Alcohol, cigar , and his yacht… a dreamer who is fighting for his 1.4 billion fellow Chinese


“I fxxck the First Emperor Qin Shihuang, I fxxck the greatest Manchu Emperors Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong…. and many more….. I am defaming them and their ancestors, these tyrants and rapists, causing that much suffering to the Chinese people.”

Miles Kwok has drunk too much Maotai liquor and become a bit out of manners as he expressed his fury over the tyrants in Chinese history and the recent cruelty of the CCP regime.

“This time of China, the CCP leaders, not a hundred years but just one year from now, they will have the same curses , these people and their ancestors will be defamed by countless people, like Hitler in the 20s and 30s, ….. this time of China, under CCP, they have killed so many, jailed so many; what’s happening in China today is exactly the same as Hitler’s days: totalitarianism, nationalizing businesses, a rogue state, deeply in debt, over printing money, military expansion… In the end, It’s not the US but themselves who will take their own lives.”

On September 12, on his 152-foot motor yacht Lady May, the exiled billionaire Miles Kwok looked back to his old days mostly in the 80s and 90s of how he had built a great business and prepared for his fight against the Communist regime.

Flushed with anger, Miles Kwok once again sends his warnings to the CCP officials within Zhongnanhai, the imperial garden that houses the central headquarters of the CCP and central government of China. “Come and get me, I am the most valuable asset strategically under US protection!” Miles said.

“Everyday, from one mid-night to five o’clock early morning, I have to work hard, do a lot of work, my best time of the day to work … … ”

Tears came to his eyes as he continued, “I know fully well the nature of CCP, ever since I set foot on rivers and lakes as a teenager….”

“In the past, they have the greatest family planning policy, one child only for the sake of patriotism. Ridiculous! From my home village at Xin County to the city of Cao, I swear, I once have helped these pregnant women to evade abortion. Midway, they (family planning officials) set up some tents, right in the middle of the road, the medical doctors forced these pregnant women to have the abortions. The heart-wrenching cries of great suffering, miserable scenes, everyone can hear and see. Some babies, six or seven months old, taken by force from their mothers’ wombs, thrown to nearby ditches right away! Those beasts! I have witnessed all these!”

Miles Kwok continued to say that his hometown, also the birthplace of Peng Liyuan, China’s first lady, produced the greatest number of fake Maotai liquor, China’s most popular spirit. “Once I escorted a truck-load of Maotai spirit from Shandong to Heilongjiang province in the north. Along the road through several provinces, there were many check stations by local authorities…..close to Tieli city, I was stopped by the police and taken into custody… and later released with the help of a relative from my wife’s side.” Miles recalls his old days.

“Another terrible thing in my hometown is human trafficking”, he told. “I have an relative, I should called him uncle, 53 years old. He spent US$500 to buy a wife. I accompanied them to take the girl home. Many villagers bought their wives from the human traffickers. These girls were all kidnapped from Sichuan province. I saw many girls there, tied with iron chains, some naked, many of them. I swear, if I am saying a single word here which is not true, I shall go to hell, right now, immediately. My elder relative spent US$ 500 (RMB 3500) to buy this girl, 17 years old. I secretly set this girl free. Until today, my relative had no idea it was me who had let the girl flee. Before I released her, she had been raped by my old relative, naked in public, raped right in front of his parents! You wouldn’t believe this!”

According to Miles, his home village at West Caoying town had at least 60 women who had been kidnapped and sold to the local villagers. “This happened about 20 to 30 years before. But even today, human trafficking is still a common phenomenon in Shangdong’s countryside, in Henan and other provinces too. This is the reality of rule by law under the CCP.” Said Miles Kwok.

When Miles Kwok told these stories to his American friends the other day, most friends would not believe him. “Few, very very few western people know China, know the nature of CCP. Too many Chinese just live like animals, even those veterans… “Mile lit a cigar and continued to whistle blow on the corruption of CCP officials and his visits to Zhongnanhai.

Again Miles Kwok sighed and smiled. “We must be optimistic!”

When his foreign friends ask each other about their views about Miles Kwok, most of them would say, “He is a dreamer”.

“I truly have a dream, my favourite dream, that one day I will open a grand feast of ten thousand tables (for 100, 000 people), with meats, vegetables, beautiful music, dancing hands in hands, chatting with each other, all speaking their own mind, without any fear, worries or doubts …. we drink together for two days and three nights continuously, then fall into sleep, get up and drink again. That would be my wonderful and happy dream!”

“Ten years ago, I already bought a property of over 2000 acres in the US, with mountains and lakes….That will be the setting for our coming celebrations!”

Translation by Cloudy Seagail


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