Council tears up contract for $500 million Chinese theme park in NSW after no progress in six years


The man who promised to bring a $500 million Chinese theme park to the NSW Central Coast remains confident – even after the local council finally tore up his contract.

The Chappypie China Time theme park was announced six years ago but as recently as two months ago, not a sod of soil had been turned.

When A Current Affair caught up with Australia China Theme Park (ACTP) chief executive Bruce Zhong then, he remained confident – as he did more recently, following the Central Coast Council’s decision to revoke his development permission.

“Don’t worries, don’t worries,” he told A Current Affair outside his residence in western Sydney. “(It’s) coming soon.”

ACTP chief executive Bruce Zhong remains confident.

ACTP chief executive Bruce Zhong remains confident.

When the decision to tear up the contract was made, ACTP had a credit rating of 22/100, had missed back-to-back payment deadlines and lost its downtown Sydney office.

The theme park would have incorporated roller coasters, mega-rides and authentic Chinese food.

Former Wyong Mauyor Doug Eaton was a staunch supporter of the project originally, but conceded it may not have been the best decision with hindsight.

“Would I have done things differently?” he said.

“Yes, and to be fair, maybe I was a little bit over-enthusiastic about the progress of the theme park.”

Mr Eaton is running for preselection as a Liberal Party candidate this weekend.

The Central Coast Council has torn up the $500 million contract.The Central Coast Council has torn up the $500 million contract.

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