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In this US Presidential election, all the forces behind the scenes – They are all standing with the CCP, why?

The reason very simple, they want 3 things, and the CCP can give them 1 out of the 3, a totalitarian regime that can maintain its virtual or future currency and is willing to cooperate with them. What can this totalitarian regime provide to them? A market, a huge market in the global financial sector. That is the biggest benefit China can offer.

Demons and evils in the world have controlled your money and your right to have guns legally

Demons and evils in the world have controlled your money and your right to have guns legally, and they wanted to take down the U.S. and President Trust as their final fight; there would be many other evils coming out, but as long as you have faith, trust in God, you don’t need to worry.

The era of Money-Above-All-Else is over

I’m still in my pajamas. I’ve been working all this time without stopping. A lot of important things are happening. Regarding what is happening to Section 230, does anyone know what that means? It means that trillions of dollars are raining down on us. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are done for.

We will build an anti-CCP media, a God following media. We will never sell us out for money.

After experiencing this political crisis, economic crisis, and election crisis, America will have no choice but to take down the CCP and become stronger. The US economy will be rebuilt. The US will listen to God, follow God, and give up kneeling down to money. The era of money-above-all-else is completely over.

Without the rule of law, the CCP’s inner fight has caused tens of millions of Chinese people to die

Without rule of law, the CCP’s inner fight has caused tens of millions of Chinese people to die; but in America, even though there is massive voter fraud, everything is still in the legal process. This truly proves the greatness of America.

Sister Tian-Ai boldly proclaimed that she supported the Whistleblower Movement in a police station in Mainland China in a video clip about two years ago. She was brave facing the policemen who persecuted her to disclose the truth of the CCP and kleptocrats.

“Drinking Down the CCP” ranked number 1, Apple iTunes threatened by the CCP

On November 15, Mr. Miles Guo did a live stream on GTV with singers and producers, Ping Tang and William Wang. Miles told them that an Apple insider told him that the data of his songs were manipulated and the true data showed that in the last 5 years, of all the singles that topped the chart in such a short time, Miles’ songs were absolute No. 1. Miles also disclosed that the CCP has threatened to hack all the iTunes online services if they dared to put Miles’ “Drinking down the CCP”, along with other Miles’ singles, on iTunes. Eventually, a sister-in-arms managed to put all Miles’ singles on iTunes through lawful ways in the blink of an eye.

The next important mission for us to complete is to awaken as many Chinese as possible at home and abroad, regarding the evil nature of CCP, the CCP-virus, and how they can unite and stand up and save themselves.

President Trump will win for sure. Trump’s safety is first priority, in particular, he shall watch out for Mar-a-lago

President Trump will win for sure. Trump’s safety is first priority, in particular, he shall watch out for Mar-a-Lago; now in China, so many companies are broke, bankrupt; time to cut wool from sheep is over, it’s now for CCP to peel off sheep-skin alive; it’s not a win-win situation in CCP’s collusion with the Bidens, only CCP and their illegitimate children and the Americans being bought are winners; more freaky sex videos will be released on GTV, GNews about various gangs of CCP and even Hong Kong officials.

President Trump will stand with us. We need to have backbones and we must tell the truth. GTV will setup the new standard and the new set of rules for the real media. We shouldn’t make enemies easily. Taking down the CCP is a prerequisite.

As long as there is a state in the U.S. that does not certify the election result, as long as there are voter fraud and votes from dead people, President Trump will win the election, decisively.

The CCP did not congratulate Biden because they are still pretending that the world didn’t know they manipulated the U.S. election, betting on Joe Biden’s win. However, they will soon congratulate Joe Biden as an endorsement as they have finally realized that their crime has been revealed. Joe Biden will be the loser and they need to back him up.

My top source from CCP informs me that, President Xi said yesterday in a closed-door top-secret meeting that this point in time, is the ultimate battle between China and the United States. The CCP will do everything to make Joe Biden the winner and make President Trump “disappear” … you figure out what that threat means. After the CCP’s move, maybe Russia and Iran will follow, who knows?

I believe that President Trump will be the winner, yet my biggest concern is for President Trump’s safety.

They’re coming after you Americans; Act now or be enslaved.

With the backdrop of the U.S. presidential election’s massive frauds being widely discovered, and yet all MSM has been relentlessly censoring any voices dare to speak the truth, which are blatant violations of freedom of speech, the First Amendment. Mr. Guo pointed out behind all these, the root cause is the very same red evil of Communism, the CCP, along with the so-called elites of Wall Street, Hollywood, and the U.S. “Tech Lords”, who have been colluding together robbing Chinese people of freedom and human rights for the past 70 years. This is the final chance for the American people to wake up to the facts, and take a stance, or, fall victim to enslavement just as the Chinese people, with no human rights.

Regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop: 99% of those disgusting sexual misconduct videos have not been released yet. The content includes activities that involve world celebrities, their child abuse, and other criminal activities in the upper political circles.

We need to focus on how Joe Biden sold out American interests by collaborating with the CCP through deals like with Bohai Financial Holdings and how his deal allowed the CCP to continue to rule over the Chinese people and keep them as slaves.

NFSC is the only choice for 100 million overseas Chinese, the right choice!

The New Federal State of China (NFSC) is the only choice for 100 million overseas Chinese, the right choice! Wake up more Chinese people! We shall be prepared for NFSC, enjoy western civilization, and contribute to world peace, in the absence of CCP. We must cherish this opportunity given by God!

CCP has enslaved 1.4 billion Chinese by colluding with Deep State. Those who conspire with CCP are enemies of Chinese people!

BIAs of Whistleblower Movement will change the world

Our brothers-in-arms would have achieved the first step when they didn’t fuss much about others’ opinions or feedback. Compared to BIAs who are blind or bedridden, what we have done is far from enough. The image that we presented today is the product of hundreds of millions of unknown BIAs from Mainland China at the cost of their lives, blood, and hard work.

The New Federal State of China will not participate in the internal politics of China, but rather perform a stewardship role. Especially in the light of the possible disruption of Chinese society on the demise of the CCP. After the fall of the CCP, Miles envisions the conclusion of lasting peace agreements with the West and the free world.

The CCP cannot prop up its regime for 72 hours when facing the United States on the battlefield.

The Chinese public still thinks that they can easily invade Taiwan, yet the United States and the power of world justice will make their ambitions nothing but a pipe dream.

Without our Whistleblower Movement, the United States won’t fully awaken and realize its current dangerous situation.

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Source: Gnews


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