‘Communist Party of China views Australia as a vessel state’: Bronwyn Bishop


Former speaker of the house Bronwyn Bishop says as Virgin Australia struggles to keep afloat, “we have got to stop selling Australian companies to Chinese communist backed corporations”.

“It’s quite improper for these people to be asking for taxpayer dollars to bail out a company which is wholly owned by a very rich member of the Chinese communist party, with communist party backing”.

Ms Bishop was referring to Swiss Port, a major supplier for Australian ground control facilities and personnel, which along with Virgin requested a government bailout.

“We cannot be blackmailed by a particular Chinese communist party shareholder,” she said.

Ms Bishop told Sky News host Paul Murray, it doesn’t have to be an Australian company who takes over Virgin, “but it can’t be a communist party of China” owned or backed corporation.

“The Communist Party of China government views Australia as a vessel state”.

She said China wants Australia for “our resources and our food supply, but they want us to kowtow to them”.

Sky news


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