New legislation passed to protect Australian sovereignty


Australia Parliament has passed several important bills on 10 December 2020 that specifically targeted at stopping the CCP’s infiltration and protecting the Australian sovereignty, prosperity, value, and interest.

CCP has used its bully tactic to Australia in the last few weeks by using economic and diplomatic coercion, including ridiculous and punitive import tariffs, fake pictures on tweeter, and wolf warrior type of diplomatic talks.

These blackmail from CCP aimed to get Australia to give in and surrender. Our prime minister Morrison is standing strong for our nation. The Parliament together fortified and passed several significant legislation last week.

Important Bills Passed on 10 December 2020

To start with, Australia’s Foreign Relations Bill. This bill will ensure the Commonwealth government can override when there are concerns about Australia’s foreign affairs. It implies the Commonwealth can reject arrangements signed by a state government against Australia’s benefit. One of such examples is the Victorian Government’s Belt and Road Initiative deal with the CCP.

The second is the Foreign Investment Reform Bill. This will protect the nation from certain foreign investments pretended as normal and legitimate but actually strategically intended and planned to infiltrate Australia’s critical industries and infrastructure.  These changes include a national security test and a variety of strong forces to manage doubtful investors.

At last, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Amendment Bill. This Bill provides the power to ASIO to modernize its scrutinizing structure, providing devices to fight terrorism and espionage in the face of increased security threat.

Australia’s Attitude towards the CCP is changing

Over the past ten to twenty years, Australia has focused on developing the country’s economy. This has given CCP the opportunities to use its BGY program and take advantage of western people’s naivety and greed. As a result, the CCP managed to creep into all areas in Australia, from politics, media, local Chinese communities, high education, to research institutions,  key infrastructures, and major industries.

Finally, the Australian government and politicians are starting to wake up and take tough measures against the CCP.





Author: 文治武力

Editor: XO酱


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