An insider talks about scandals of the CCP leadership and its evil ambitions in the world

Main Entrance of Zhongnanhai, official residence of the CCP leadership.

Lude: Welcome to Ludepress! Today we have a special guest nicknamed Mu Guiying, besides our regular guest Gangtiexia. As a member in the third generation of CCP’s Red Army, Ms. Mu Guiying is going to tell us why lots of people within the Red Generation are watching Guo Wengui’s broadcast of whistle-blows, and why many of these RED families have fled overseas after the CCP’s Fourth Plenary Session, in addition to other developments within the CCP leadership in recent months and how these RED families think about the developments.

Gangtiexia, please say a few words first.

Gangtiexia: Dear friends! Today I am very excited to have Ms. Mu Guiying with us. As an influencer within the CCP, she is going to give us explosive information. Thank you, Lude.

Mu Guiying: Hello! It’s my honor to be invited for a talk on Ludepress. It’s my honor to share with you what I have gone through since Wengui started his whistle blows three years ago.

As Lude has told, I am a member of the CCP’s red third generation. My grandparents walked the Long March after the steps of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other revolutionaries. I am also one of the beneficiaries of the CCP’s system.

At this time, why have I joined Wengui’s Expose Revolution and refused to collude with the CCP system…formerly, before the 18th Congress, I worked as an official for the CCP government. After the 18th Congress, the CCP leadership promoted many members of the third generation of the Red Army to serve in their government, and I was one of them.

They thought that children of the Red Army are trustworthy, and thus I am one of their “own children” that can be trusted. I served them for two or three years.

But actually they trust nobody. Even the drivers working for the CCP leadership at Zhongnanhai are changed every three months.

During my service within the Zhongnanhai, and as a person with independent thinking, I don’t feel comfortable with what the CCP officials have been doing.

Although I could make lots of money working for them besides other personal enjoyment, I don’t think that is the kind of life I like to have.

In the spring of 2016, when I talked to my friends and other people, I felt very proud of having the opportunities to meet so many high ranking CCP officials, including the top leaders. I was proud of my privileges in clothing, foods, housing and travel. As you know, all high ranking officials have their special provisions.

Later, when I heard enough people talking about the CCP leadership’s corruption, I started to feel uncomfortable. I started to feel that people have not looked at us in a way that we have wished to be looked at. And I started to think that people think of the anti-corruption campaign differently.

Of course, what influenced me most was the whistle-blow by Guo Wengui. At that time, a friend of mine who is also a member of the second red generation came to see me. She also kept a close relation with Wang Qishan. She grew up in a Red Army family in Yan’an and her family maintained a good relationship with Wang’s.

One day, she came to talk to me, “Do you know Guo Wengui?” I said I only heard of him as I had been in Beijing for only a few years. She said, “Recently, this Guo Wengui is defaming Secretary Wang. We must stand up for a counter-attack.”

She knows I was a fighter on the internet. And I took on a lot of the so-called economists and other VIPs. She showed me some of the videos by Guo Wengui.

When I watched Guo’s videos, I was shocked that many of the things he talked about were true. And many of the things happened among us, and we know many of the individuals mentioned by Guo in his whistle blows, like Hu Shuli, Gao yanyan and others. My friends all said what Guo had told was true. And we kept away from giving him a “counter-attack”.

On the contrary, we shared many of his videos to more friends and helped spreading the information. As a result, many people from the second or third generation of the red families have received Guo’s videos in their WeChat accounts. But very soon, many people have their WeChat accounts blocked or canceled.

In those days, the whistle blows by Guo Wengui shocked many people within the CCP system. Many people from the State Council also watched Guo’s videos secretly. Many of them are ministers and higher ranking officials, like members or supplementary members of the CCP’s Central Committee.

A lot of people did not know how to get over the Great Firewall. So many people installed VPNs at the State Council. But they were soon blocked too. Everyone was strictly censored. Even technicians from the telecommunications companies felt strange to know that their VPNs were blocked in such a short time.

Even today in Beijing, Guo’s videos of whistle blows are very popular and have attracted widespread attention.

I know one Vice-minister. After he watched Guo’s whistle blows, he resigned from his ministerial post and immediately left China. He also told me some stories about CCP’s corruption.

One well-known Hong’erdai (member of the second generation of the Red Army) had sex with a virgin girl everyday. This Vice-minister knows the Hong’erdai very well. He shared his sex stories on his WeChat account and this sex scandal has made an explosive piece of news.

Because of Guo’s whistle blows, lots of people also stood out to tell their secret stories of CCP’s high ranking officials. Therefore I say Guo’s whistle blows have astonishing effects among different circles.

This year, as far as I know, two persons dared to point their fingers at the family members of Wang Qishan and scold them. They said Wang Qishan’s method of ruling the country is: Shang Yang plus Guanzi plus Marx, a modern slavery system.

These two persons are also Hong’erdai. In the past, no one had the guts to challenge Wang Qishan and the CCP as such.

In the past, Wang Qishan was regarded as a God-like person with his powerful anti-corruption campaign. But today with Guo’ whistle blows, Wang Qishan’s scandals are fully exposed. Therefore, I think Guo is very important to China. He has awakened many Chinese people, especially high ranking officials.

In three years, we have watched Guo’s videos everyday and spread the information. Now, we are very clear about the behaviors of CCP leaders, including their plans and actions related to the Hong Kong event.

Yesterday, I also contacted some CCP leader at Zhongnanhai, asking for developments of their plan in the Hong Kong crisis.

This CCP leader told me that their purpose is very clear: Hong Kong must be included in the Great Bay Area. He told me some of Wang Qishan’s own words: “We must let Hong Kong have chaos everyday, deteriorating day after day. Finally, we want to see Hong Kong become a normal China city. The center of the Great Bay Area is Shenzhen, not Hong Kong. The Hong Kong dollar must be eliminated. Hong Kong must be destroyed.”

This CCP leader told me that it is the CCP not the Hong Kongers who want to bring Hong Kong into turmoil. The CCP has a plan to turn Hong Kong into a chaotic territory.

Some time ago, I asked a CCP official from the military. He told me that the Hong Kong crisis must continue until the end of the year. I had questions as to why they have set the time to the end of the year.

After the talk with the CCP leader yesterday, I have now come to understand that the CCP does have the plan to bring about turmoil in Hong Kong.

According to the CCP leader, even though no more students are protesting on Hong Kong streets, the CCP must organize some PLA troops to dress in black as rioters and cause more troubles on the streets. The CCP won’t give up their evil acts until the end of the year.

Shall I pause here, Lude?

Lude: Wow! Mu Guiying’s information is explosive. Gangtiexia, do you have any questions?

Gangtiexia: I already had a friendly conversation with Ms. Mu Guiying and she had told me some of her thoughts about Guo Wengui’s whistle blows. They are 100% facts. Ms. Mu, could you tell us more about Wang Qishan’s sex scandals? Is his finger really hard? And again, how the dying CCP leaders try to maintain their rule in the country? They are over 100 years old or over 70 years old like Wang Qishan but still look young. How could they have achieved that?

Mu Guiyang:I have a good friend, also a very bad CCP official, but I am not going to mention his name today. He is a white glove. He keeps a close relationship with Li Zhanshu, like a brotherhood.

I am one hundred percent sure that he slept with all the female flight attendants of one particular airlines. There is no doubt about that.

He never feels shame about that; instead he shows off with pride his sex pleasures with all the girls of the airliner. He said he had sex with over 1000 girls, and as a result his health is in trouble.

He said he could only use his fingers now in his sex games. Once he factually showed me his fingers. Two of his fingers are truly bigger than the others, swollen after many times of scratches in the women’s organs. This was the first time I have seen fingers without fingerprints.

He showed me his fingers and told me those sex stories about them. He told me that Yunnan Provincial government suggested him to have an injection of blood essence. I am sure many of you have heard about this special blood essence used by CCP’s veteran leaders.

He said the Yunnan government office had specially collected some blood essence from the young males or females for him to use in one treatment. It is told that with one term of treatment of those injections, his vitality for sex can be maintained for at least a full year.

He also asked me if I need an injection as well. I refused. When Guo Wengui talked about it on the National Day during the military parade, I immediately thought of the similar story with my friend’s case.

Guo Wengui has told that when they have the injection, their blood groups must match with each other. I am absolutely sure what Guo has told was true. Those so-called donors who have their blood groups match may not be criminals of death penalty; they may just be live young soldiers from the military.

This is totally barbaric, but I am sure these kinds of things happen. Many people are questioning the truth of what Guo Wengui has told, many things that are out of everyone’s imaginations, but to many of our Hong’erdai within the CCP system, we are sure that they exist. And we think that they are normal, though shocking to many of us as well.

I personally have done many evil things within the Zhongnanhai. Looking back, I felt very sorry about that. But Guo Wengui is truly the person who has awakened the conscience of many CCP officials. That’s why I can easily understand what the CCP has done and what it is going to do to the people. Because I have the experience and I have seen their evils with my own eyes.

Because of Wengui, I have come to understand the systematic evils of the CCP. I have come to think of their plan to challenge the US and to dominate the world. I have come to understand why they started to do the blockchain.

One day, former Chongqing mayor Huang Qifan and Zhu Jiaming invited me to dinner, to talk about the development of blochchain.

Lude: Why have they invited you to talk about blockchain?

Mu Guiying: At that time, I kept a close relation with China Science Academy and China Academy of Social Sciences. I took on many of their economists on the internet. My predictions on China’s economy are far more better than those so-called popular economic masters. I has won my reputation in the economic circle. In one case I accurately predicted the stock market crisis in 2015. Premier Li Keqiang consulted me before the crisis.

Then Zhu Jiaming, just returning from the U.S, worked at the digital currency institute. A group of economists were invited, and I was one of them.

At that time, a member of the red third generation came to see me and told that they were going to do a massive project of digital money. She said the project is evil and asked me not to attend. For that reason, I withdrew from taking part in the project.

If you check Google for Zhu Jiaming, you will see all his speeches in the past few years were centered around blockchain. He is the main promoter, working directly under Wang Qishan. Zhu and Wang and others were called the Four Great Reformers.

Shall I just stop here, Lude?

Lude: Before the CCP’s Fourth Plenary Session, many families of the Red Generation were invited to Beijing by Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan. What do you think they have in their minds?

Mu Guiying: On the National Day with the military parade, many veteran leaders were invited to Beijing, to stand on the stage of the Heavenly Gate of Peace.

A retired Provincial Party Secretary told me that after the parade, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan had separate meetings with him, asking why he did not look happy on the stage.

He said that Xi and Wang solicited his support for their Fourth Plenary Session decision on a close-door policy and leftist plan.

Many veteran leaders on the stage of the Heavenly Gate of Peace showed the same unhappiness on their faces. Some people might have carried a smile on their faces, but in their minds they had deep resentment against Xi and Wang.

They know that Xi and Wang are having the Cultural Revolution Version 2.0 with their close-door policy. Therefore they were all in very bad mood and had their concerns about the Fourth Plenum.

After the CCP released the Communique after the Plenary Session, I gave my explanations in one of my videos on Youtube. These days, CCP members have been busy in carrying out the policies and measures in the spirit of the Plenary Session.

I don’t think that is a Cultural Revolution Version 2.0, but re-walking the Long March before 1949. They are copying Mao’s political and economic policies. Although Xi and Wang have given them different names, the essence is Mao’s thought, to fool people around.

After the Plenary Session, lots of red families are fleeing out of China. As a matter of fact, many of them had started to plan for immigration late last year. They have left in despair.

In the following months, we will see many more CCP officials resign and leave the country. I know many of them. They are not taking any chances after the CCP’s Fourth Plenum.

Some will stay, I am sure, looking for luck. But Xi and Wang are sure to implement their slavery system.

Some veteran leader told me that Xi and Wang are proud of their Belt and Road Initiative when heads of over 50 countries have come to them for advice and study. These 50 heads of states are very much interested in Xi’s system of slavery with modern technology.

I did not have thought Xi and Wang would be so happy and full of confidence of their system when so many heads of states have come to them for experience in high-tech dictatorship. What do you think, Lude?

Lude: Since the 19th Congress, Xi Jinping has implemented his so-called socialism with Chinese characteristics. In essence, that is a system of modern slavery. Gangtiexia, do you have anything to say about this?

Gangtiexia: I totally agree with what Mu Guiying has said. The Expose Revolution started by Guo Wengui has revealed to us the real faces of Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan. The Expose Revolution has stripped Xi and Wang off their shorts, and we have seen their dirty hairs under. They should have been pulled down from the throne long ago.

Yesterday in New York’s economic forum, President Trump apparently laughed at Xi Jinping and labeled him a cheater. We are very pleased to hear this.

I have a question to Mu Guiying: who has ordered the crackdown in Hong Kong? What do you think of the fight between Xi and Wang? What would the fight be like? Thank you.

Mu Guiying: What’s happening is Hong Kong is not a crack-down. It is fishing. Why the CCP has the plan to continue the turmoil until the end of the year? They are humiliating the Hong Kongers. They want to lure all the courageous Hong Kongers so that they can finally put them into concentration camps where they will be killed or commit suicide.

With the humiliation, the CCP wants to destroy the spirit of Hong Kongers for resistance. Therefore, I take this crackdown an evil act of fishing. They want to turn Hong Kong into an ordinary city of China.

Years ago, in Guangdong’s Foshan City, a little girl Xiao Yeye was run down by a van but no one gave a helping hand to save her life. This is what the CCP wants. The CCP wants Hong Kong to be a cold-blooded city like this. The CCP wants absolute obedience of Hong Kongers.

Therefore, whether one million or two million people have turned out for protests in Hong Kong, they will finally detained all of them and put them into concentration camps. This is their plan.

If you check one of my videos, on May 24, the CCP had ordered to build concentration camps in all provinces across China, like those re-education camps in Xinjiang. Each of these camps will hold one million people.

When these camps are built across the country, it is easy to detain millions of Hong Kongers and sent them there. They are now humiliating the Hong Kongers so that they can find out who dare to resist and thus differentiate them. Their purpose is to destroy all rebellious Hong Kongers.

Their plan can be achieved only when all Hong Kongers are submissive and Hong Kong has become an ordinary city under their dictatorship. This is truly terrifying.

According to their plan, the CCP is to eliminate the Hong Kong dollar and create a new digital currency for the Great Bay Area, and name it Shenzhen currency. They actually have a clear blueprint for Hong Kong, only that few of us have ever thought deep about it. It is the veteran leader who told me this.

Vice president Mike Pence was right to say that, “it’s the Chinese Communist Party that has been de-coupling from the wider world for decades.” I think these words have hit the point.

Lude: Ms. Mu, do you think the CCP leadership is afraid of pressure from the US government? Do you think Wang Qishan and others are scared of sanctions or having their assets confiscated by the US government?

Mu Guiying: Lude, my words may disappoint you. Wang Qishan once said, “The Americans can do only four things to counter China. First, economic, technological and military blockade; second, confiscation of assets; third, decoupling in a cold-war; and fourth, cutting off diplomatic relations and withdraw from all treaties and agreements”. Wang said these words in 2018 and the CCP has planned for everything.

The CCP thinks that in a partnership with over 60 countries, the application of the blockchain and a self-reliance economy, it can have a second polar in the world. The US could do nothing more than the sanctions in the above four areas. So the CCP is not all afraid of the United States.

Wang Qishan has planned for all possibilities. To speak the truth, he has no fear.

The CCP is playing a game with the US in the trade talks. They have played the US on their hands and have been very pleased about that.

At the Argentina G20, the CCP has claimed their victory. They have done a lot in those 90 days, to prepare for more like the decoupling, the blcokchain, the establishment of a second polar. They have formulated many laws and implemented many measures during those 90 days, including giving the police absolute power in criminal cases.

The CCP is also proud of its achievements. It has planned for the humiliation of President Trump and removing him from office. They think they have been successful in fooling around President Trump in those trade talks.

Last year, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan often attended study courses in the Central Party School. They studied Sunzi’s Art of War there. They laughed at the Trump administration, “Do they know about the Art of War? Can they compete with us with only several hundred years of history against our five thousand years’ civilization? We have so many tactics and conspiracies. Do the Americans know anything about conspiracy? We will lead them around the games and finally put them to death!” This is what Wang Qishan has said in one of the meetings.

Therefore, I am telling you that the CCP leadership has no fears.

Lude: Gangtiexia, do you have anything to say?

To be continued…

Translation by staff

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