After Interpol president Meng Hongwei and CCP head of Macau Zheng Xiaosong, who is next?

Meng Hongwei, Wang Jian, Zheng Xiaosong, Sun Lijun and others carrying the victim of MH 370.

When exiled billionaire Miles Kwok told that Meng Hongwei, Zheng Xiaosong and Sun Lijun were sworn brothers, he posted a photo on his media adding Wang Jian, Liao Jinrong, Meng Jianzhu, Yang Hui, Geng Huichang and others to the list of murderers involved in the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 scandal.

The disappearance of Flight 370 has been dubbed one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time. Miles Kwok said the disappearance of aircraft MH370 in 2014 was done to get rid of people knowledgeable of organ harvesting cases in a Nanjing hospital that involved the son of former Communist Party chairman Jiang Zemin.

Miles Kwok says the CCP officials have secret plans to build another power center governing the South East Asian nations, including Hong Kong and Macau. As their conspiracy is now brought into light from under water, they have started to kill those who have knowledge about their crimes.

Reputed political commentator Cao Changqing recently commented on the disappearance or death of billionaires Xiao Jianhua, Xu Ming, Wang Jian and CCP official Wang Lijun, with a view to tell about the reasoning behind the crimes and cruelty of the CCP.

“When we talk about Chinese billionaire Xiao Jianhua, we don’t know if he is still alive. Miles Kwok said recently in his whistle blows that some Chinese officials, including Wang Lijun, former director of Chongqing Public Security Bureau sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, may also have been murdered. I think there is the possibility there too.”

“Before them, two other billionaires already died of murder, billionaire Xu Ming who was closely related to Bo Xilai commercially, and HNA chairman Wang Jian who died in his trip to France.”

“These four people, two have been confirmed dead, the other two also claimed dead. Yu Ying, director of Baoneng Property Development Company, a friend a Xiao Jianhua, days ago tweeted on his Sina Weibo account, ‘He’s only 47. Jianhua, may you rest in peace’. Xiao Jianhua was born in 1971, 47 this year. So we assume Xiao has died.”

“Two months before Xu Ming’s death, there have been rumors about his death and two months after, the rumors turned out to be facts. He served four years in prison, but as his jail term came to an end, he was murdered within the prison and cremated immediately.”

“They did the same with the body of the British businessman murdered by Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai and his wife Gu Kailai, according to Michael Forsythe, the New York Times reporter noted for reporting about China, ‘cremation immediately after his death’.”

“Now I understand why Miles Kwok repeatedly accuses the CCP of murder, and why these people must die of murder. The reason, according to Miles, they have known too much! They knew about the privacy and corruption of those high ranking CCP officials.”

How they have come to know about their secrets? Because they have acted as “white gloves”-middle men that launder corrupt money under a seemingly legitimate front. They have helped those top CCP officials to make lots of dirty money, according to Cao.

“Xiao Jianhua, born in the 70s, owned more than US$ 6 billion, a huge sum of money. Last year on the Eve of Chinese Spring Festival, he was taken from the Four Seasons hotel in Hong Kong. The mainland’s security officers entered Hong Kong to capture him. Hong Kong and China, one country, two systems, where is the rule of law? We have no idea whether he is dead or alive; for a year or two, we have heard nothing about him; he just disappeared.”

“Again to the case of Xu Ming, he died days before his release from prison. He was also born in 1971, and became rich young with US$ 490 million. Why he made that much money? Because he had collaborated with CCP officials, with Bo Xilai and others.”

“Another man, Wang Lijun, we have no idea whether he is alive or dead. Miles Kwok said he must have died too, and I agree. In 2012, he was captured before attempting to seek asylum in the US Embassy. He was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, but no one knows how the judgment was made. Everything was kept secret. One year later, the CCP wanted to show the world its ‘rule of law’ and made public the court hearing of Bo Xilai’s case in which Wang Lijun was made a witness.”

“Everyone could see the appearance of Wang Lijun, the once smart and energetic public security director, then sitting in an armchair, like a dying old man. In only 18 months, he had been tortured and treated badly as such. Now another five years has passed and we have heard nothing about him. Like Xiao Jianhua, he must also have been murdered.”

“And another man, HNA chairman Wang Jian, how could he has fallen from a short wall at the small church in France? Many people have doubts about his death, including Miles Kwok. That’s why he launched an investigation to find out that Wang Jian had been murdered by the CCP.”

Why these people were all murdered? First, they knew too much. Secondly, as white gloves, they learned about the corruption of top CCP officials. These CCP officials must kill them to seal their mouths and cover up the truth.

“Like Xu Ming, there was no possibility that he would be released from prison, because he knew about the corruption of the family of former premier Wen Jiabao. He had joint ventures with Wen’s sister-in-law, his wife and daughter. Xu Ming and Wen’s wife traveled to Taiwan together for business in jewelry. The New York Times reported that Wen’s family has US$2.7 billion in assets.”

“And Xiao Jianhua, also, he has known too much about the corruption of the family of President Xi Jinping. He had joint ventures with Peng Lei, brother of Xi’s wife, and with Zeng Wei, son of former CCP standing committee member Zeng Qinghong. Would President Xi let him free from prison?”

“And Wang Lijun, he learned about the crimes of organ harvesting of the CCP, involving prisoners of death penalty and Falungong practitioners. He once publicly expressed his pride in organ transplantation with high-tech methods.”

“Wang Jian knew too much about the corruption of Wang Qishan and his family, in addition to HNA secrets. Qishan’s family owns Boeing 787 and 29% of HNA shares, amounting to US$18 billion. After Wang Jian was murdered, lots of secrets will be lost and his own share of US$ 9 billion also becomes the wealth of the state traitors.”

“These four people, another thing in common, they lacked the vigilance against the cruelty of the CCP, a killing machine.”

With Miles Kwok leading the fight against the CCP, more and more Chinese have waken up to realize the nature of the vicious communist party and stood up to challenge its legitimacy. The state traitors now live in panic like ants in heated wok while their running dogs are in danger of death or disappearance from earth.

By Cao Changqing and staff editor


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