China Asia Relations

China and 14 Asia-Pacific countries agree historic free trade deal

However, the statement from the signatories left the door open for India to join the trading bloc, saying it would be “welcome”.

In Indonesia, Trump envoy presses case against China

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has heaped praise on Indonesia for taking "decisive action to safeguard its maritime sovereignty" over the Natuna Islands, while criticising China's for its "unlawful" claims in the South China Sea.

Is the Japanese PM’s first overseas trip to Vietnam and Indonesia related to containing...

In Hanoi, Mr Suga clinched a defence export deal — only the second for Japan since an export ban was lifted in 2014 — while in Jakarta, he pledged a 50 billion yen ($670 million) low-interest loan to assist the country with the COVID-19 economic fallout.

Malaysia detains Chinese vessels for ‘trespassing in territorial waters’

The two Chinese Coast Guard patrol ships have been in the area since Sunday, Japanese authorities said, and have attempted to approach Japanese fishing ships in the area to get them to leave what China regards as its territorial waters.

Japan and Australia wary of China as RCEP talks enter last stretch

With India, Australia and Japan intent on pursuing their arrangement in parallel, the road looks relatively clear for an RCEP accord in November. Even if there are still a few points of contention, the 15 countries may sign an "agreement in principle," predicted a Southeast Asian official close to the talks.

FinCEN Files investigations from across Asia

From suspicious transactions linked to Olympic bids, fugitive financiers and terrorist organizations, see key stories by ICIJ’s media partners in Asia.

Villagers help Indian troops face Chinese forces in Himalayas

“The area where the recent face-off took place is yet to have a road, let alone the infrastructure,” said Tsering. “How long will the army keep supplies going like this?”

Treasury Sanctions Chinese Entity in Cambodia Under Global Magnitsky Authority

the United States again took action by imposing sanctions on the People’s Republic of China (PRC) state-owned Union Development Group, Ltd. (UDG) under Executive Order (E.O.) 13818, which builds upon and implements the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, for its role in corrupt activities in Cambodia.

China and India accuse each other of opening fire in fresh border tensions

India and China have accused each other’s soldiers of firing warning shots in the latest incident on the disputed border in the Himalayas.

India bans PUBG, Baidu and more than 100 apps linked to China

A further 118 Chinese mobile apps have been banned by the Indian government, as tensions between the two countries continue to rise.

Thailand delays US$724m China submarine deal after public anger

Thailand delayed on Monday (Aug 31) its US$724 million purchase of two submarines from China, following public outrage over the controversial deal as the kingdom's economy flatlines due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s what China is doing in Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan. It doesn’t look good for...

New Delhi is worried that S. Asia, once very much under its spell, could be slipping from its grasp. The key lies in PM Modi’s charisma now.

Malaysia’s Najib gets 12 years in jail for 1MDB-linked graft case

Ex-prime minister found guilty of corruption in landmark verdict, but remains free pending the outcome of an appeal.

Nepal is walking a tightrope between India and China

India-China tensions are complicating a simmering political crisis in Kathmandu. Neither China nor India are benign, altruistic powers. Nepali leaders appear to be aware of that. Even if Prachanda comes to power with some help and support from New Delhi, he is unlikely to push away Beijing's hand.

Xi Jinping plans to control Pakistan’s politics, economy via CPEC authority: Report

According to an article by Ali Salman Andani published in the Asia Times, Khan, a puppet of the military establishment, was able to manipulate the law to fulfil Xi Jinping’s desires to control the planning ministry of Pakistan.

Japan to Pay at Least $536 Million for Companies to Leave China

Japan’s government will start paying its companies to move factories out of China and back home or to Southeast Asia, part of a new program to secure supply chains and reduce dependence on manufacturing in China.

Myanmar calls out China for arming terror groups, asks world to help

Myanmar suspects that China was trying to use terror groups as a bargaining chip for smooth implementation of Belt and Road Initiative projects.

Satellite images show military buildup on both sides of India-China border

However, national security planners are confident that better sense will prevail over PLA Commander-in-Chief Xi Jinping and Western Theatre Commander Zhao Zongqi as no conflict is one sided.

India says 20 soldiers killed in hours-long brawl with Chinese military at disputed border

India's army says 20 of its soldiers have been killed in clashes with Chinese troops at a disputed border site in the western Himalayas, in a major escalation of a weeks-long standoff between the two Asian giants.

India opposes rejoining RCEP over China concerns

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced India’s decision to quit the grouping, which includes the 10 ASEAN nations, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea in November, citing lack of protection for India’s agricultural and other sectors.

New cybersecurity report says China-based group is hacking Asia-Pacific governments

A China-based hacking group has been quietly carrying out a five-year cyber espionage campaign against Asia-Pacific governments after it previously “slipped off the radar,” a new report claims. 

Not China’s Cup of Tea: New Online Pan-Asia Alliance Emerges From Thai-Chinese Meme War

A Twitter war with Chinese nationalists has forged a new online alliance among social media users in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, highlighting public solidarity among some pro-democracy movements in Asia.

Taiwan has valuable coronavirus lessons, but the World Health Organization continues to shun it

A glaring episode took place recently, showing that not only is the WHO not considering Taiwan as a state — but they’re not even willing to talk about it.

Indonesia announces Rp 405 trillion COVID-19 budget, anticipates 5% deficit in historic move

Indonesia will issue a government regulation in lieu of law (Perppu) that will boost state spending by up to Rp 405.1 trillion (US$24.6 billion) as the budget deficit is anticipated to widen to 5.07 percent of GDP in the nation’s fight against COVID-19.

Tokyo Olympic 2020 postponed as Japan’s Abe bows to pressure over virus

The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which were due to start on July 24, have been postponed for a year after an extended period of what seemed to many a state of denial among the government, the Tokyo organising committee and local officials.

Philippine capital to undergo curfew, mall closures as coronavirus deaths rise to eight

Mayors of Metro Manila's 16 cities announced nighttime curfews on Saturday (Mar 14) and urged shopping malls to close for one month, in a bid to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, as the Philippines reported its eighth death.

Philippines’ Duterte announces ‘lockdown’ of Manila to fight coronavirus

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced plans Thursday for a sweeping lockdown of the capital's 12 million people, including a halt to domestic travel, in a bid to contain the deadly new coronavirus.

The coronavirus crisis could wipe out $211 billion across Asia Pacific, S&P Global says

The coronavirus crisis could wipe out $211 billion from economies across Asia Pacific, according to a Friday report from S&P Global Ratings.

South Korea’s coronavirus cases climb above 7,000, most cases traced to church

South Korea’s coronavirus cases jumped above 7,000 on Saturday, up by 448 from the previous day, with more than half of the total number linked to a secretive church at the center of the country’s outbreak, health authorities said.

People move up Japan travels to avoid quarantine

People trying to get to Japan from China and South Korea are rushing to complete the trip before the government starts quarantining all arrivals...

Japan to quarantine all visitors from China and South Korea

Japan intends to quarantine all visitors from coronavirus-hit China and South Korea at hospitals or other designated facilities before granting them entry permits, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday.

The Coronavirus in Asia and ASEAN – Live Updates by Country

Due to the developing situation in China and Asia concerning the Coronavirus, we will be operating this article as a running live update service to keep businesses involved in ASEAN and Asia updated with the latest relevant regional news.

Coronavirus: South Korea church leader apologises for virus spread

The head of the religious sect that has been at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak in South Korea has apologised to the nation for the disease's spread.

Parents in Japan and Hong Kong struggle as schools shut

Costs could grow for parents in Japan and Hong Kong, with schools shutting until April because of the coronavirus.

United cancels more Asia flights — Japan, Singapore and more affected

United Airlines said Friday that it is reducing it’s service throughout Asia as the spread of coronavirus drives down demand.

China may send ducks to battle Pakistan’s locust swarms

China could deploy 100,000 ducks to neighbouring Pakistan to help tackle swarms of crop-eating locusts, according to reports.

Thailand’s richest man is building Bangkok’s tallest skyscraper

Billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, via his recently listed property unit Asset World Corp, has his sights on building the nation’s tallest skyscraper.

The Coronavirus Outbreak: How Democratic Taiwan Outperformed Authoritarian China

Taiwan’s example proves that the free flow of information is the best treatment for the coronavirus outbreak.

Japan to close schools nationwide to control spread of virus

Japan will close schools nationwide to help control the spread of the new virus, the government announced Thursday.

‘Where’s Abe?’ critics ask, as coronavirus spreads in Japan

As Japan struggles to stem the spread of a coronavirus within its borders, critics are asking, “Where’s Abe?”

How Communist China Is Humiliating Pakistan

Inside Pakistan, India is an obsession. Communal violence surrounding the 1947 partition of India claimed up to two million lives. India and Pakistan subsequently fought three...

How Communist China is destroying a precious Cambodian paradise

“Look around now,” Kary lamented as he wandered the old Bokor town, “because in a few years this will all be gone. For everyone but the government and the Chinese.”

Coronavirus’ spread in China slows; 2 passengers from Japan cruise ship die

New virus cases in China rose by just 394 from the previous day, with a rise in the death toll of 114, the government said Thursday, as health inspectors went door-to-door to find every infected person in the worst-hit city.

Coronavirus fears see Singapore’s ‘Total Defence’ plan clouded by weekend of total anxiety

The photos began circulating in Singapore on WhatsApp groups and social media from Friday evening, of growing queues at supermarket checkout counters, grocery carts pushed by people in surgical masks piled high with instant noodles and shelves emptied of fresh chicken, pork, rice and toilet paper.

China can shut off the Philippines’ power grid at any time, leaked report warns

The Philippines' power grid is under the full control of the Chinese government and could be shut off in time of conflict, according to an internal report prepared for lawmakers seen by CNN.

Malaysia arrests 680 Chinese nationals during online scam syndicate bust

At least 680 Chinese nationals have been arrested and hundreds more are being tracked down after Malaysian immigration authorities busted an online scam syndicate.

Wary of China’s embrace, India holds out in trade talks at ASEAN summit in...

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence in Bangkok could be viewed as promising for those trying to coax his Government over the line.

ASEAN summit grapples with US-China trade war

Southeast Asian leaders have gathered in Bangkok for a three-day summit expected to be dominated by trade. ASEAN members are trying to finalize a China-backed plan to create the world's biggest free trade area.

Solomons’ government vetoes Chinese attempt to lease an island

A Chinese company’s attempt to lease an entire island in the Solomon Islands was unlawful and will not be allowed to go ahead, the Pacific archipelago’s government has announced.

China invites Taliban, Afghan officials for two-day talks

Beijing to host conference following collapse of the talks between Taliban and the US.

China inks several new deals with Samoa ahead of Pacific Island economic forum in...

The Samoan Government said representatives from eight other Pacific Island nations would be attending today's forum, however the Pacific countries who recognised Taiwan would not be represented.

Nepal eyes railway deal with China during Xi Jinping visit

The two leaders are also not expected to discuss Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and the turbulence in Hong Kong, where pro-democracy protesters are on the streets challenging the Chinese authority in the erstwhile British territory.

The United States Should Help Mongolia Stand Up to China

On Beijing’s doorstep, Ulaanbaatar continues to defy the geopolitical odds.

Asia seeks ways to cope with trade war’s hit to China demand

A recent trend of Asian companies shutting factories in China and shifting them home would help lower their dependence on China, economists said.

Hong Kong students boycott classes as Chinese media warns ‘end is coming’

Thousands of students in Hong Kong have boycotted the first day of the new term in a fresh wave of protests, after a tense weekend...

Deal for Naval Outpost in Cambodia Furthers China’s Quest for Military Network

“We have some concern that China is using the same playbook used in the South China Sea, creating facts on the ground until such time that it is too late for anyone to object.”

Report claims thousands of North Korean women sold into sex slavery in China

Thousands of North Korean women and girls are being trafficked and sold into sexual slavery in China, where many are sold as wives to Chinese men while others are forced into prostitution.

Dalai Lama lets slip how India vetoed his meeting with China’s leader in 2014

China’s President Xi Jinping agreed to meet the Dalai Lama during a state visit to India in 2014, but the plan was quashed by Delhi, the Buddhist spiritual leader has said.

Chinese Sex Trade in Pakistan: Abuse of Christian Girls

A mainstream Pakistani television station last month aired images of an illegal matchmaking center in Lahore housing several Chinese men and six Pakistani women, including two teenage girls, awaiting transit to China as brides.

Gunmen Attack Pakistan Hotel Used by Chinese and Vow Further Violence

The hotel, the Zaver Pearl Continental in the city of Gwadar in Baluchistan Province, is frequently used by top government officials and Chinese workers employed on a port project in the area.

Harry Kazianis: Trump’s Asia quandary — Contain China or denuclearize North Korea?

Say what you will about our 45th president – and the left and so-called NeverTrump Republicans have a lot to say – know this:...

North Korea tested a missile over the weekend. The Trump admin flubbed the response.

North Korea tested a missile to test the Trump administration over the weekend — and it’s unclear if America’s leaders passed.

Taiwan’s Foxconn boss Terry Gou says sea goddess inspired presidential bid

Mr Gou's Foxconn was one of the first Taiwanese companies that invested in factories on the mainland, tapping into the much lower wage costs in China.

Indonesia 2019 elections: How many Chinese workers are there?

Indonesia is going to the polls on 17 April for presidential and nationwide elections. The presidential campaign has been mainly fought over jobs and the...

Japanese jets intercept Chinese anti-submarine aircraft, says Tokyo

Japanese fighter jets intercepted Chinese anti-submarine aircraft over the East China Sea last week, marking the first known occasion that this type of Chinese aircraft has been encountered.

India ‘disappointed’ as China foils bid to blacklist JeM chief

India said it was "disappointed" by China's move to once again stall its bid to blacklist Masood Azhar, the leader of a Pakistan-based armed...

China’s expanding war on Islam: Now they’re coming for the Kazakhs.

Sometimes Zharqynbek Otan can be found in the middle of the night, standing stiffly at attention beside the bed he shares with his wife,...

Train swapping: North Korea’s Kim reliant on Chinese for summit transport

When North Korean leader Kim Jong Un rolled into the Vietnamese border station of Dong Dang early on Tuesday, his vaunted specialised train was...

Why did Donald Trump announce Vietnam as host of the second North Korea summit?

President Donald Trump announced that Vietnam would host his second summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un — a move that some pundits view as Hanoi's bid to buttress itself against encroaching Chinese power.

Singapore is helping to build a city in China for up to 500,000 people

Singapore was China’s largest foreign investor in 2018 — and it was for the sixth consecutive year, according to the city state’s trade ministry. One major investment...

Xi Jinping says Taiwan ‘must and will be’ reunited with China

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the people of Taiwan to accept it "must and will be" reunited with China. In a speech marking 40...

Thousands march in Hong Kong for democracy and independence from China

Thousands of demonstrators marched in Hong Kong on Tuesday to demand full democracy, fundamental rights, and even independence from China in the face of what many see...

Ahead of major Xi speech, Taiwan tells Beijing to ‘face squarely the reality’ of...

China must use peaceful means to resolve its differences with Taiwan and respect its democratic values, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said on Tuesday, ahead of a...

Foxconn to build $9 billion chip plant in China with local govt: Nikkei

Taiwan’s Foxconn (2317.TW), Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) iPhone assembler, is in the final stages of talks with the local government of the Chinese city of...

Lee Kuan Yew honoured for ‘outstanding contribution’ to China’s reform and opening up

Singapore’s late founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew was honoured on Tuesday (Dec 18) for his role in pushing the city-state’s “deep involvement” in...

MH370 mystery solved? Former TV exec has ‘PROOF’ linking disappearance to organ harvesting

A FORMER Fox executive has sensationally claimed she has proof of what happened to missing flight MH370.

World’s longest bridge further blurs lines between China and Hong Kong

The world's longest sea-crossing bridge in China has been hailed as one of the world's most ambitious engineering projects, but some observers are worried...

Japan to ban Huawei, ZTE from government contracts: sources

Japan plans to ban government purchases of equipment from China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and ZTE Corp to beef up its defenses against intelligence leaks and cyber attacks, sources told Reuters.

Vice syndicate busted in joint Singapore-China operation, 201 arrested

Authorities in Singapore and China have smashed a transnational vice syndicate and arrested 201 suspects, said the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in a news release...

G20 Summit: Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping to meet on sidelines of conference; neighbours will...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet on the sidelines of a G20 meeting this week, aiming to build on...

Election losses for Taiwan’s ruling party lift pro-China opposition

Voters in self-ruled island reject plan to legalise same-sex marriage. Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has suffered punishing losses in local elections in a boost for...

Karachi attack: Four killed as gunmen try to storm China consulate

Gunmen have killed at least four people in an attack on the Chinese consulate in the Pakistani port city of Karachi. Gunshots were heard at...

Malaysia, India, And IMF Could Spoil China’s CPEC And Malaysia Mega-projects

Malaysia, India, and IMF could spoil two of China’s mega-projects in the Indian Ocean -- the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Forest City. Investors...

China’s President Xi Jinping Visits the Philippines to Deepen Ties With the U.S. Ally

Chinese President Xi Jinping received a red-carpet welcome in the Philippines on Tuesday, as he paid his first visit to the U.S. treaty ally...

Maldives-China deal ‘one-sided’, says ex-president Nasheed

The new Maldives government is considering pulling out of a free trade agreement with China, a top leader from the islands' governing alliance says. "The...

Tonga gets five years’ grace on Chinese loan as Pacific nation joins Belt and...

Tonga has signed up to China's Belt and Road initiative and received a reprieve from Beijing on the timing of debt payments shortly before an onerous schedule to repay loans was due to start.

Chinese banished from building in APEC blow-up

Leaders from 21 Asia-Pacific nations failed Sunday to bridge gaping divisions at a summit overshadowed by a war of words over the US and...

China boots media from Pacific Island leaders meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Media who were invited to cover Chinese President Xi Jinping's meeting with Pacific leaders have been denied entry by Chinese officials. Key points Chinese authorities...

China woos Pacific islands with loans, showcase projects

Papua New Guinea (AP) — As world leaders land in Papua New Guinea for a Pacific Rim summit, the welcome mat is especially big...

China says no country should try to obstruct its Pacific ‘friendship’

As Chinese president Xi Jinping prepares to meet in Port Moresby with eight Pacific island leaders, Beijing has warned no country should try to...

Singapore, China sign several agreements, including free trade agreement upgrade

China and Singapore have signed a slew of agreements, including the upgrade of a bilateral free trade pact, which will allow greater market access...

Strapped for cash, Pakistan looks to China and the Middle East for help

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan wrapped up a four-day visit to China on Monday without achieving his primary goal of securing Chinese financing. As the South Asian...

Xi Jinping’s awkward relationship with Deng Xiaoping

For the first time in many years, Beijing's Tiananmen Square was covered with red and white Japanese flags. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had descended...

China’s ‘extraordinary’ ambitions: the futuristic city being built on reclaimed land

For more than a century people have been gathering to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean at the historic Galle Face Green...

Famed Chinese martial arts novelist Jin Yong dies, aged 94: Hong Kong media

Famed Chinese martial arts novelist Jin Yong has died at the age of 94, Hong Kong media reported on Tuesday (Oct 30). The novelist, whose...

Shinzo Abe Says Japan Is China’s ‘Partner,’ and No Longer Its Aid Donor

It has been eight years since China overtook Japan as the world’s second-largest economy. Yet the Japanese government continued to provide China with development...

Japan to end China aid, and proposes joint assistance for others

Japan plans to stop offering development aid to China after nearly 40 years, seeking instead to establish a framework for the two countries to cooperate as equal partners on infrastructure and other projects in developing countries.

The world’s longest bridge-tunnel brings China even closer to Hong Kong. Not everyone is...

After delays, almost a decade of construction and swelling costs that reached $20 billion, the world’s longest sea crossing — connecting Hong Kong to mainland...

US trade war takes a bite out of Apple as supplier abandons China for...

The Chinese company that assembles Apple's AirPods is moving its production from China to Vietnam, as the US-China trade war escalates following US tariffs on...

Mattis pushes closer ties to Vietnam amid tension with China

By making a rare second trip this year to Vietnam, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is signaling how intensively the Trump administration is trying to counter China’s military assertiveness by...

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The Rise And Rise Of China’s Xiaomi In India

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Southeast Asia, with a huge population of more than 600 million and also a sizable mandarin-speaking population, may serve as the next proxy Chinese...

Enter the dragon: Thailand gets closer to China

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Singapore’s friendship with China

Next week, on May 9 and 10, I will be in Beijing, to co-chair the 12th China-Singapore Forum. My co-chair is Ambassador Wu Hailong, the...

Malaysia plans to export Musang King durians to China

WE love durians. In 2014, we consumed 349 thousand tonnes, an average of 11.2 kg per man, woman, infant and child. The world loves durians...

Report claims thousands of North Korean women sold into sex slavery in China

Thousands of North Korean women and girls are being trafficked and sold into sexual slavery in China, where many are sold as wives to Chinese men while others are forced into prostitution.

New arts centre will promote Chinese culture that is Singaporean-centric: PM Lee

Singapore's racial, religious and cultural diversity has allowed each race to retain and evolve its own culture and heritage, while at the same time...

Squeezed by an India-China Standoff, Bhutan Holds Its Breath

HAA, Bhutan — India’s main garrison in the Kingdom of Bhutan sits only 13 miles from a disputed border with China. There is a training academy, a military...

Philippines joins China to tackle illegal gambling

MANILA/HONG KONG — China and the Philippines have joined forces to tackle illegal gambling, part of Beijing’s broader campaign to curb illicit capital outflows...