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Chinese Merchants Thrive in Senegal, Where People ‘Needed Stuff’

DAKAR, Senegal — Fresh out of college and frustrated by the paucity of job prospects at home, Cao Qihan, 23, did what generations of...

What Africans think about China’s influence in their countries

Scholars and analysts debate about China’s growing influence in Africa. Just in The Monkey Cage, we’ve featured posts asking whether China’s influence in Africa is something to fear,

Alibaba’s Alipay Expands Into South Africa

Alibaba Group’s digital payment arm Alipay is launching in South Africa as it moves to expand the service around the globe. Alipay is working with...

Demand for donkey skin sets prices soaring in China

Everyday Claire Hu drinks a herbal broth with one unusual ingredient: donkey skin. It's prescribed by a traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, doctor to...

‘China is everywhere’ in Africa’s rising technology industry

It's a match made in business heaven: Chinese technology companies hungry for expansion are diving into the less-developed African continent, where several countries are...

Is China the world’s new colonial power?

Every weekday before dawn, a migration takes place near the desert on Africa’s south-western coast.

China Plan Raises Hope for East African SGR Project

China has said it is ready to finance the construction of the standard gauge railway from Kisumu in Kenya to Uganda and Rwanda as...

Is Chinese Invasion Good or Bad for Africa?

For many years, the majority of African governments have blamed their economic woes on the Western world, with which they have been doing business...

What a borderless Africa could mean for China

The current efforts by the African Union (AU) to establish a borderless Africa for Africans and the launching of an AU e-passport to allow Africans to visit African countries visa-free are important milestones.

As the World Cuts Back on Coal, a Growing Appetite in Africa

New coal plants in Africa are largely being paid for by China and developed countries that are turning away from the technology at home....

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