Americans need the bravery and courage to face the truth, says Miles Guo


Steve Bannon: I want to turn out. Do we have Miles? Miles, can you hear us on the vessel?

Miles Guo: Yes, sir. Steven K. Bannon. How are you?

Steve Bannon: We are doing great. Thank you for your ask. Listen, Miles, we started the show today with going around the world, from South Korea, to Australia, to Canada, United Kingdom, France. We were able to get an interview with Tex with New Zealand about Chinese expatriates, people who are now maybe citizens of these countries. They’ve got citizenships, they’ve got passports,  but they’re all protesting. It’s a combination of the Whistleblowers Movement, the New Federal State of China and others.

They are all protesting outside of Chinese embassies and Chinese consulates. And what they are saying that “the CCP lied, Americans died”. or “CCP lied, and Australians died.” or “CCP lied, and Englishmen died.” or “the French died”.

Why is this being driven? When we sit here, we just had Peter Navarro on. When you look at Seattle, you look at Portland, you look at these protests around our country. Our media is not pointing the finger to the Chinese Communist Party.

We just found out that the Panorama show on the BBC, going to have an interview later with a whistleblower. But the mainstream media has not been doing this.

It’s really come from GTV, it has come from you, it has come from Dr. Peter Navarro, pointing the finger at what the problem is, pointing the finger.

So talk to us about why these demonstrations already happened. We had one take place four weeks ago in the United States, outside the Chinese embassy, now expanded throughout the world.

What is driving these protests, these freedom protests out of Chinese embassies and Chinese consulates throughout the world with people shouting “the CCP lied, people died ” or “down with the CCP.”?

Miles Guo: Thank you, sir. I am really proud of joining the War Room.

Today I see you go back to D.C. and President Trump’s hotel. That’s very beautiful. Also, today is a big, big day in the world – Australia, New Zealand, also Canada, Japan, UK, France, South Korea – Everywhere is the New Federal State of China.

We are Chinese, and all the official Chinese protesting used Peter Navarro’s slogan “CCP lied, world people died, American people died.” That’s very powerful. Because the Chinese now are very important to face the truth. That’s always you and me – we talk.

I hope Americans can also face the truth.

Now everybody is talking about the coronavirus. But nobody asked where the coronavirus came from. Everybody talks about how many people infected; how many people died. But nobody asked where the coronavirus came from, who made the coronavirus.

Why the American media, media all around the world, all the governments don’t like to face the truth?

Why? Why? Why? That’s important.

You look at Canada. You look at the UK. You look at France. You look at South Korea. You look at Japan! All the governments – the police tried to stop our New Federal State of China people from going to protest and bring the truth to the world.

CCP’s huge power in any country is trying to buy the police to stop our protests.

That’s the democratic west world. But now we can show the world what had happened. CCP lied, the world people died. How can you stop the deaths? Find out the truth!

How can you find out the truth? These governments need Action, Action, Action! They can’t just talk, and work with paper, speech, and just keep saying. It’s bureaucracy talk.

Please, sir! War Room and you are doing a good job. You raised it to lots of people, wake up lots of people.

How can you solve the problem? Only one: find out the truth! Where did the coronavirus come from? Who made the coronavirus? Is it from nature? Is it from the lab? Is it man-made? Is it from an animal? That’s easy. Americans can do it.

Also, another side, sir, you know China, all the problems, is from the Cultural Revolution before.

They talk about the bumper harvest. This bumper harvest is a lie. Why? It is propaganda.

They talk, “Somebody might be starving, only some…”.

No! Everything is propaganda, propaganda!

They cheated the world.

America now has a big trouble: the media and Wall Street. CCP still controls the media; they don’t want the Americans to know the truth.  That’s America’s second disaster! Thank you.

Steve Bannon: Miles, I want to ask you. We have said, you know, Secretary of State Pompeo said the World Health Organization, other people are starting to demand that they get access to these labs, access to the scientists.

We now know that Panorama’s talking to a scientist, Dr. Yan is around. Hopefully, she’s going to meet some of the media. You have other defectors, we know in Europe.

Should the United States and others demand – what I’ve been saying is, give them 72 hours – 72 Hours to give full access to an international consortium that would get access to every scientist, every gain of function experiment, every animal species they had there, the entire -all the emails, all the communications, everything. They would actually get all access in 72 hours.

Or the United States would drop the hammer. Cut them off from the dollar, sanction the financial institutions, sanction Wang Qishan, General Secretary Xi. Sanction all of them and actually break the Chinese Communist Party until they turn over this information! Because as Mao and Deng Xiaoping said “Truth comes from facts”. Until we get the facts, we’re not going to know the truth.

Miles Guo, your comments?

Miles Guo: Yes, sir! 100%. I think Americans need to do this. If you don’t do this, America has no more time. More people get to die, more people get to be infected. That’s 100% correct.

They need quickly to take action, you know, to really do it.

But this is not enough. Dr. Yan came to America to give Americans the truth, to speak all the truth about the coronavirus, in Hong Kong P3 lab, what had happened there. Also WHO is cheating all the people, giving fake information, cooperating with the PLA biological weapon army. And the Wuhan P4 lab, all the truth. She became the whistleblower, gave you Americans the truth. She lost everything.

Even now, the American government doesn’t do anything. No more people talk about Dr. Yan. What has happened? What is happening in the P3 lab and P4 lab? That’s too ridiculous!

After this, I think a lot of people will get into the trial. It’s criminal.

You don’t work efficiently to find out the truth. You don’t face the truth! You bureaucracy!

You don’t like to face the true information. That can kill more American people.

That’s why I like the 72-hour idea. You must give the CCP warning. You must let America know what had happened in the P3 Hong Kong lab and what had happened in Wuhan P4 lab! What happened when Xi Jinping made the decision, any document?

And I think America needs to give red notes to everyone working in the P4, P3 labs. The experts must give America all the information.

You know, sir, somebody now in the UK, in Europe, is from the army side. They try to give America some true information from the government of how they made the decision, of how they might have made the biological weapon. Because they look the American government is not seriously thinking to solve the problem. They look at Dr. Yan in America. Nobody respects her.

Only Fox talks 0.001% of the truth. But they don’t like it. They don’t trust America, because America does not have serious actions. That is the problem.

Dr. Yan is here. Nobody asked what had happened, what had happened!

Steve Bannon: Miles, can you tell us all, is the Chinse Communist Party doing anything at all to help the citizens along in Wuhan, these other great Chinese cities combating the historic biblical floods?

Miles Guo: Sir, CCP always has this super genius solution to solve any disaster given to the Chinese. They have a good solution, same as the last seventy years.

In CCTV website, they’ve always talked about the solution. China this year, the agriculture is said to have a bumper harvest. Their solution is always propaganda, to cover the truth. “Oh, this year, don’t be worried. No natural disasters. Don’t worry, we would not starve the people.” Same as the Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward.

The Great Leap Forward is the same: 40 million to 80 million people died because of starvation. They say, “No, we are having the same bumper harvest.” No the same solution – cover the truth, propaganda, same with lying about the coronavirus.

Sir, what happened with the coronavirus? -Cover the truth, propaganda. “That’s from the animal, from the bat, from the fish, from nature.” Do you believe this?

Now if American media, some American people still follow the CCP propaganda, always trust the CCP’s data, that’s ridiculous.

You look at the Three Gorges Dam. It is too dangerous now. Every day, every hour, you know from inside, they sent out a lot of videos, natural live videos. How many people have died? How many cars and houses have collapsed? How many people were killed and buried? That’s a disaster.

Nobody talked in the world about how many people have died; how many cars, how many houses, and how many apartments have collapsed and disappeared? Nobody talked about the truth.

They solve it with the same solution: propaganda, cover the truth! Same with the coronavirus!  That’s why Americans need bravery and courage to face the truth and ask the CCP!

Don’t trust the CCP, any of its propaganda; Don’t trust the CCP’s data.

Same thing. Now in the Three Gorges Dam area, hundreds of millions of people may, in this hour, I hope this has not happened, die by the fault. That’s cray, sir!

America uses all the videos, live broadcasts, same with War Room-pandemics, good job in doing videos. You can know the CCP always solve solutions by making lies, covering the truth and propaganda, sir.

Thank you!

Notes taken by staff from War Room Pandemic
Interview between Steve Bannon and Miles Guo


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