Push for ‘Australian values’ education to counter Chinese Communist propaganda


Chinese Communist party “propaganda” and “brainwashing” must be countered by compulsory “Australian values” education, according to a group of pro-democracy activists alarmed at Beijing’s growing influence in their new homeland.

The Australian Values Alliance (AVA), which was established last year by Australians with Chinese heritage, warned “foreign power” was trying to infiltrate all levels of government and the education system.

“The infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party into our society [is] damaging our core values,” Australian Values Alliance founder John Hu said.

“In Australia we believe in freedom and democracy and the teaching they have is totally on the contrary.”

Chinese students were particularly prone to interference from the Communist regime in Beijing, the AVA said, suggesting compulsory “Australian values” education be conducted as part of university orientation.

“We request that legislation be introduced to include Australian values education as part of compulsory induction program for all international students, especially those from authoritarian regimes,” the group said.

In an eight point policy statement, the organisation also called for new legislation to compel elected members of all levels of government and senior civil servants “to disclose their foreign business interests and foreign assets to avoid conflicts of interest”.

AVA members argued recent reporting by the ABC’s Four Corners program had highlighted foreign money and political donations were influencing decision making in Australia.

The organisation also warned Beijing was controlling much of the Chinese language media and many Chinese community associations, while “brainwashing and monitoring Chinese expatriates and migrants in Australia”.

Members of the Alliance will today host a seminar in Sydney to discuss their concerns over the “Chinese communist party-state exerted mass infiltrations into Australia”.

By Andrew Greene
ABC News


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