Chinese student Zhengxiang Wang to be deported after serving six months for machete attack


A JILTED lover who used a machete to attack a man he believed had slept with his girlfriend will be deported to China after serving just six months in jail.

Zhengxiang Wang, 22, walked free from court earlier this month after Judge Gordon Barrett suspended a one-year and eight-month prison term.

Wang is appealing against the cancellation of his student visa but is expected to be deported after completing the three-month good behaviour bond imposed by the court.

In his sentencing remarks, Judge Barrett said that Wang had started studying in Adelaide in 2015 and returned to China in late 2016 for medical treatment.

On March 1 this year, only days after he had returned to Adelaide, Wang’s girlfriend told him she had cheated on him with another Chinese student.

Enraged, Wang got the man’s phone number from his girlfriend and at 9.50pm called and threatened to stab him.

Over the next hour, Wang drove to a friend’s house, retrieved a machete and, with the help of his girlfriend, tracked the victim to an internet cafe on Wright St.

Wang initially had the machete concealed but produced it after arguing with the victim and slashed him twice on the left arm before kicking him.

The victim retreated into the internet cafe while the police were called.

A mobile phone video of the vicious attack was shown before the court depicting the two arguing and pushing each other before the slashing began.

With his victim bleeding and seeking shelter in the internet cafe, Wang and his girlfriend left in a distinctive red BMW.

Police tracked the licence plate number to Wang’s home but found he had already left with his girlfriend.

At 4.20am a highway camera captured the red BMW at Keith on the way to Melbourne where Wang was planning to stay with family friends.

When he got there, he found the friends were not home, so he drove to Brisbane to stay with other friends. Wang called his father who told him to come straight to China.

He booked tickets to fly out of Brisbane but was arrested with the girlfriend at his side as he attempted to board the place.

Judge Barrett was scathing of Wang’s flight from the state.

“I find that you left the state because you realised perfectly well how serious it was for you to have used the machete on the victim,” Judge Barrett said.

“This was serious offending. In a fit of jealousy, you armed yourself with a machete.

“You had to drive to a friend’s house to get it. You had time to think about what you were going to do.”

By Mitch Mott
The Advertiser


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