Amanda Bennett should be removed from VOA immediately, says Steven Bannon


On February 6 in New York, when asked by Sara whether the US Department of Justice would charge and prosecute those American individuals in collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in their propaganda, such as Amanda Bennett of the Voice of America, former White House strategist Mr. Steven Bannon gave the following remarks:

I want to go back, in particular the people who are fighting for freedom in mainland China and the heroes like Mr. Lude and Sara here that are fighting for you here in the United States, we have to see, one of the most significant things is that Higginbotham is the first time in American history that a senior official in the Justice Department has been basically caught as a traitor to his country for money, right? This is at least 70 million dollars Higginbotham has pledged guilty to.

The question is going to be, and I think this talks about one of the problems here in the United States. The Higginbotham case, if Higginbotham was working for the Russians, ok? and if somehow associated with Trump, literally TV would be 24 hours a day, they would not go up off the air. That’s all they would be reporting: NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, it would be 24 hours a day. If it’s Russia, that’s all you would hear. They haven’t got anything on these Russian investigations on Trump. Higginbotham took 70 million dollars of money stolen from the poor people in Malaysia, to pay a senior US official, part of it to get, guess what, Miles Kwok extradited back to China.

Listen, here’s the things about Miles Kwok. For all the people there online, if everything he says is a lie, if everything he says is made up, if everything he says is bullshit, then why is it every time you turned around another senior person trying to get Miles Kwok out of the United States and back to China, including Higginbotham at the Justice Department who they paid 70 million dollars to. He’s already pleaded guilty; he’s going to prison.

So the question gets to be, and I want to bring this up very specifically, and I am going to name names, and I am sorry I am going to hurt some feelings.

But the other night we had a 7-8 hours’ broadcast here put on by, totally one of the most professional things we have ever seen here with the background that is better than Fox News, better than CNN, better than CBC; all these guys have spent millions of dollars. has the best set-up, right? 7 hours of talking about corruption, potential assassination of the Dalai Lama, trading out the dictator in Korea, the CCP getting out his bank account, one level of corruption after another, about Hong Kong, all of it. Not one word from the VOA, Voice of America Mandarin Service.

The American tax payers, the little guys in America, pay hard-earned money for VOA Mandarin Service to be able to preach the truth and the facts to the Chinese people. Here we have, patriot Chinese, and people like Sara and Mr. Lude, whose lives are in danger, and the producer, our tremendous interpreter, also putting their lives in danger; but the Voice of America, the American tax payers pay them to tell the truth to the world about China -nothing! We do the entire press conference for hours of the 500 people in China, either missing, or made disappeared, or murdered, the Voice of America said NOTHING!

Amanda Bennett, the woman director of VOA who fired Sasha Gong who tried to clear up all the truth and tell us in VOA Mandarin Service. I gave her one hour interview to the VOA Mandarin Service for its 40th Anniversary; based around Deng Xiaoping’s visit to the United States, a one-hour interview for the 40th anniversary at my home in Capital Hill, and here’s how much they showed-ZERO! You know why? They said Mr. Bannon had too much hard talking about Wang Qishan, Liu He, and President Xi, and the radical cadrys of CCP.

The Voice of America, Amanda Bennett, the American executives, including Chinese Americans to run it, are cowards. They have betrayed the American people; they have betrayed the Chinese people; they have betrayed the great legacy of the Voice of America and radio free rule by their cowering to the radical cadrys in the CCP.

Now I think Amanda Bennett should be removed immediately as head of VOA for the Mandarin Service. I think there shall be a complete and thorough investigation into Amanda Bennett and her husband, to see what tie they have with China and with the CCP for their business activities over there. Amanda Bennett has gone out of her way; she pulled the plug on Miles Kwok’s live interview; and why she pulled off the plug, because Miles Kwok was talking about Wang Qishan and Wang Qishan’s stealing of the ownership of HNA from the people of China, the people of Hainan.

Miles was saying when the plug was pulled, that now HNA is owned by two trusts set up in this very city -New York, with young men who had an association with Wang Qishan, not the people of Hainan. The plug was pulled. And she was the one who gave the order. She then ordered the firing of Sasha Gong; Sasha Gong is known as one of the best reporters about what’s happening in mainland China. Sasha Gong continued reporting about suppression of the Chinese people. She was fired.

And I had one-hour interview with VOA Mandarin Service. I sat for very few interviews with mainstream media, but I did it with VOA one hour. Every interview I have sat for has been played in its entirety except the VOA Mandarin Service interview for the 40th anniversary show for one hour. And here’s how much they showed-None! And I called up to ask where is the interview, and they said “You were too much hard talking about CCP, the corruption of CCP, radical cadrys of the CCP, the enslaving of the Chinese people, the oppression of the Chinese people”. I said I thought  that was the whole reason of the Voice of America was set up as a service to preach freedom to the people. Not one second! Ok?

Amanda Bennett should be immediately terminated and a full and deep investigation by American legal authorities should be into the corruption of the senior leadership of the Voice of America. I think what you are going to find is some sort of collaborated nature between senior leadership of VOA and radical cadrys of the CCP.

By Steven Bannon
Edited by staff writer


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