is so pivoted towards the Communist regime.

Australian economy has become increasingly dependent on Chinese market over the past couple decades. Since the Communist China surpassed Japan to become Australian’s biggest trade partner in 2009, the trade conflicts between these two nations also became more frequent. This has given the CCP a strong lever to keep its chin up over the negotiation table and act shamelessly when the trade deals were not in its favor.

Australia was hit hard by the CCP virus

The outbreak of the CCP virus (aka. COVID-19) put a halt to the world and took away lives of millions across the globe. And due to the CCP’s unwillingness to cooperate with the world in finding the origin of the virus, the prospect of the global economy is still uncertain and the second wave of this pandemic is already looming in.

Australia also suffered greatly from this global pandemic caused by the CCP virus, the political tension between these two countries has deteriorated after Australia called for an inquiry into the true origin of the virus.

After having exchanged divisive views for several months, the CCP finally lost its coolness and started retaliating against Australia by ramping up its tariffs and putting more bans on Australian exports. Don’t forget that this happened despite Australia being an ‘diplomatic’ over disputes relating to the Communist China over the past decades.

When is it enough?

The CCP’s hooliganism over its trade tension against Australia recently climaxed through the introduction of hefty tariffs on many Australian export sectors. The Communist China government has hindered the entry of Australian farm products, red wine, mineral and seafood into its ports, which caused huge financial damage to many Australian exporters.

Ask yourself these two questions now:

  1.  Is Australia better or worse off dealing with Communist China, a country which does not share the same values as Australia?
  2.  For how long does Australia plan to put up with the big bully – the Chinese Communist Party, CCP?

It is time for the world to unite against the CCP

The CCP has been enslaving the most hardworking and diligent Chinese people. The same regime also threaten the national security of other countries by infiltrating the free world with its power of corruptions.

On June 4th 2020, in memory of those heroic Chinese who sacrificed their lives in Tiananmen Square for a democratic China, the New Federal State of China was founded. All of peace-loving Chinese, with global views and deep understandings of the spirit of rule of law and democracy, gathered together each corner of the globe, and we are working 24-7 to deliver uncensored truth to the world via GTV.org and Gnews.org.

Our mission is to terminate the Communist regime that has been haunting the land of China for too long and to bridge China to the world by recovering the rule of law and democracy in China.

We stand with the good freedom-loving people in Australia and the whole world. Let us all unite together in confronting and taking down our common enemy- the Chinese Communist Party.

Author: rosabona

Editor: XO酱


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