An open letter to Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CCP


CCP General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping,

The new year has arrived. On New Year’s Eve, you addressed the nation. Towards the traditional Chinese Spring Festival, I have my message to you as a response.

I address you as General Secretary instead of Chinese President because in essence, you can only represent the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), you cannot represent the whole population of the Chinese nation. I have not added the honorable “Dear or Your Excellency” in front of your name because the present YOU does not deserve the respect of the Chinese people in any terms.

Still, I am calling you Mister, a teacher in Chinese terms. Confucius said, when I walk along with two people, either of them can be my teacher. The good guy is my teacher; the bad guy is also my teacher. Your life is destined to be written into the textbooks as a bad guy.

The wheel of history rolls forward with an irresistible force. In your New Year speech, you say, “to greet the arrival of 2020, we are not afraid of winds and rains, or any kind of difficulties.” But amid the world population, what YOU and your government are doing acts against the torrent of time. The harder you work, the more Chinese will suffer.

For over 70 years since the CCP seized power, we have witnessed the Three-antis and Five-antis, the Cultural Revolution, the so-called Rectifications, one political movement after another. On the land of the Middle Kingdom, demons dance, ghosts and wolves howl. The CCP is fighting against the Heavens and beings, turning the world over and over, truly creating new chapters for the sun and the moon.

Although at the internet time, we seldom use pen, paper, ink, and ink-stand for writing, all writing tools are never capable of recording the crimes of the CCP against the Chinese nation and world civilizations.

Mr. Xi, it shall not be fair to let you take responsibility for all the crimes of the CCP. After all, you are no more than a puppet. You are only the representative of certain interest groups, and you are a puppet of the CCP system. You are on board a pirate ship, and thus you have to do the dirty job.

You have acted against the law of the universe by making amendments to the Constitution, hoping to make yourself an emperor. But let’s put this aside. You expelled socially vulnerable groups out of Beijing, sent two million Xinjiang Uyghurs into re-education camps, and worked to overturn Hong Kong’s democratic system. This is enough for you to be beheaded or hung onto the gallows.

You said, “In 2019, the most memorable thing is to celebrate the 70 years anniversary of new China when the whole country is covered with red, people’s faces with laughter, the song Me & My Motherland is sung at every corner of the streets.”

I am not going to say that was not true. But there is another side of the truth: you have ruled the country with fake governance, with corruption, with police, and with the sex organ.

You said the country has experienced both calm and roaring waves. You know what are the roaring waves, but you don’t want to go into detail.

Mr. Xi, you are no match to Mao Zedong who was a ghost-like genius. Surely you are an eloquent person; otherwise, you shall not have had so many key-note speeches. But at your position, you can never speak your mind. That’s why we have seen you stutter more and more often.

The Master Confucius said, “Isn’t it a pleasure to study over and over and correct my mistakes along the way? Isn’t it a happy thing to have friends from far away? Isn’t it a gentleman’s character to be learned but never care about his fame?”

A person who loves study must also be a person who is happy to correct his mistakes. Mr. Xi, you don’t look like such a person.

A learned person attracts many true friends. Mr. Xi, you don’t look like such a person. On the contrary, you have only stupid servants and flatters around you.

Mr. Xi, you love to show off. You want people to know how knowlegeable you are and therefore you recite many book titles during your speeches. “Isn’t it a gentleman’s character to be learned and never care for his fame?” does not seem to suit you.

Therefore, according to Confucius’s judgment, you are not a gentleman, you are a villain.

With this reasoning, we can tell that present-day China is ruled by a villain.

You don’t want democracy for the Chinese; worse, you interfered in the democratic elections of the US and Taiwan. You are exporting your “way of a villain”. This is absolute evil and disgusting, don’t you think? And you did it in the open air!

In today’s world, or just the Central Kingdom under the rule of the CCP, what is the truth? I can’t tell in my own words. Let me cite a description from the Buddha.

At one time, the Buddha resides at the top of Diamond Mountain of the Great Kingdom of Fires.

The Buddha looks around and finds four directions filled with burning fires.

For some moments, the Buddha sighs for a long while and takes a universal look at the worldly land with different beings.

“Oh! My goodness!” the Buddha says to himself, “how shall I save those miserable beings from sufferings?”

Thus, the Buddha goes into deep meditation.

All of a sudden, millions and billions of worldly universes, Bodhisattvas from countless realms, from the Trayastrimsa down to the Ten Diamond realms and the palaces of the evils, are all shaken.

At this moment, Buddhas from the past, the present and the future have gathered in upright meditation.

The Bodhisattvas sit around the Buddhas, trying to keep calm in mind and thus are motionless.

Countless Vajradharases as security guards are wandering around in much uneasiness.

Those Heavenly fairies and demons are running around in greater panic.

In Today’s China, fire is everywhere across the country. The Chinese people are locked into a red kingdom without human rights or freedom of speech. 1.4 billion people are kidnapped by evil. Justice is not delivered. Even the CCP leaders’ followers live with panic.

Mr. Xi! I guess you know in your heart that you have chosen to partner with evil regimes like Iran and North Korea. You have only the Taliban as a friend to talk about “anti-terrorism”. You said, “In 2019, China continued to open its arms to embrace the world. We have more countries to have diplomatic ties with us, now a total of 180. We have friends all over the world.”

Mr. Xi, let me ask this question again, “How many of these 180 are your true friends?”

At the 26th anniversary of the demise of the Soviet Union, you sighed, “Not a single man to save the Soviets!” Domestically, you are part of the kleptocracy; your balls are gripped in the hands of the traitors. Internationally, your balls and those of your corrupt officials are also gripped in the hands of the Americans and Europeans. Are you still a man? If you are, you shall have cut off your penis to save the CCP.

Pangu separates the sky from the earth; Nuwa patches up the sky; Houyi shoots down the suns; Jingwei fills the oceans. These are the fairy stories on the creation of Chinese civilization. This civilization is old and profound, it flourishes by blossoms of many theoretical ideas.

Mr. Xi, you have tried to control the expression of ideas with communist ideology. You have over-estimated your power. Mr. Xi, I want to say to you: you have no fear only because you are such an ignorant idiot!

Genesis reads: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Such beautiful language is never written by us humans. These words have been inscribed in the hearts of too many with faith. Belittled Xi, how do you want to rewrite them? How dare you want to make changes to them?! No matter which word you want changes, the gate to hell is opened for you!

At the time of creation, Jesus Christ left his footprints, the Shakyamuni Buddha left his footprints, Muhammad left his footprints, and Confucius also left his footprints. As to their words, how do you want to rewrite? How dare you want to make changes to them?! No matter what word you want to change, the gate to hell is opened for you!

In China’s history, there were dictatorships. But China has never been the land to embrace dictators. We don’t need to talk about Emperors Yao and Shun; we don’t even need to talk about the Spring and Autumn Period or the Warring States Period. Just take a look at the emperors of the Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties …how many of them were dictators? For thousands of years, China has developed in a spirit of openness, inclusion, and integration. Thus China has become great.

Xi, you said that you promote One Belt One Road and your high-level forums and civilized dialogues have shown the world an open, inclusive and civilized China. But you have the Great Firewall, you have strict media censorship, you have forced all news outlets to bear the surname “CCP”. You are such a narrow-minded person. How are you qualified to even talk about openness and inclusion? With such a way of thinking, either you are mentally ill or you have evil ambitions. With this mental illness, how can the world treat you as a healthy man!

Almost every day, I would check Xinhua or the People’s Daily. Mr. Xi, you may feel strange that such a man as me would go and read your CCP websites. I used to have a CCP membership and know some of the stuff. For 70 years, the CCP has used the people’s money to employ tens of thousands of writers to praise the Party and its achievements. All is done to fool around the people and continue its evils.

I have run all by myself, writing articles to counter editorials in Xinhuanet and the People’s Daily. Yes, me alone, Mr. Xi, am fighting your dictatorship, and wrestling with tens of thousands of your employed writers.

In China, you have such eunuchs and literary prostitutes as Chen Quanguo, Huang Qifan, Wang Yifu, and Zhang Weiwei to sing songs for you. Outside China, you have such diplomatic clowns as Wang Yi, Liu Xiaoming, and Zhang Jun to coordinate with your stupidity. What they do is telling lies. They are the shame of China. They have made all Chinese lose faces, and they have let your ancestors lose faces.

You have taught CCP members “never to forget why you started”, and you have hoped to build “a community with a shared future for mankind”. But you have evil ambitions and you have taken the wrong road. With all your efforts, your Liangjiahe Thought of the New Era is doomed to fail. While your younger brother is holding an Australian passport and your daughter is studying Democracy and Freedom at Harvard University, you are calling for the Chinese people to love their Communist country and the Communist Party. Are you fooling people around?

I like Guo Wengui’s words: truth is truth. Although I don’t have the same wealth and resources, I have the definite word TRUTH to break into your lies!

I know you like to do grandiose things to impress people and thus you have created countless “Number Ones”. Your court at Dalian confiscated 16 billion US dollars of Guo’s assets. This is one of your Number Ones, right? This case is going to be selected into the textbook of Harvard Business School, do you know?

Under the pressure of your corrupt government, Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, JD, and others have knelt on their knees, helping you do more evil. Your spokespersons Hu Xijin, Hua Chunying, Liu Xin or even those fake democratic supporters overseas will soon be thrown into the rubbish bin, do you know?

For a long time in the future, your buns at Qingfeng Bakery will be a joke spreading all across China, the same as Wang Qishan’s urine bag and Chen Feng’s sexual yoga.

An old saying goes: unjust is doomed to destruction. Shang Yang of the Qin Dynasty made the law belittle the people and make them stupid. In the end, he was torn dead into pieces by five-horse chariots. Do bad, bad things will follow. That’s the law of reasoning. The spirit of Wang Jian, the HNA Group Chairman, has crawled over the body of Wang Qishan.

Xi, your greatest sin is: when you did evil, you did that in the name of the people. And more than that, when concrete evidence is confirmed, your corrupt officials have taken no steps to resign. The Chinese people will bring those responsible to justice!

CCP killer Guo Wengui said he is currently not acting against YOU. Mr. Xi, you know he is fooling you around too. Like many of his warrior friends, we want to have your hand to eliminate Wang Qishan and other criminals.

Sometimes, when Guo said “Eliminate Xi”, he does not mean killing you but bringing you to justice. Otherwise, you will have the same fate as Saddam Hussein, Ceausescu or al-Gaddafi.

Although you have the military power and recently you promoted 7 generals, any military force would finally choose to stand by the side of the people. As “an emperor in new clothes”, you are naked in public eyes. At the time of war, none of these generals would go and die for you.

Wall Street was with you; the World Bank was with you; the United Nations was with you. But facing justice, they have chosen to retreat.

The strength of the demons is still powerful, so powerful that even the Buddha has sighed for it. But Xi, I have never thought of you to be that powerful. You may be proud of your power. But by the time you went for dictatorship, you have become the enemy of the people. Do you think you are more powerful than people?

If I had said these words in China, comparing you to a demon, you must have me disappeared. In China, you have blocked my This is mostly an English website. Why are you so scared? Are you afraid that Chinese intellectuals and college students can read English? My country mates phoned me mid last year that you have sent security officers and policemen to my village, taking pictures of my country house besides inquiring about my history.

When Confucius traveled across the country, criticizing the kings and emperors, none of them did any harm to him. Therefore, China must change. China must be a place that allows freedom of speech!

In the United States of America, there is a long list of names: Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, Michael Pompeo, Marco Rubio, Kyle Bass ….these names will be recorded into the history of China and the hearts of the people as their greatest friends!

June 4th will be the National Day of new China. By June 4th, an interim government shall be established in the United States. By then, the CCP shall be designated as a terrorist organization that is to be cursed and disposed of.

Xi, history has very little time for you. Although new China will have many problems to solve, they are none of your business.

Your biggest short-coming may be your arrogance. Because of this, you have not heard about the truth of the world. In our Guangdong dialect, you are a dying chicken stretching its legs. If you could turn around today and become the Gorbachev of China, you may have a way out. If by this, you can let the Chinese nation and 1.4 billion people suffer less, you may have a way out.

Traditionally, Chinese people value filial piety. We honor the qualities of serving our parents, materially and spiritually. As the lord of the Middle Kingdom, your duty of filial piety is to serve the people, bring justice to society, make the environment for righteousness and uprightness, and safeguard the people’s rights and freedom.

When Emperors Yao and Shun ruled over the Middle Kingdom, they proclaimed, “When my people have sinned, it is all my fault.” Narrow-minded Xi, do you have the same broadness of your mind?

If you take a closer look, you can see that under your governance, resentments are everywhere from the public; officials are also complaining; your government has confused the people of what is right or wrong. All our ancestors’ proverbs of negatives can be used to describe you and your government: self-contradictory by using your spear to strike your shield; stupid person telling about his dream; stealing the bell while covering his ears; pointing to a deer and calling it a horse. You are cheating yourself and now at your wit’s end.

Today, with much arrogance, you want to rewrite the Bible and sutras, betraying your teachers and ancestors. Do you think you have the honor of filial piety?

During your tenure, you built a huge mausoleum for your father. Are you aware that for most things you have done, you are unearthing your ancestral tombs? Have you ever thought of the fate of the dirty mausoleum in your hometown Sha’anxi?

To advocate Chinese qualities of filial piety, the Buddha goes up to the Heavenly Palace to preach for his mother. At the gathering, the Buddha warns about the consequences of betraying their ancestors.

According to teachings of the Buddha, your act of insulting the Bible and other religious offenses would take you to the darkest hell of the eighteenth-level under HELL and shall stay there with the suffering for millions of years.

Mr. Xi, this year you are 67. In less than 20 years, or even 10, 5 or 2 years, the gate to HELL shall be opened for you. Hurry up and put down your weapons for killing and repent! Chinese people may forgive you.

Can you imagine the scene of the land of China with freedom and democracy when the Chinese nation is free from the shackles of the CCP? Beijing is boiling, Shanghai is boiling, Guangzhou is boiling …. The whole country will be up and boiling. The whole world will be up with applauds too!

Today, the presidential election in Taiwan has demonstrated the victory of freedom and democracy. That’s the road to tomorrow’s China. That is so meaningful for the future of the Chinese nation!

The strife of Hong Kongers in the past six months is to safeguard the same freedom and democracy. This is why you as dictators are afraid of and want to stop. But the torrents of human progress are strong and irresistible. Any narrow-minded villains as you shall never be able to stop it!

In WTO, you are a thief. In the South China Seas, you are a robber. With the BGY, the Red Yellow Blue Kindergarten Scandal, and harvest of live-organs, you are a criminal. The contaminated vaccines and milk powder, the smog, the Fanya scandal, the Ezubao scandal, P2P, and many other Ponzi schemes … All these are related to your corruption.

Chinese water is contaminated; Chinese earth is poisoned; Chinese air is polluted. “Moonlight on the Lotus Pond” can rarely be seen in the country. It is hard to find a peaceful place for lovers to “have romantic boating and let the breeze push the waves forward”.

Xi, your China Dream is a castle in the air. You have challenged the United States and worked hard for it. You are causing your destruction.

You want to learn “integration of knowledge and action” from the philosopher Wang Yangming, and you want to learn from the ancient economists to “have favorable policies for commerce and trade”. But you have made things wrong. You even have pronounced the ancient language wrong. If Lu Xun was still alive, he would stand up and slap on your face.

You have the fake benevolence when it comes to “eliminating poverty”. I suggest you could still go to downtown Beijing streets to buy a bun or two, but never again go to the peasants’ country houses to shed crocodile tears. There are lots of hungry ghosts and spirits waiting for your arrival!

Hong Kong’s protests against the Extradition Bill have opened the gate for the burial of the CCP. The Chief Executive Carrie Lam is pleased to go into the tomb with you. Today’s CCP is like a patient with severe dysentery; daily diarrhea would cause its destruction.

Some people say that China and the US may have a war in the South China Seas. But I am going to tell you: don’t have your daydream. The day war is started, you shall be eliminated. Your military parade is a bluff. Your aircraft carriers and nukes are useless. Public opinion will direct the bullets. When your rockets are launched, the final destination shall be your official residence at Zhongnanhai in Beijing, not the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Do you agree?

All your movements are monitored by Guo Wengui and his warrior friends. Internationally, a united force has been formed to eliminate the CCP. The final step is for people within the CCP regime to stand up and get rid of you! Do you understand?

When your shorts have been stripped off, every person can see the weight of your little brother between your legs. Do you think so? My suggestion to you: it is better to take precautions against your own bodyguards and vice-president Wang Qishan than putting your major efforts to deal with overseas forces.

I am not going to play the piano against a buffalo. Here I have no suggestion for you to deal with the trade war with the US, to deal with Hong Kong and Taiwan, to regain domestic confidence and save the corrupt CCP from collapse. You cannot be saved. You and the CCP must leave the stage.

Please don’t blame my pride. In 2020, all Chinese people should be proud of themselves. After a year or so, it is difficult for me to mention your name in my articles.

The progress has been scheduled in the timetable. In China’s history books, you are destined as a sinner. There is no doubt about it. As the leader of the gangsters, you have no place to flee.

Public opinion flows like water. When you have lost the trust of the people, you are a dead fish on the riverbank!

Former President Jiang Zemin has saved his life by kowtowing to the Goddess of Mercy at Putuo Mountains. Stupid as you are, Mr. Xi, do you think you can survive the destruction?

It looks I am quite angry with you today. Maybe we had some unhappy experiences in our past lives. Basically, I don’t have any personal resentment against you. This is a matter of national justice. If I had the opportunity to go to hell, I shall explain that to you further.

According to teachings of the Buddha, every human is a shinning mirror; but their brightness is blocked by a cover of greed, ignorance and bad temperament, by illusions and attachments. I am also grateful to you. Through your life, fake governance, the evil and ugly parts of the CCP regime are revealed. The CCP is no longer great, bright and always correct. You are the mirror. If we had the chance to come to HELL together, I would be very happy to see HELL presenting you with a mirror as a gift.

I am a mean person too. I used to do some bad things and smell like rubbish. But the merciful Buddha took me as his student all the same, and allow me to continue my worldly practice.

Everything is created by our minds. Mr. Xi, please open your mind, and take a look at the Heavens of China, the earth of the world. My last words to you: put down your weapons and come to the Buddha with his teachings.

Ong! Bala, Bala, Sanbala, Sanbala! Indialiya, Wexiudani. Hong hong! Lulu qialy, Kaluqialy! Swaha!

This mantra of the Buddha shall help eliminate the evils and save the Chinese people from suffering.

And my words end here.

Mr. Xi, watch your steps, mind the road under your feet!

By Cloudy Seagail

I have another Chinese version of this letter. You can check it out here.

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