Americans have two choices: die or fight back, says Miles Kwok


Thank you, sir, Mr. Bannon,

I remember the first time I met you in 2017 in Washington D.C., when you asked me about VOA, the 419 issue (April 4th interview interruption), you gave me lots about your views about VOA 419 issue.

That’s why I admired you, you’ve looked into the truth. Now the American government made a decision so good, but too late.

I talked about the warfare. About the warfare, within China’s PLA, they have a strategy: use America’s money to take down America; use the American people to take down America; use America’s greed to take down America.

VOA and Free Asia – these are their partners; these are good examples of how they can weaken America.

The CCP – how smart they are! Use America’s money, use the Americans to take down or weaken America. That is their strategy.

You know, VOA and Free Asia, every year, they took hundreds of hundreds of millions from the America’s tax payers. But the money they use should be used to serve the Americans, to serve Americans’ freedom and democracy.

But VOA and Free Asia, they are totally different. They used America’s money and American people to weaken – look at VOA and Free Asia, in the last 30 years, the people they interviewed, all those people are anti-America. All those people are anti-President Trump. All those people supported the CCP in the Hong Kong movement, to arrest HK people, rape HK people, and kill HK people.

VOA’s former worker Sasha Gong is an American citizen, taking an American passport, is a high-level people. But she convinced the Congress to give CCP the free trade contract.

You look, the last 30 years, who in the VOA and Free Asia, look at everybody there, they are all against Miles Kwok’s whistle-blowers’ Movement.

Why all 100% of people there are anti-President Trump? Why 100% people there are anti-Hong Kong movement?

They never helped America. That’s a big big problem. This is very symbolic. Ok?

You can find out how deep the CCP is in America. Their BGY can buy America. America is facing a huge huge trouble.

Sir, how do you think, America spent hundreds and hundreds of millions of money to act against America. That was very symbolic.

Also Youtube, Twitter, Facebook – they have billions, trillions of dollars in value. But they don’t tell the Americans the truth about the CCP, about BGY, about 3F, and how they talk about America.

They make America weak, they want to defeat America. They made Americans lose money and lose jobs. Who must take the responsibility, sir? Americans need to think about this. Why we have so many people die and we never see anything from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, VOA, Free Asia.

Why all those people are anti-America, anti-President Trump?

I don’t want to talk about America’s inside politics. But why CCP can 100% control all these people in America? That is a huge problem.

This is a huge country. But 100% the CCP can buy. That’s why 3 years ago I said America power is going to be in the darkest time.

You need to quickly wake up. CCP wants to kill you, want to take you down, ruin you. This is their country’s strategy.

Americans have only two choices in their strategy: one choice, die; and fight back.

By Miles Kwok
Notes taken by staff

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