CAIRO, 20 February 2020: Chinese Ambassador in Cairo Liao Liqiang Praised Egypt’s supportive role to China amid the Coronavirus crises.

During a press conference, Tuesday, Liqiang said that China will remember Egypt’s support forever.

“China is keen to cooperate with all countries around the world to ensure the prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus and to ensure the safety of travelers.” Liqiang added during the fourth press conference organized by the Chinese Embassy in Cairo to review the efforts of China confronting Coronavirus.

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi thanking him for Egypt’s support for China in the face of coronavirus and for the medical supplies sent to China, according to Liqiang.

He explained that Xi asserted, in the message, the depth of strategic partnership between Egypt and China, adding that his country can overcome coronavirus.

The ambassador thanked Egypt’s Ambassador in Beijing Mohamed el Badri and the members of the Egyptian embassy there for the support they showed to China.

He expressed happiness over the decision of EgyptAir to resume flights to and from China as of February 27, adding that China has taken the preventive measures to guarantee the health safety of the passengers and the crews.

source: Egypt Today


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