At time of decoupling, CCP is working hard to influence Vice-President Pence’s upcoming Speech


Dear warrior friends! Today is October 21. I am having a short broadcast here for peace.

As you may have known, I have been taking a boat trip to West Point Military Academy to meet some military officials and see some military stuff. I am not going into detail here.

The following two weeks, you are going to see the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) speeding onto the road of self-destruction.

You have known that our whistle blows for over two years are nothing to please the public with claptrap. We are not doing that for selfish interests. It is a mission gifted by God. It is a great endeavor with hearts and souls to save the 1.4 billion Chinese people from sufferings like hell.

In two years, we have let the whole world and the Chinese people see through the true face of the CCP with the nature of thugs and mafia-like terrorists. The CCP has deceived the world for 70 years. It continues to threaten the world with more ambitions, seeking for global domination.

Days ago I told some Americans that the CCP had made promises to give the Chinese people land after overthrowing the landlords, but today no Chinese have the ownership to a single piece of land. The CCP even advocated that “you can sleep with the wives and daughters of those landlords after you have overthrown them.” Today, only CCP leaders have the privilege and freedom to sleep with the wives and daughters of others.

In the past, the CCP claimed that it would bring about US-style democracy and rue of law to the Chinese society, together with freedom and equal rights. But for 70 years, the CCP regime has always acted against the US as adversaries, pledging “The desire of imperial America to eliminate us has never stopped.”

The CCP would act to arrest anyone with the idea for US style freedom and democracy and charge them with espionage. Its crimes are far more than putting over one million Xinjiang Uyghurs in re-education camps, persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, cracking down the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, and the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. The world has open eyes to its evils and violations.

The so-called People’s Liberation Army (PLA) does not belong to the people. No Chinese would like a war with the US. Only a small fraction of the CCP wants a war with the US.

From the Hong Kong crisis, we can see more of the CCP’s crimes in cruelty and brutality to control the media, threaten the protesters, abuse the young kids, kidnap the students, rape the girls, and put hundreds into prison.

In the South China Sea, the CCP has built artificial islands, installed Dong Feng Series missiles, ready to attack the US. With its Belt and Road Initiative and RMB internationalization, Africa Forum, and the South East Asia Alliance, the CCP is aimed to challenge the US, weaken the US dollar and destroy its economy. It works hard to influence US politics by penetrating into the two parties, to spread socialism to the US society by way of BGY.

Whether ZTE or Huawei, we can see CCP stealing US technology by intellectual property theft. It was the US dollar and the greed of a few US corporations that had helped build this biggest terrorist organization on earth. It has kidnapped 1.4 billion Chinese and detained over two million Uyghurs in concentration camps. It has turned Hong Kong into hell of great sufferings.

If the US does not act with military actions, the pressure on the CCP will never be enough. The US must act in all means to free its people from CCP’s invasion. Thus an economic decoupling is a must. Second, the US must reaffirm its commitment to protect Taiwan and Hong Kong. The US shall make it public that it does not support the “One Country Policy” that Taiwan is part of the PRC. Third, all CCP officials involved in the persecution in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong must be sanctioned with the quickest and toughest measures.Sanctions must also be taken against Confucius Institutes and other CCP organizations engaged in cultural invasion.Lastly, CCP must be stopped from obtaining US technology with its state-owned companies sanctioned.

China and the US must have reciprocal economy, trade, open market, and finance relations. From now on, there shall be no more trade talks, no more unbalanced trade. The CCP shall no longer subsidize its state-owned enterprises. Both markets must be fully open, in trade, in finance, and in the internet.

The CCP must take down its Great Firewall. Without open internet, no more talks shall be possible. I have told American friends repeatedly that the Great Firewall must be lifted. As long as the Great Firewall exists, there shall be no freedom for Chinese people. As long as the Great Firewall exists, there shall be no human rights in China. As long as the Great Firewall exists, there shall be no truth about China.

Too many people in Xinjiang, Tibet, Falun Gong practitioners, and others in the country have been persecuted, made “disappear”. The key reason is that people won’t believe that the truth shall be made known to the outside world.

The US created the internet. If the US does not act to sanction the CCP, it is helping the CCP to do evils.

But friends, things won’t come fast. The focus now is still Hong Kong.

For the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to be passed, we still have the Senate vote and the White House signatory. The road could be very long. It can also be short with more efforts from us. The CCP is lobbying hard to stop that to happen. Wall Street, those kidnapped by CCP’s corruption, some casino people, some mafia organizations, those dealers in drugs and fentanyl – all of them are working hard to stop the process.

The following two weeks could be critical for Hong Kong.

The upcoming speech by Vice-president Mike Pence might also be canceled. There is a possibility there. Many forces are trying hard to influence the speech.

I have learned that an important sentence has been altered: The US does not support “One China Policy.” That could be great protection for Taiwan. Any important point could be taken away in the last five minutes. As to where to host the speech, the final version of the content, and diplomacy around the event – any change is possible.

I have also learned that a special bill for special protection for Hong Kong and special economic treatment for Taiwan is under consideration. New York Securities Commission and the US treasury will have important measures in this respect.

This week is going to be critical. And next week will see some harvest. Let’s wait and see.

As I have told, October and November shall be a difficult time for Hong Kongers. Unless the CCP has some stupid movements or will kneel down completely, we shall see more difficult times ahead.

The decoupling is important and spreading the truth is also very important.

That’s all for today’s broadcast. Please join me in praying for the well-being of 1.4 billion Chinese.

Everything is just beginning.

By Guo Wengui
Translation by staff


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