America has always become stronger after disasters, says Miles Guo


The most horrible thing is being driven into a life of fear. What does Trump fear about the most right now? The most annoying thing to him is being “arrested” by these TV stations, including his family. I’ve heard that what he cares about the most is that they want to arrest his family. Other Americans have the same fear; everyone has this fear.

Law, known as constitution and belief, is the supreme existence, the noblest thing ever known in human civilization history. Truly, America is endued with these things: religion, faith, and constitution. Now, every state wants to modify the constitution, well, what approach would they adopt? Modifying the constitution by fraud, replacing the president by fraud, and changing your belief by fraud is what the CCP is about. And then, American people, will it be still possible for you to eat whatever you want? How miserable will the American people be in the future?

It’s just like what I personally experienced in my childhood: the chief of the village frequently visited families, many families, I’ve seen too many. Yes, too many. Every day the ba*tard pulled a long face as the whole world owed him money, the same feel as someone with a lighter looking for gas every day. He looked down on everybody else but frequently went to “comfort” their wives. Sadly, I haven’t seen any man in the house who dared to say no to him.

That’s what makes America great. In America, there is bravery and justice, and there’ll always be someone who stands up and says no.

The same story happened in my hometown in Shandong, where Confucius lived: Shandong Province, Shen County, Gu Town, [inaudible] XiCaoYing Village. Almost all the chiefs of the villages nearby were like this: [a chief] harassed [the families of] the whole street in a stretch, and then every day at noon or evening, he drank wine all day long, and after they got drunk, they started yelling on the street, usually with a loudspeaker, walking around the village and scolding people with his loudspeaker. I rarely saw anyone, no one, who dared to resist.

There are three things which we Chinese acutely lack: faith in God, cognizance and respect for law, and courage that each of us should possess, as so required by basic humanity. Without these traits, it is impossible for us to distinguish between true and false, good and evil, of which will be forever unattainable.

This is why the United States is such a great country! There are 7 billion people in the world. How many of them are enemies of America? Quite a lot. How many forces have attempted to harm her, ceaselessly? But America has always become even stronger after enduring one disaster after another. The reason why she can bounce back with vitality after a series of challenges or disasters is that America has the foundation of religion and the Constitution.

This Constitution is unlike ours, which could be easily overridden by the CCP just as it did at the 18th Congress. Even in this day and age, the rule of law is still so far-fetched. Ever since the year 1989/1991, how many times the “promises” of achieving modest prosperity and the rule of law have been made by the CCP, and yet have been postponed, now all the way to 2035.

By Miles Guo

Translator:阿基米德 Proofreader:蓝莲花


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