August 11, the darkest day in Hong Kong’s history

Pray for eye; pray for Hong Kong.

Crimes of Hong Kong Police and CCP’s evil armed forces

They directly shot at the heads of protesters with rubble bullets and bean bag rounds. One young female first aid volunteer was shot in the right eye and doctors said she had totally lost her eyesight as a result of the fatal shot.

They opened fire at medical doctors assisting injured protesters, one of them reportedly shot faint by rubble bullet. Other first aid workers had to raise a black flag as a warning to stop their continuous attacks and avoid war crimes.

They put wooden and plastic sharpers and other aggressive weapons into the protesters’ back bags so that they could be charged for that when arrested.

They shot at journalists at the scene and some reporters were hit by teargas right on the spot or far away on overpasses.

When evil police were attacking the protesters and reporters, other policemen just stood watching or assist their fellow policemen to attack or retreat.

A young protester was punched on the head and pressed hard onto the ground, his teeth broken, mouth and head bleeding, while he was crying painfully for help. The evil police continued the cruelty for more minutes even though reporters around them were shouting loudly and urging them to release the injured youth.

They fired teargas at protesters at train stations and encircled them with more violence. Many student protesters were screaming for help. Firing teargas indoors could be deadly.

They chased protesters and passers-by at elevators within Tai-gu shopping mall, kicking them, and pushing them down the elevators. Many protesters were injured.

At a train station, they opened fire at protesters within one or two meters, like executing criminals.

Under-cover armed policemen or PLA troops in plain clothes mixed themselves into the procession of protesters and created chaos within the procession. When they were recognized and questioned by reporters, they run away into police vans.

The way they dealt with the protesters was no longer that of the familiar Hong Kong police, but exactly the evil brutality and cruelty of CCP’s armed police or PLA troops from the mainland.

August 11 was the darkest day in Hong Kong’s history, and the worse is yet to come!

God is watching!

We pray for Hong Kong!

By Winnie Troppie

We keep their crimes here in black and white as a historical record!


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