Chinese tourist almost killed beauty clinic owner in breast implant procedure


A woman who almost killed a patient in a breast implant procedure at a Sydney beauty clinic is a Chinese tourist with no Australian medical qualifications, a court has heard.

Jie Shao, 33, allegedly performed the procedure on Jean Huang, 35, at The Medi Beauty clinic in Chippendale on Wednesday afternoon.

Ms Huang, who is the manager and co-owner of the newly opened clinic, went into cardiac arrest.

She remained unconscious and in a critical condition on Thursday, and there were grave fears for her chances of survival.

“If she does [survive], it’s anticipated she will have some degree of brain damage,” police said in a statement of facts tendered in Central Local Court on Thursday.

Ms Shao has been charged with recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and administering a poison.

She allegedly used the wrong dosage of anaesthetic, causing her patient to suffer cardiac arrest during a procedure to put fillers into each breast, according to a police statement of facts.

Ms Shao knew the patient through a mutual friend, although it is unclear why she was performing the procedure.

Jie Shao, 33, has been charged with reckless bodily harm and administering a poison.Jie Shao, 33, has been charged with reckless bodily harm and administering a poison. Photo: Ten News

In a bail application on Thursday, Ms Shao’s Legal Aid solicitor Mary Underwood said her client had completed a five-year degree at Guangdong Medical University and specialised in dermatology.

She said Ms Shao had practised in China and the UK and obtained a masters in health science in the UK Britain in 2010.

However, prosecutors said Ms Shao was visiting from China on a tourist visa and had no recognised qualifications in Australia.

Sergeant Rutzou said in an interview with police on Wednesday night, she made admissions about administering anaesthetic during the procedure.

Jean Huang remains unconscious , with grave fears surrounding her chances of survival.Jean Huang remains unconscious , with grave fears surrounding her chances of survival. Photo: Facebook

She allegedly administered 1½ grams of tramadol mixed with 200 milligrams of NaCl (sodium chloride) through a catheter and a drip, and additional amounts of a local anaesthetic, lidocaine, were injected into Ms Huang’s chest.

Another employee, Yuegiong Fu, was working as a nurse during the procedure but is also not qualified, police alleged.

When Ms Huang went into cardiac arrest, Ms Fu and a third employee, Ronald Hsiao, attempted CPR.

Ms Underwood said her client would surrender her passport and not perform any medical procedures or treatments if granted bail.

However, magistrate Sharon Freund denied bail, saying there was a risk she would flee to China, interfere with witnesses or endanger others in the community.

“In my view it’s a very strong prosecution case and in the event that she’s convicted… I’m of the view that she will receive a custodial sentence,” Ms Freund said.

By Rachel Olding
News Corporation Network


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