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Thursday, June 30, 2022

South Africa confirms first case of coronavirus

South Africa's announcement that a case of coronavirus has been confirmed in the country makes it the third sub-Saharan country to report the infection. 

Nigeria confirms first coronavirus case in sub-Saharan Africa

Nigeria on Friday announced the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa.

China Praises Egypt’s supportive role during Coronavirus Crisis

CAIRO, 20 February 2020: Chinese Ambassador in Cairo Liao Liqiang Praised Egypt’s supportive role to China amid the Coronavirus crises.

China and Africa are building ‘great walls’ of trees to hold back the desert....

In the Sahel region of Africa — essentially the southern fringe of the Sahara — 26 countries have come together to build their own version of the Green Great Wall, rather confusingly dubbed the Great Green Wall.

China’s growing reach in Africa: are we seeing a fair trade?

Africa needs China, and China needs Africa.  China’s investments, trade, foreign aid, loans and grants play a huge role in developing the continent.

Macron’s Africa visit reveals determination to weaken China’s grip on the continent

French President Emmanuel Macron embarked on a four-day charm offensive across the Horn of Africa last week, stopping off in Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

China’s ‘Ivory Queen’ gets 15 years jail in Tanzania for smuggling tusks of 350...

Yang Feng Glan, 69, had lived in Tanzania since the 1970s and was secretary-general of the Tanzania China-Africa Business Council.

Chinese charged over Kenya ‘railway scam’

Three Chinese nationals have been charged with attempting to bribe investigators working on an alleged ticketing scam in a massive Kenyan railway project. Some $10,000...

Folks Concerned After China Opens 13th Police Station in South Africa

The opening of the 13th Chinese Community and Police Co-Operation Center in South Africa last week has sparked concerns about China’s growing influence in...

China has lifted a 25-year ban on using rhino horns and tiger bones for...

Conservation efforts to protect Africa’s diminishing rhino population is taking a hit. China’s state council has unexpectedly reversed a 25-year ban on using tiger bones and...

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