Another case of televised confession, the vile nature of CCP’s crimes is beyond human imagination


Scandals within China’s Supreme Court have once again caught the attention of at least 700 million netizens (if not 1.4 billion population) when its judge Wang Linqing was forced to make his appearance on China Central Television, or CCTV, to confess his wrongdoings with accusations against Zhou Qiang, the president of the Supreme Court.

If President Xi Jinping was forced to make similar appearance on TV show, he should have more crimes than most criminals in the country to confess to the world audience. And under CCP rule, such a show is not impossible in China with its magical rule of law.

Yesterday’s CCTV show of criminalized confession is another fresh battle broken out in the country’s political arena involving not just scandals of its president Zhou Qiang, but also China’s president Xi Jinping and Vice president Wang Qishan.

The alleged misconduct of Wang Linqing in handling the coal mine case originating in the northern province of Shan’anxi mainly relates to Wang’s accusing his boss Zhou Qiang to order that case be sent back to a lower court, so as to help the Shananxi provincial government get off the hook.

Earlier, the judge appeared in a video posted by former CCTV host Cui Yongyuan on the internet, presenting documents as proof of his allegations. According to Wang, case documents in his possession were stolen from the court, and strangely, two security cameras were not working at the time of the theft.

Revelation of the case caused the arrest on January 15 last month of Zhao Zhengyong, a former party secretary of the province, who was announced as being investigated for “serious disciplinary violations”.

For a month or so, an investigation team joined by different legal departments under the Central Political and Legal Commission carried out a “thorough investigation” to pursue the case and made the conclusion that Wang Linqing had fabricated the facts for his accusations and the top leaders had followed the law and regulations to “show their care” to the case, according to the CCTV show.

Once again, the IQ of 1.4 billion Chinese has been downgraded to zero and the will of the 1.4 billion Chinese people have been raped by Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s vicious “rule of law”.

In a recent article in Qiushi Journal, President Xi Jinping said, “We shall never copy the models and methods of other countries; we shall never take the road of the west with ‘constitutional democracy’, ‘Separation of Power’ or ‘Independence of Justice’.”

It is the lack of judicial independence that causes numerous cases of human disasters in Chinese society. While the country’s “political and legal affairs” apparatus allows the Communist Party, which has full authority over it, to command all organizations, including the judiciary, no supervision is possible on top CCP leaders. At the top of the apparatus sits Chinese dictator President Xi Jinping, who doubles as the party’s general secretary. And Xi is very pleased with this system and wants to keep it for life.

As Zhou Qiang is in the same trousers as President Xi Jinping and Vice President Wang Qishan, all traitors and criminals of the nation, it is impossible for Chinese people to see or hope for justice in the country.

When President Xi’s leadership began in 2012, Zhou Qiang was not promoted to the CCP’s 25-member Politburo. Instead, Zhou assumed the top job at the Supreme People’s Court.

On January 14 , 2017, speaking at a Supreme Court meeting, Zhou said, “China’s courts must firmly resist the western idea of ‘constitutional democracy’ , ‘separation of powers’ and ‘judicial independence’. These are erroneous western notions that threaten the leadership of the ruling Communist Party and defame the Chinese socialist path on the rule of law. We have to raise our flag and show our sword to struggle against such thoughts.”

With these words, Zhou has tied himself closely with his boss Xi Jinping, who is now giving him a helping hand in this “coal mine case” scandal.

Will Zhou Qiang evade a punishment by the CCP? The answer is definitely NO! While the vicious CCP leaders are collaborating with each other in their crimes, they also fight each other to secure their own lives and positions. How to handle these scandals is something of a double-edged sword for President Xi. We shall be assured that President Xi will soon sacrifice Zhou Qiang for his own interests under political and social pressure from the public.

The CCP has played similar games for too many times, having the alleged to make back-room confessions or televised self-criticism when they were under police detention. Videos aired by CCTV for an audience of hundreds of millions are seen by the CCP as a remarkable way of propaganda to educate its population.

With regularly broadcasting confessions, the CCP wants to create a pattern of punishing illegal activity and an impression that the party is taking serious steps to combat violations. But to the world audience, the CCP looks uglier and more disgusting time after another.

It is now well-known that criminal prosecutions in China often depend on confessions obtained by the police, and the use of torture and coercion is widespread. The so-called rule of law in the country is but a joke.

Zhou Qiang is currently the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme People’s Court of China, a member of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. He would soon do the same to confess his crimes on CCTV show. Let’s see if he could survive the next CCP Congress.

And let me tell, with the televised confession of Wang Linqing and the mentioning of Cui Yongyuan’s name in the broadcast of “leaking out state secrets”, the nation is now more concerned about the fate of the former CCTV host who would become the next victim under CCP’s rule of law.

The life of Mr. Cui, same as any good people in China, is in danger.

By Cloudy Seagail


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